Season 2 Episode 8: “Dead Totems” Recap and Review: The Mosquito Coast!

In The Mosquito Coast Season 2 Episode 8, Dina and Adolfo head down to the coast. The latter invites her to accompany him as they set off together for a bustling town. Adolfo takes her to all the popular locations in the area, such as the church and the field where he used to play football.

There are large celebrations in the town plaza, replete with a band and the required slow dancing.

Speaking of plans, Margot calls JJ to make sure she will have complete immunity if she obtains Allie for him. Though he gives her his assurance, she is unsure of his sincerity. The call finishes in a foreboding manner.

Margot then gets down and chats with Richard to discover more about his family and why he is only allowed to have phone calls with his child. Margot has made the decision to assist him—or has she?

The Mosquito Coast

Margot gets into Richard’s cabin while he is away with Isela, starts poking around, starts taking pictures, and discovers that he has a tonne of bogus passports. Oh, and there was a phony Judi one for Margot as well.

Margot will be waiting for him at his cabin when he gets back, ready to confront the man. The man who is notoriously unscrupulous and a terrorist also happens to be notoriously shady and a terrorist. Whoa!

Allie, meanwhile, makes her way through the jungle by herself, destroying a colony of ants, the security cameras, and the cage traps along the way. Allie keeps looking for the traffickers on her own. He undoubtedly comes across them since he sees one of the men execute a prisoner, forcing the workers to continue dealing with their predicament. Charlie just so happens to be accompanying him as he crawls through the canopy.

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Charlie acknowledges that he has been in this area before and that he is skilled at snooping around without being seen. Allie informs his son of what he must accomplish with Sandpiper since he believes in his kid. He goes on to describe how it functions to Charlie using the example of birds, which is a dialogue we really don’t need to be given what we already know.

Nevertheless, Charlie and his pistol finally come to the forefront as the two engage in a much-needed conversation about what transpired. Although Charlie disobeys his father and the two end up breaking into a complex run by the traffickers, they appear to reach an understanding as well.

The evidence, which includes drugs buried beneath the floor, is photographed. As preparation for what he intends to do, Allie takes sure to take pictures of everything.

Speaking of plans, Dina steals the vehicle and drives off in an effort to drive off in Adolfo’s vehicle. However, she is stopped before she does, and Adolfo ultimately drives out with her. However, Dina leaves Charlie a note letting him know where she’s headed.

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The Episode Review

This episode’s editing was horrible, borderline terrible. With a definite lack of urgency to anything that is happening, we alternate between the teenage drama angst of Dina and Adolfo and Allie sneaking through the jungle.

Even though Allie is gathering proof to use against their landlord and Margot is trying to win Richard’s trust, I can see how this is serving as a prelude to what will come next, but it all moves at such a plodding pace.

In any case, there are still a few episodes left, so we’ll have to wait to see if this story actually has a satisfying conclusion.

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