10 Most Ranked Female Characters: Everything We Know so Far!

There are, of course, certain female characters who are superbly written and are adored by the entire fandom. These types of people are quite rare. The popularity of an anime affects how well-liked its female characters will be, as is the case. As chosen as favorites by MyAnimeList users, these are the top 10 female characters.

By Asuna Yuuki (votes: 25,048)

The presence of the main female character from Sword Art Online, the most well-known anime isekai, in our list of the top 10 anime characters, is not surprising. Asuna has a lot of endearing attributes; she is devoted, intelligent, and a formidable fighter, and she isn’t afraid to risk her life to protect the people she cares about. Asuna, however, quickly reduced to being Kirito’s wife as the SAO franchise developed, which was harshly lambasted by the fanbase.

Shaibu Oshino (Votes: 25,813)

10 most ranked Female Characters

She is a character from Bakemonogatari, a relatively unknown anime, therefore many fans might not be able to identify her. She may look young, but she’s really rather ancient. Typically wearing a sour smile, she prefers to remain in her preferred position. Meme and Koyomi get a pass for her spiteful nature.

Saber (of the Fate Series) (votes: 26,818)

Nearly All of The Fate Anime Series to Date Have Had Saber as One of Its Major Protagonists. She Has Frequently Been Acknowledged as Having Strength Comparable to Some of The Other Strongest Servants out There in Her Role as A Servant to Her Master. In Nearly Every Battle Category, Her Numbers Are Near-Perfect. She Exhibits Devotion to And Loyalty to Her Master While Also Demonstrating Her Ability to Honour Commitments (even if It Was a Pact Made with Another Servant).

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Tiga Aisha (votes: 29,214)

The Most Well-Liked Tsundere Characters in Anime Are Taiga (of All Genders). She Is a Young Woman at School Who Is Quite Self-Conscious About Her Little Stature. She Likes Ryuugi, the Best Friend of Her Classmate Ryuji, but She Later Grows a Fond of Ryuugi.

Inno Gasai (votes: 29,538)

Anime’s Most Well-Known Yandere Is Yuno Gasai. This Crazy (literally) Pink-Haired Girl Quickly Captured the Interest of The Majority of Viewers of The Future Diary Show as The Unexpected Protagonist. This Is Due to The Fact that She Is Not only Attractive but Also Completely Contradicted by Her Psychotic Personality. She Kills Individuals in Order to Protect Yukiteru, Who Is Her only Interest, and She Goes to Extreme Measures to Do So.

Megumin (votes: 29,907)

10 most ranked Female Characters

The Anime Series Kono Suba Features a Number of Protagonists, Including Megumin. Despite Her Size and Illustrious Pedigree, She Is a Formidable Arch Wizard Who only Knows how To Use Explosion Magic. Her Persistent Inability to Pick up New Skills Serves as Evidence that She Is Obstinate.

Hitagi Senjougara (votes: 30,816)

The Inclusion of Bakemonogatari’s Female Protagonist in This List Is Not Surprising. Her Appearance Is Frail Due to An Unknown Illness. Most People Don’t Realise how Sincere Her Statements Are Since She Uses Harsh Language that Drives People Away.

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Mikasa (votes: 35,337)

10 most ranked Female Characters

No Introduction Is Required for Mikasa Ackerman. Her Popularity Among Fans Is Understandable Given that She Is One of The Strongest (both Physically and Cognitively) Female Characters in Anime.

Although She Has Intense, Solitary Feelings for Eren, She Has Never Let Those Feelings Go in The Way of Performing Her Job as A Soldier Protecting Her People from The Titans’ Wrath. She Has Incredible Skill (perhaps Inherent Talent) in A Variety of Martial Techniques, Is Powerful and Kind, And

Rem (votes: 40,861)

Together with Her Identical Sister, Rem Works as A Maid for Roswaal L Mathers. She May Appear and Speak Politely, but When the Circumstance Calls for It, She Demonstrates Excessive Violence and Rashness.

No Matter What the Cost, She Never Holds Back from Performing Her Obligations. Because She Values Her Sister so Highly, She Suffers from An Inferiority Problem. Subaru, the Main Character of The Show, Gradually Appears to Fall in Love with Her.

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Akira Makise (votes: 46,052)

The Female Protagonist of The Sci-Fi Anime Steins; Gate, Kurisu, Is Unquestionably a Surprise Entry. She Is a Research Associate in The Brain Research Programme at Victor Qondria University, and She Enjoys a High Level of Recognition in The United States Due to Her Academic Work. She Is an Extraordinarily Intelligent Youngster Who Is Powerful and Self-Assured. She Is a Classic Tsundere Who Frequently Gets Into Trouble Due to Her Curiosity.

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