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The Magician’s Elephant (2023) Netflix Movie Review – Warm and Fuzzy Entertainment for The Whole Family!

The Magician’s Elephant

Based on the well-known children’s book by Kate DiCamillo from 2009, The Magician’s Elephant is a gorgeously animated film. It is one that the whole family can get into and enjoy because of the charming plot, kind tone, and inspirational lessons that can inspire us all to never give up, even when faced with impossibly difficult.

The film is set in the made-up town of Baltese, which was once a vibrant and beautiful place where kids playfully zapped one other with magic and adults used their gifts to work wonders.

Things changed when a major conflict affected the region and many Baltese people lost loved ones in fighting. Because of the anguish that engulfed them, joy and their capacity for magic, both vanished. Their optimistic outlook was replaced by a great deal of despair and pessimism, and the clouds that obscured the sun’s bright light served as a symbol of this.

Don’t worry; this movie isn’t filled with gloom and doom. Even though it focuses on somber subjects like bereavement and conflict, this endearing story yet has a sense of hope.

Peter, a good-hearted young child who lost his parents in the war, represents that hope. A soldier called Vilna discovered him and decided to raise him as his own son. Today, Vilna shares the same pessimism and cynicism as many of the locals, but Peter, who longs to be reunited with the sister he was estranged from years ago, has managed to maintain his optimism.

One day, Peter notices a fortune teller’s tent that has unexpectedly emerged in the center of his town as he is shopping at the market. He asks the fortune teller a question about his long-lost sister using the money Vilna gave him rather than utilizing it to buy food for their dinner.

He is informed, to his relief, that his sister is still alive and that he must follow the elephant to find her. Given that elephants don’t exist in Peter’s region of the planet, it would appear impossible for this to be the case. Yet Peter recognizes an opportunity to reconcile with his sister when a magician unintentionally summons one of these beasts during a botched magic trick.

When the magician’s summoned elephant lands on top of an elderly woman who doesn’t like being a pachyderm’s cushion, the King’s guards arrest the magician and take him into custody. The elephant is also imprisoned, but when Peter begs the King to free the animal, the King responds by promising to grant his wish provided he does three impossible feats.

The first impossible goal for Peter is to defeat a skilled soldier in battle. Flying is his second assignment. His final objective is to get the Countess to laugh, which seems impossible given that she hasn’t smiled since her brother passed away.

These activities would be simple for Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt) to complete, but Peter, who is little in stature and unsure of his own talents, finds them to be rather tough. To the King’s amazement and the townspeople, who are given a newfound sense of hope by the boy’s dedication to his seemingly impossible cause, he undertakes these activities despite his need to see his sister once more.

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It won’t be too difficult for you to foresee the ending because the movie’s main theme is that nothing is impossible. Although the outcome of the tale is always clear, you shouldn’t skip this movie. It’s visually appealing thanks to the animated style that resembles something from a storybook in pastel colors, and the talented cast’s convincing voice acting gives us a reason to care about their characters. Noah Jupe plays Peter, Mandy Patinkin plays Vilna, and Benedict Wong plays the defeated magician.

Even while the story’s message may seem a little fantastical to those of us who have been crushed by life’s setbacks, it may still be compelling enough to inspire us to pursue our own aspirations, no matter how disintegrated they may be.

It’s refreshing to see how The Magician’s Elephant departs from the majority of other animated children’s films. There are no singing characters, no crazy comedy moments, or talking animals. Neither are there any inside jokes for adults that youngsters miss. Instead, this is a film that tackles heavy subjects (as well as one heavy elephant) and depends on wholesome storytelling to captivate and entertain its intended audience.

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Many kids, as well as their weary parents who need a reminder that good things may happen in life if we aggressively pursue our dreams, can find inspiration in Peter’s positive outlook. As a result, everyone who saves the most pessimistic may enjoy this movie, making it highly recommended. It’s one of the better-animated films available on Netflix right now, so it’s definitely worth taking into account for your upcoming family movie night.

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