What About a My Name Is Vendetta Sequel? What We Know so Far Regarding a Possible Sequel Is as Follows:

Nearly a month has passed since My Name is Vendetta became available on Netflix. Hardcore revenge thriller with nonstop action, the Italian movie has a lot to offer aficionados of the genre. My Name is Vendetta made it into the top 10 on the most recent list of Netflix’s most-watched movies. Given the movie’s low budget, that is a remarkable feat.

After watching it, you must be wondering if My Name is Vendetta will have a sequel. The way it ends definitely reminds us of a franchise. What is the verdict, though? What is known about a planned My Name is Vendetta sequel on Netflix is as follows:

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What is My Name Vendetta about?

Old Italian Mafias never give up. Movies would have us believe that these men live and die with pride because of how they are portrayed in culture. When Santo, a former gang member who is now on the run, accidentally shares a picture of him on Instagram, My Name is Vendetta is born. His cover is exposed, and his long-time adversaries, at last, learn where he is. They assassinate his family while desperately looking for him and Sofia, who are able to flee.

However, Santo gradually comes to the conclusion that there will be carnage at the conclusion. They must take it upon themselves to put an end to the conflict for Sofia’s sake because they are unable to flee the hunt. Will Santo be able to stop them, and will the daughter be able to meet the challenge?

The movie My Name is Vendetta has been extensively covered on our site, and we even have a review and an explanation of the ending. Those can be found HERE!

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Will My Name is Vendetta has a sequel?

 Vendetta 2

The likelihood of a 2023 sequel to the movie is very high. Things are going well, especially considering how well-received the Netflix movie was and, more importantly, how it concluded. The topic of movie sequels might be challenging for Netflix. It is challenging to predict a choice, making it very challenging to provide you with specific information, but we are preparing for this one to be renewed.

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What could the My Name is Vendetta sequel plot be?

This is fascinating right now. At the conclusion of the film, Sofia killed Michele in retaliation, carrying on her father’s customs. She becomes aware that his blood is coursing through her veins. With little to lose, Sofia transforms into a cold-blooded killer who knows she must always be on the go. She’ll likely play a major role in the sequel. The figure might not, however, come back in exactly the same way.

A Sofia who is older and more rigorously trained would be the ideal protagonist for a sequel. Sofia is clearly still in danger as the film finishes with her preparing to go into hiding. She might even run into someone who is looking for her from the opposite family who is similar to herself. For those who like the previous movie, there is an unnerving and corny Deja vu moment. Would you be interested in watching a new My Name Is Vendetta film? How did you find the first movie? Please share your opinions in the section below.

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