10 Top Anime Supporting Characters: Know the Strongest and Famous of All

Of course, the focal point of an anime series is the main character. They serve as the center of the story. Yes, they begin the series as at best average, but by the end, they have excelled to the point where they are unmatched in their fields. They go through the most character and strength development in the narrative (in the case of an action anime). They are adored by the majority of the characters in their particular series, adored by the viewers, and adored by the plot armor; they are always the coolest, but that isn’t always the case.

The main character isn’t necessarily the audience’s first preference in some inventive shows. Some supporting characters succeed where the main character fails in one or more categories, winning the fans’ approval. Their character journey may be more complicated or they may simply be more endearing. The protagonist of a show may occasionally even be completely overshadowed by a supporting character, who gains considerable acclaim.

The Mystery of Osamu Dazai (bungo Stray Dogs)

10 top anime supporting characters

Osamu from Bungo Stray Dogs is actually quite the enigma, despite the fact that he gives off the impression of being a fun-loving guy with an arrogant attitude and the power to end all powers. With his funny one-liners and alluring charisma, he stole the show from Atsushi.

Fans were drawn to Osamu because they understood there had to be much more beyond the surface. By frequently having suicidal dreams, getting under Kunikida Doppo’s skin, and attempting to seduce women. His opponents are destined for a lifetime of bad luck, and Osamu never exposes his genuine motivations.

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Nakamichi Is Just More Likeable than Mikey (Tokyo Revengers)

Many Fans Prefer Mikey Over the Iconic Crybaby Hero of Tokyo Revengers, Who Takemichi Is Frequently Criticised for Becoming Since He Is Overly Sentimental and Weak. the Leader of The Tokyo Manji Gang and The Series’ Toughest Fighter, Mikey. He Is Revered by His Allies and Dreaded by His Adversaries. Any Challenger Will Be Defeated and Forced Into the Following Week.

Nagisa and Class 3-E as A Whole Were Outclassed by Koro-Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

Koro-Sensei Stood out From the Rest of The Assassination Classroom Cast Because He Was a Huge Orange Octopus Dressed in Academic Garb Who Usually Had a Smile on His Face. While Karma Akabane and Nagisa Shiota Are Well-Known to Anime Fans, Even Non-Fans May Recognise Koro-Sensei Right Away.

Koro-Dot Sensei’s Eyes and Unwavering Smile Have a Peculiar Combination of Cuteness and Eeriness. Despite Being Unpredictable, Koro-Sensei Possesses a Few Defining Personality Qualities. Although His Sense of Humour Occasionally Verges on The Offensive, He Is a Helpful Teacher to His Pupils.

Maxima Is Popular Outside of The Fandom (chainsaw Man)

10 top anime supporting characters

Even Though the Anime Version of Chainsaw Man Hasn’t yet Been Made Available, Makima Is Already Among the Most Well-Known Animanga Characters. Maxima’s Conduct Throughout the Series when She Attempted to Get Denji to Become Her “dog” Has Caused Her to Become a Meme in Online Anime Groups, and Whenever She Is Mentioned, People Will Respond with Barking in The Comments.

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The Spotlight Is Always Stolen by Satoru Gojo (jujutsu Kaisen)

After Jujutsu Kaisen’s Anime Adaptation Was Launched in Late 2020, Satoru Gojo Swiftly Rose to Become One of The Most Adored Anime Characters of All Time. He Stands out From the Crowd and Is Deserving of All the Plaudits. Satoru Has a Lot More to Him than Most People Realise, Despite the Fact that They Frequently Dismiss Him as A Collection of Running Jokes.

Favorite Features of Satoru Gojo

Being the Strongest Sorcerer in The Series, Satoru Has a Lot of Clout in Jujutsu Culture. Some Believe that Satoru’s Birth Changed the Balance of The World Because He Was the First Person to Be Born in Hundreds of Years with Both the Six Eyes and The Limitless Skills. He Frequently Detracted from Other Characters’ Attention, Notably the Endearing Yuji Itadori.

Saber Has an Unblemished Record (the Fate Series)

Saber Has Gained a Great Deal of Notoriety as The Iconic Figure of The Fate Series and One of Its Well-Known Characters. Saber Made Multiple Appearances in The Fate Series, Including Fate Stay and Fate Stay/night. Throughout Her Travels, She Served Numerous Masters, Including Kiritsugu and Shirou Emiya, a Father-And-Son Team, as well as Rin Tohsaka.

In the Future Diary, Yuno Gasai Is the Most Well-Known Character

Between October 2011 and April 2012, the Future Diary, a Hugely Popular Anime, Aired in Japan. Yukiteru Amano’s Adventures as He Is Put Into a Challenging Murder Mystery Game Are Featured in This Mystery/Psychological Thriller.

The Protagonist Is Not Nearly as Cool as Zero Two (the Darling and Franxx)

10 top anime supporting characters

The Romantic Action/mecha Series the Darling and Franxx, Which Debuted in The Winter of 2018, Gained Popularity when The Mecha Subgenre Was at Its Least Well-Liked. Hiro, the Main Character, and Zero Two, the First Female Protagonist, Travel to Ward Against Alien Invaders Known as Klaxosaurs, and Ultimately Preserve Humanity in The Show. One of The Most Powerful Female Characters in Anime Is Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa Ackerman’s Importance to The Cast of Attack on Titan Cannot Be Disputed. Fans Continue to Fall More Deeply in Love with Mikasa as The Manga Is Completed and The Anime Is Catching Up. She Is One of The Baddest Women in Anime, Enduring Every Adversity and Emerging Stronger as A Result.

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The Top Waifu in The Fandom Is Rem (re: Zero)

Although She’s Not the Most Skilled Fighter, Rem Will Stop at Nothing to Protect Them, and No One Else in The Series Can Match Her Determination. She Is Also More Well-Known than Any Other Character in Her Series. Thanks to Her Endearing Demeanour, Top-Notch Writing, and Chic Design, Rem Is Also One of The Most Well-Known Anime Characters of All Time.

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