Engage Kiss Release Date: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

On Saturday, A-1 Pictures’ “totally unpredictable romantic comedy” television anime Engage Kiss’ second live-streamed special debuted the anime’s second full promotional video, second main visual, additional cast members, and a manga adaptation. The closing theme song “Renai-N” by Akari Nanawo is announced and previewed in this video (Love-Brain)

Fans of the Kissing Booth should be aware that this may be your final opportunity to pucker up. The teen from-actors com’s Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney are making us all wish for a long-lasting summer romance as the third chapter in the uber-popular trilogy finally hits Netflix. However, if you’re hoping for more King and company inspiration, now may be your last chance. It appears that the road of the Kissing Booth has come to an end.

The franchise is based on Beth Reekles’ same-named book series, which regrettably only has three major installments and two spin-offs titled The Kissing Booth Road Trip and The Beach House (A Kissing Booth Story). To put it another way, the source material has run out, making a new Kissing Booth film exceedingly improbable on Netflix. However, considering the ending of KB3, some fans may be wondering if we’ll ever see Elle in college. What we know so far is as follows.

Date and Time of Engagement Kiss Season 1 Episode 2

engage kiss release date

Engage Kiss Is a Prominent Japanese Anime Television Series that premiered on July 3, 2022, and Is Still Going Strong. This Show Was so Popular that It Was Renewed After only A Few Episodes. Yes! Season 1 of Engage Kiss Has Now Aired a Few Episodes. the Fans Are so Enthralled by This Series that They Can’t-Wait for The Next Episode, Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 2, to Air. when Will Episode 2 Be Released? the Date for The Premiere of Engage Kiss Season 1 Episode 2 Is Set on July 9, 2022.

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What Is Engage Kiss Anime’s Plot

Engage Kiss Is Set in The City of Baylong. Shuu, Kisara, and Ayano Are the Primary Characters in This Novel. Baylor Isn’t a Historically Significant Location. in The Pacific Ocean, There Is an Artificially Constructed Island.

The Major Goal of Their Organisation Is to Harvest as Many Natural Resources as Possible. Shuu Runs a Tiny Company. He Does, However, Have a Bad Habit of Losing His Earrings. He Has a Lot of Problems as A Result of This.

He Runs out Of Money Almost Every Time. Kisara Is a Multitasking Expert. She Manages Her Work, Her Home, and Her High School Classes All at The Same Time. Shuu Is One of Her Favourite Characters. We Can Tell She’s Worrying About Him All of The Time. Shuu’s Ex-Colleague, Ayano, Has Become His Lover. Right Now, Her Life’s Purpose Is Hazy.

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What Does the Anime Engage Kiss’s Storyline Entail

engage kiss release date

Date of Engagement for Kiss The Tale of Engage Kiss Is Set in Bay Long, California. the Primary Protagonists in The Story Are Shuu, Kisara, and Ayano. Baylor Is a City that Is Not Indigenous to The Area. an Artificially Created Island in The Pacific Ocean.

Their Main Objective Is to Obtain as Much Natural Resources as Possible. Shuu Runs a Modest Business on His Own. He, on The Other Hand, Is Prone to Misplacing His Earrings. Throughout His Life, This Has Caused Him a Lot of Problems. Most of The Time, He Is Cash-Strapped. Kisara Is a Multitasking Machine. at The Same Time, She Handles Her Work, Her Home, and Her Education. Shuu Is One of Her Favourite People.

She Appeared Preoccupied with Him All of The Time. Ayano Is Shuu’s Former Coworker Who Has Now Become His Girlfriend. Her Life’s Mission Is Currently Unknown to Her.

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The Kiss Anime Cast & Crew

engage kiss release date

Date of Engagement for Kiss The Film’s Director Is Tomoya Tanaka. Tomoya Tanaka Has Worked on Hunter X Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, and The Seven Deadly Sins as A Storyboard Artist and Episode Director. Maruto Fumiaki Is Responsible for The Anime’s Scripting. Animation Character Design Will Be Handled by Masaaki Takiyama, with Associate Animation Character Designer Chiaki Furuzumi. Masaaki Takiyama Has Worked on Both Banana Fish and The Fate, Two Anime Series.

Chiaki Furuzumi Was a Member of The Production Crew for The Anime Series Death Note and Black Butler. They’re Both Animators for The Anime. Halco Will Perform the Anime’s “darker Scramble” Theme Tune, Which Was Used in The Promotional Video.

Is There a Trailer for Engage Kiss: Anime

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