devil is a part timer anime release date

It’s not every day that the Devil appears from the grave to seduce humanity. White Fox, an anime production company, created a 13-episode series called “Devil Is a Part-Timer!” that aired on Cartoon Network eight years ago.

Satan Jacob, an interdimensional demon lord created by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by 029 (Oniku), is transported to modern-day Tokyo and reduced to human form. The show follows the adventures of Satan Jacob, an interdimensional demon lord created by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by 029 (Oniku) (Oniku). Soon after, he takes the moniker “Devil Is a Part-Timer!” and begins working at a nearby fast-food restaurant under the alias Sadao.

The first season only adapted the first two volumes of the original light novel, according to The Cinemaholic. The remaining volumes will be adapted for the second season. Sadao meets and establishes relationships with a variety of animals from his homeworld of Ente Isla during this time, including his former nemesis Emilia Justina, whom he had previously fought. The lack of adaptations beyond the first few volumes, on the other hand, has left fans hungry for more. It’s reassuring that they’re finally getting what they want. The narrator exclaims, “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” The show’s second season is on the way.

Date of Publication

devil is a part timer anime release date

Although there is still no official release date for the show’s second season, a teaser for Season 2 of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” was uploaded on YouTube the same day it was revealed at the Kadokawa Corporation’s Light Novel Expo.

According to Cinemaholic, Season 2 of The Walking Dead will release in early 2023; however, this is simply speculation. Having said that, the decision is not entirely unfair. Anime is usually created in single seasons over a span of several years.

It’s impossible to say anything concrete without official confirmation from White Fox or the show’s publishers. Funimation was in charge of distributing the episodes online during the first season’s original airing.

It’s unclear whether this will continue, but given that Season 2 has been announced on the official Funimation website, it’s a possibility. They also give no indication of when Season 2 of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” will be available.

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devil is a part timer anime release date

We do know one unmistakable fact about “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” and that is that he is indeed a part-timer. The second season’s cast has been revealed. At the very least, we know who will be in the cast of the Japanese dub. All of the primary voice actors from Season 1 will return for Season 2 of the show, which will please fans of this version. On the other hand, it’s unclear whether this will be the case with dubs in other languages. Those who enjoy dubbing will be disappointed, as they will no longer be able to anticipate their favorite characters to have the same voice actor. However, on social media channels, some English voice actors for the show have expressed a desire in returning and a willingness to do so (via Twitter). While this isn’t a guarantee of their return, it does serve as a strong indicator that the English dub of Season 2 will undergo the same treatment as the Japanese version.

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Season 2 Plot

Season 2 Plot ‘The Devil Is a Part-Timer!’ concluded with the aftermath of Sadao’s battle with the angel Sariel, bringing the season to a close. Despite the fact that they were once adversaries, Sadao looks to have built a solid, pleasant friendship with Emi (Emilia’s modern name). Finally, in the last episode, she arrives, running to Sadao’s help when he is stuck in the rain.

However, the series will not be completed until many more volumes of the original light novel have been adapted. If White Fox maintains faithful to its source material’s story, we can expect to witness Emi and Sadao’s love grow even stronger as more supernatural creatures join the struggle. The third volume, in particular, kicks things off when the gang comes upon a golden apple that gives birth to a young girl who claims to be Sadao and Emi’s daughter. There is a lot of fun and suspense as the couple and their friends battle with parenthood and other difficulties.

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Season 2 Visuals for The Devil Is a Part-Timer

devil is a part timer anime release date

In December 2011, Akio Hiragi started drawing a manga adaptation in Dengeki Daioh, which has 16 volumes in print as of March 10. From May 2012 to February 2015, Kurone Mishima (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!) serialised Hataraku Maou-sama! High School! in Dengeki Maoh.

In Spring 2013, White Fox released the 13-episode first television animation, which covered the first two volumes. In July 2014, Funimation broadcasted the episode with subtitles and published it on Blu-ray In August 2014, Yen Press licensed the light novel and manga adaptations in English, and on December 15 of that year, the 16th manga volume and the 18th light novel volume were released. Between August 2015 and October 2016, the company also published a high school spin-off manga.

In February 2019, Wagahara and 029 released Hataraku Maou-sama no Meshi!, a spin-off volume. In August of that year, Goji Sada published a manga adaption based on the volume on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website. On March 27, the third volume went on sale.

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Season 2 Teaser for The Devil Is a Part-Timer