Season 1 Episode 8: “Velma in The Woods” Recap and Review of The Tv Show Velma!

Flashbacks are used in VelmaSeason 1 Episode 8 to explain how Velma, Daphne, Norville, and Gigi found themselves in a ravine and whose mistake it was that they got there.

Cut to the previous two days. After Fog Fest, Velma is asked to assist Fred’s mother in finding him, but she declines. Her moms mention The Incident in relation to Daphne’s expertise in phone hacking when she rides home with Daphne. Daphne is angered by the mention and refuses to answer Velma’s inquiries.

Fred wakes up in a little basement room after his encounter with the serial murderer, but he’s not by himself. There is the intellect of Krista, Brenda, and Lola. He is informed that the serial killer intends to use their brains in various bodies.

Velma is the one to whom Daphne confesses to having hacked someone’s phone when she was crazy about them. On the plus side, this means she can access the serial killer’s phone, but all that was on it was a picture of Mount Crystal. They choose to travel there the following day.

However, Velma has other plans with Olive when she arrives to pick up Daphne. Due to her growing suspicion that Olive is The Incident, Velma tricks Daphne into leaving her by pretending to have a hallucination.

Norville and Gigi travel to Gigi’s family’s cabin on Mount Crystal in the meantime. Gigi assumes it’s a getaway for two, but Norville actually invited Daphne and Velma so they could search for the serial killer.

When Daphne learns Velma lied about her hallucinations, she storms out of the cabin, taking Gigi with her. Then, Norville tells Velma that Gigi is the person with whom Daphne was formerly fixated.


Concerned that she may have pushed them into each other’s arms, Velma pursues them. They are discovered by her and Norville on the cliffside, and as they get closer, the rock beneath them breaks. They all stumble and become stuck in the ravine.

Daphne finally acknowledges that she was to blame for the outcome. She claims that when it came to their relationship, she has always admired Velma’s jealous character. She enjoyed watching her become possessive the previous evening, but she hadn’t counted on her to exaggerate her hallucinations.

After that, they plunge deeper into the valley and into a part of the Crystal Mines. Velma and Daphne remain to have a look around while Gigi and Norville climb out. They openly question whether they are both too damaged to be friends. When Velma proposes they try being friends, Fred’s voice interrupts her.

When they release Fred, he begins to scream and the cave begins to cave in. When Velma reaches for the brains, she stumbles and falls into the ravine. Her mother Diya emerges out of nowhere. She rescues her kid and drives them in a van out of the valley.

Paramedics are getting ready to take Diya to the hospital as the episode comes to a close. Diya tries to tell Velma who grabbed her at first, but she is unable to recall.

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The Episode Review

Once more (and unsurprisingly), Velmawriters show their conviction that audiences would recognize their ingenuity only by breaching the fourth wall and making a reference to a cliché through a fictional character (in this case, alternating flashbacks). Even though I’ve stated it before, meta-writing is not intrinsically hilarious.

It’s too bad because Velma might be legitimately good if the writing avoided self-referential comedy and put more emphasis on the mystery plot and character journeys.

I believe it is worthwhile to follow Velma’s leads because they are compelling, albeit frequently unlikeable (yes, both may be true), characters who are on interesting journeys.

It won’t be clear how well the program is handling the mystery plot until the conclusion of whether it is or isn’t working. Then, I suppose, I’ll be able to tell if we’ve been taken on a wild goose chase or if everything will work out in the end. As Diya Dinkley returns to the show, the plot currently gets more complicated.

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