black clover anime announcement

It’s fantastic news for Black Clover lovers, as the brand has been resurrected. The anime’s fourth season was released last year, and now it’s back with a film. Days before the final episode, Shonen Jump released a video announcing the news. Season 4 finished with the 170th episode, but not for long. So, what will the Black Clover Film be about? When will the film be released? Who will be added to the ensemble? Here’s all you need to know about the new project for fans.

The Black Clover series, unquestionably one of the best anime programs of all time, was suspended after four seasons. Asta, an orphan born into a world with magical skills, is the protagonist of the anime. He is a bright young man with a bad luck charm. Asta, on the other hand, is unaffected by this and concentrates on his physical power. Together with his companion Yuno, he embarked on a quest to become the new Wizard King.

Release Date for Black Clover

black clover anime announcement

The new film’s release date has yet to be announced. However, as previously stated, the release might take nine to twelve months. Because the anime series is now on hiatus, the film could debut in late 2021 or early 2022. According to a recent update, Black Clover fans will be treated to a major announcement on the Jump Studio Stage on December 19, 2021.
However, overseas audiences will have to wait longer because the film will first be released in Japan. The announcement might possibly signal a season renewal. The release section will be updated. As a result, keep up with The Anime Daily.

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Manga Black Clover

Volume 31 of the manga sold 17 million copies in December 2021. After over two years, the current Spade Kingdom Raid Arc is finally coming to a close.

The most-watched Crunchyroll series of 2020 came to a close in March 2021, with episode 170. While this does not mean that the Black Clover anime is officially over, it is on indefinite pause until further notice. There could be several causes for this.
For one thing, the delay provides Yuki Tabata, the manga’s creator, extra breathing room. The animation following the manga became a recurring issue throughout the series. While this may be the primary reason for the series’ absence, Studio Pierrot also wants to focus on animating Bleach for its planned return this fall. For whatever reason, the future of the Black Clover anime is still unknown. However, if the film is a hit, the anime series may be revived.

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The Plot of The Black Clover Film

black clover anime announcement

In the previous episode, “The Faraway Future,” Lucifero impaled Lichita for interfering with his meeting with Liebe. Asta challenges Liebe afterward and defeats him. After learning about his foes, Asta chooses to befriend him. He discovers that they both have the same goal. The episode also featured all of the characters’ training. Asta trains to become stronger as Yuno vows to defeat Zenon. Others, meantime, we’re preparing for war.

The upcoming Black Clover Movie has a lot riding on it. The film will most likely adapt the story’s “Space Kingdom Arc.” However, discussion threads hint that the film will have an original plot. It could possibly be about Asta and Liebe’s relationship. Yuno’s exact identity is also unknown. As a result, the film will most likely pick up where the series left off. The Dark Triad is also predicted to emerge in the forthcoming narrative.

Who Will Be Added to The Cast

The film’s creators have yet to disclose an official cast list, but a few characters are expected to appear. After four seasons, the possibilities of a cast change are slim. Dallas Reid, who plays Asta, is an obvious cast member. Micah Solusod, who plays Yuno, and Jill Harris, who plays Noelle, will both return.

According to rumors, the Dark Triad may also appear in the film. Bryce Papenbrook as Liebe will be shown opposite Max Mittleman as Nacht, as seen in the last episode. Magna Swing is played by Ian Sinclair, while Dante Zogratis is played by Patrick Seitz.

Tanemura, Kajiwara, on Black Clover’s Future

black clover anime announcement

Gakuto Kajiwara, Asta’s voice actor, offered his thoughts on the series’ present situation following episode 170 at the Crunchyroll Expo in 2021. “However, I don’t want it to end here,” Kajiwara remarked. “I hope you’ll still support us then.”

During the 2021 Crunchyroll Expo, series director Ayataka Tanemura discussed the tight deadlines the Black Clover team faced every week. But he made it clear to fans that the crew adored the show and worked tirelessly to bring it to life. Tanemura wants viewers to believe that the show will return. “If there is a continuation,” Tanemura stated, “I hope to see you all again.” So, like us, they don’t know if the anime series will return or not. Since the anime finished, the movie announcement has been the only piece of news fans have heard about the series. It’s best to see the glass half-full. Tanemura and Kajiwara would not have voiced these emotions if they have known the anime was done.

The Black Clover movie has now been added to the growing list of shonen anime films. The film My Hero Academia: World’s Heroes Mission was a box office hit. And on March 18, the critically acclaimed Jujutsu Kaisen 0 film will be released in US theatres. Given the global success of Black Clover in recent years, the new film has the potential to be a box office hit as well.

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The Trailer for The Movie Black Clover Will Be Released