Death Note Season 2 Anime: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer And Everything We Know in 2022!

Takeshi Obata drew and Tsugumi Ohba wrote the popular manga series “Death Note.” It follows the exploits of Light Yagami, a teenage genius who one fateful day uncovers a mysterious notebook. The notebook turns out to be a “Death Note,” a mystical artifact thrown into Light’s path by Ryuk, the god of death. Having a Death Note comes with a lot of responsibility, for everyone whose name is written on the notebook’s pages will perish.

Light chooses to utilize Death Note to enter the world of serial murder in order to purge society of individuals he considers to be immoral. Under the identity “Kira,” which is the English word “killer” spelled in Japanese katakana, he finally tries to rid the planet of criminals (via Death Note News). The Kira Investigation Team, led by the enigmatic detective L., is one of the numerous ramifications of Light’s decisions.
“Death Note” has generated a slew of spin-offs, ranging from a light novel to a musical to live-action TV and film adaptations, including a Netflix version that got mixed reviews. The anime adaptation of the manga series initially aired in 2006, and despite the fact that it only lasted one season, it manages to capture the major plot of the comic series. Fans, on the other hand, continue to demand more. Indeed, in early 2020, Viz Media released “Death Note: The a-Kira Story,” a manga set in the universe of the anime.
Is it possible that the “Death Note” anime will get a second season? What would it be about, who would feature in it, and who would play the leading role? So far, we’ve learned the following.

Is There a Season 2 of ‘Death Note’

death note season 2 anime

For a long time, we’ve been anticipating the sequel to the first ‘Death Note’ anime. There have been a lot of rumors that a sequel to ‘Death Note’ is in the works. Unfortunately, no official confirmation of a sequel to the original anime has yet been given.

You may be asking why, despite the popularity of the original anime, Madhouse took so long to produce a sequel. The scarcity of source material is one of the key factors. The series is based on a manga that has 108 chapters spread out over 12 tank volumes. The source material for the anime adaptation has already been exhausted. Fans, on the other hand, have reason to be optimistic!

‘Death Note: Special One-Shot,’ authored by Ohba and illustrated by Obata, was released in February 2020. The standalone was set ten years after Kira’s adventures, and it told a whole new Death Note story. It could serve as a good starting point for a sequel to an anime.

When Is the Second Season of ‘Death Note’ Coming Out

The release date for the second season of the ‘Death Note’ anime has yet to be determined. We’ll keep you updated when more information becomes available.

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What Could ‘Death Note’ Season 2’s Potential Plot Be

death note season 2 anime

Season 2 of ‘Death Note’ is yet unknown. Until the official announcement is made, the plot details will stay unknown. ‘Death Note: Special One-Shot,’ however, is our best prediction for the second season. If this occurs, we can expect a time jump in season 2 with a whole new plot and opponent.

After becoming bored within the Shinigami realm, Light Yagami is given a notebook called the ‘Death Note’ by Shinigami Ryuk. Light vows to utilize the ‘Death Note’ to destroy the world of evil, murdering one criminal after another.’Death Note: Special One-Shot,’ new possible source material for season 2, features Ryuk’s return to humanity. He approaches Minoru Tanaka, a bright middle-schooler, and offers him the ‘Death Note.’

Following the Kira tragedy 10 years ago, the world has already put in place additional preventative measures. Here’s a summary of the plot:

When Shinigami Ryuk returns to Earth after a ten-year absence, he delivers the Death Note to Japan’s greatest student, expecting that he will follow in the footsteps of Light Yagami. Minoru Tanaka surprises him by returning the notebook and requesting that he return in two years. Minoru accepts Ryuk’s notebook as a high school student, but he has no intention of using it. He auctions it off anonymously with the help of the Shinigami and his own resourcefulness, while Near watches and predicts his every move. The United States of America purchases it for an amount that ensures the lives of every Japanese citizen under the age of 60, but the King of Death invents a new Death Note rule that thwarts Minoru’s and the President’s objectives.

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Predictions for ‘Death Note’ Season 2

death note season 2 anime

Without the cunning original owner, Ryuk, there will be no ‘Death Note.’ If there is a new season of ‘Death Note,’ we will most likely see him again. Light’s tale was wrapped up in the first ‘Death Note’ anime. As a result, he may not be able to come back. If the second season adapts ‘Death Note: Special One-Shot,’ Minoru Tanaka will take over as the main character.

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Is There Going To Be A Prequel To Death Note

In conjunction with manga artist Tsugumi Ohba, Nisio Isin has created a prequel novel to ‘Death Note.’ “Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases” is the title of the novel. It follows Mello, the “possible successor to L,” as he reminisces about his time working with Naomi Misora, a renowned detective and FBI agent, to stop a serial killer. There’s a chance this will be made into an anime, but no official confirmation has been given yet.

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