Eighty Six Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot – All We Know so Far

Tokyo MX, a Japanese television network, broadcast the season finale of 86 Eight Six, Episode 23, on Saturday, March 19. On Crunchyroll, you can watch the whole 23-episode run of the anime 86 Eight Six with English subtitles right now. On Saturday, March 26, the episode will be available without charge to Crunchyroll subscribers. Crunchyroll subscribers can view the episode on Saturday, March 26, so the adventure might continue. A sequel was hinted at by the cliffhanger finale. If reports are accurate, A-1 Pictures is anticipated to confirm the existence of the third season of 86 Eighty-Six.

The Asato Asato and Shirabi-illustrated light book of the same name served as the basis for the anime series 86: Six. In 2018, Square Enix printed Motoki Yoshihara’s manga adaption in Young Gangan, a seinen manga publication. The anime version of this series was picked up by A1 Pictures. They are well-known for anime series like Anohana and Your Lie in April. Kaguya Sama and Sword Art Online. Love is war.

When Will the Second Season of 86 Eighty-Six Be Released?

eighty six season 2 release date

The second season of “86 Eighty-Six” is scheduled to debut in October 2021, according to another item from Anime News Network. Fans of the first season will be thrilled to hear this. They won’t have to wait more than a few months to learn more about Lena and Spearhead’s experiences, assuming there are no unforeseen delays.

Fans of anime who enjoy watching their favorite programs in dub will also appreciate this bonus. As they have done with many other series, Crunchyroll has decided to simulcast “86 Eighty-Six” in both Japanese and English as it airs in Japan. As a result, dub-watchers may anticipate the release in October. Fans will have to rely solely on the original manga and light novels up to that time if they want to understand more about the plot of the series.

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Who Are the Main Characters in Season 2 of 86 Eighty-Six?

eighty six season 2 release date

The central group of characters in “86 Eighty-Six” forms the basis of the show. Through Lena’s long-distance relationship with Spearhead, played by Ikumi Hasegawa in the Japanese version, and Suzie Yeung in the English version, the relationship between Colorata and Alba is explored (via Myanimelist). Though she initially supports the Colorata at the start of the series, as it progresses she comes to appreciate their suffering as soldiers and second-class citizens. This is especially true of her friendship with Spearhead Captain Shin “Undertaker” Nouzen (Shouya Chiba/Billy Kameez).

These two, however, make up a very modest portion of Spearhead’s overall composition. The second season may also feature Raiden Shuga (Seiichir Yamashita/Jonah Scott), Photo Rikka (Natsumi Fujiwara/Casey Mongillo), Anju Emma (Saori Hayami/Maureen Prince), and Kurena Kukumila (Sayami Suzushiro/Erica Mendez). Even said, this gang still only makes up a small portion of the Spearhead troopers, and when Lena is about to meet the newest Spearhead recruits, the cast will continue to expand.

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What Will the Second Season of 86 Eighty-Six’s Storyline Be?

eighty six season 2 release date


Spearhead had made significant progress toward their ultimate goal by the time the first course of “86 Eighty-Six” ended. They were ordered to advance into Legion territory until every one of them was killed in battle. As it turns out, the unit is more of a death sentence for any 86 (the slang word for Colorata) who is nearing the end of their military career. By the end of the first course, the Spearhead as we know it is stranded far beyond enemy lines with just one functioning Juggernaut. Only Shin’s survival has been verified, leaving the fate of many other members unclear. Lena is currently awaiting the arrival of Spearhead’s replacements.

A-1 Pictures still has plenty of material to work with to wrap out the first season of “86 Eighty-Six,” even if only half of the manga has been translated. The summary for “86 Eighty-Six” on Myanimelist claims that Lena emulates the original Spearhead in later events. Although it appears that some of the group is still alive, their issue has not yet been resolved. When the second season of “86 Eighty-Six” debuts in October, it will be examined whether and how the show’s heroes survive to live another.

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A complete 86 Season 2 trailer was made available on August 17, 2021. Notably, the more recent trailer doesn’t reveal too much because the producers want to avoid giving away any significant surprises from the second season.

The new trailer’s most noteworthy feature is how it teases some of the surprises in store for anime viewers while also revealing Bloody Reina’s new appearance. Just wait and see why she is known as the Bloodstained Queen.

The new Japanese cast is also listed on the primary website:

Misaki Kuno provides the voice for Frederica Rosenfort.

Yuuya Uchida provides the voice for Ernst Zimmerman.

Asuna Tomari provides the voice for Shiden Iida.

On September 4, 2021, a second 86: 86 Season 2 trailer was published. Without giving away any significant story details, the teaser revealed some of these new figures from a foreign force. A fresh key graphic was made available the same day. It clearly has a significant spoiler up front, which is unexpected given how hard the production crew tried to avoid giving away any of the surprises in the second season. This article will only link to the image on the 86 Twitter rather than embed it to avoid excessively spoiling anyone.

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