Players and Rumors

Jameis, Evans, and Howard working out at College Station.

Doesn’t seem like a shocking prospect to have 3 teammates working out together. That is until you realize you’re weeks out from the draft, OTAs, and mandatory practices. They’re also halfway across the country at Texas A&M doing it and who they are.

Consider this:

Mike Evans is on year 1 of his high dollar contract and working with Winston ensures his connection is stable.

Jameis Winston is on his 5th-year option and looking at a big contract and redemption to earn a new contract. Linking with his #1 TE and #1 receiver on his own time helps to strengthen the connection.

O.J. Howard is coming off a season-ending injury and working out with Winston will help to ensure chemistry with his quarterback.

While this isn’t worth jumping up and down over, it does tell you that the key components of the offense are going the extra mile to make sure they’re connected. Hopefully, more guys join in with them as time goes.

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