Epic Anime Fights: Best Anime Fights of The Decade More Updates in 2022!

Certain anime bouts have left an indelible impact on fans, encouraging them to watch their epic clashes over and over again. The Decade’s Best Anime Fights The decade of the 2010s was packed with some of the most amazing anime that everyone enjoyed. There’s no doubting that spectators got their fill of big bouts, especially from the anime’s shonen department. In fact, the 2010s possibly had the best fights fans had ever seen, with several new anime, such as My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan, arriving on the scene and others, such as Naruto, reaching the end of their run.

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epic anime fights

As the decade draws to a close, certain battles stand out in the minds of viewers. These dramatic clashes left an indelible imprint on viewers, encouraging them to watch them again and again.

Sarah Martin updated this page on March 25th, 2022: Several anime fights have graced our television screens in the last two years, despite the fact that the twenty-first century has only just begun. The audience was on the edge of their seats during these contests. New releases like Jujutsu Kaisen and Tokyo Revengers provided some of the finest matches. Established favorites like Attack On Titan show that they still have a lot of fight left in them. These battles have great choreography and execution, but most importantly, they hold the audience’s attention until the very end.

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Wit Studios Did an Excellent Job with Diva vs. Yugo

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song was animated by Wit Studios, which previously worked on Attack on Titan. Despite the fact that many fans shunned the show since it was an anime original, Wit Studios must be commended for their stunning depiction of this battle.

Everything was hand-drawn, and the martial arts were choreographed flawlessly and in unison. Wit Studios’ most astounding achievement was making the Diva Vs. Yugo fights so fast-paced while maintaining its stability throughout the duel. This fight has been nominated for a Crunchyroll Anime Award in 2021.

Valhalla vs. Tokyo Manji Gang Was a Complete Brawl

The combat between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Valhalla in the first season of Tokyo Revengers was certainly the finest. This was a pivotal point in the plot, as the two gangs battled it out to see who was the superior group. Kazunori proved to be too far gone during the combat, and both sides lost severe losses.

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Eren’s Battle with The War-Hammer Titan Was Completely Chaotic

epic anime fights

The duel between Eren Yeager and the War-Hammer Titan was one of the most anticipated confrontations in the whole Attack On Titan series. Eren’s titan form reappeared in this battle. As the wild nature of this encounter unfurled in front of them, fans’ jaws struck the floor.

This was also maybe the first time fans realized Eren was no longer the protagonist of the story. The Eren vs. War Hammer Titan battle sequence was a fitting conclusion to the first season of Attack On Titan.

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Hanami vs. Aoi Todo & Yuji Itadori Was Beautifully Violent

Jujutsu Kaisen understands how to put on a good battle. When Aoi Todo and Yuji Itadori teamed up against Hanami, a special grade cursed spirit, it was maybe the best anime fight since the beginning of the 2020s. This fight was one of the best in the series, if not all of anime.

As Yuji and Aoi take on Hanami’s floral strikes, the action is animated to make the bloodshed look utterly gorgeous. The fight was expertly staged, allowing Yuji and Aoi to demonstrate their combined talents. This fight was packed with incredible cursed techniques, from Aoi’s Boogie Woogie to Yuji landing four consecutive Black Flashes.

The Mob vs. Koyama Battle Unleashed All of The Mob’s Rage

Mob’s bout with Megumu Koyama was one of the most meticulously staged clashes of this decade. Despite the fact that practically every fight in Mob Psycho 100 is outstanding, the staff went above and beyond for Mob vs. Koyama. As Mob went 100 percent Animosity against Koyama, a dedicated and creative group of animators delivered a powerful punch of action. The epic battle between these two titans ended with Mob slamming his opponents to the ground after leaping hundreds of feet into the air.

The Chimera Ant Arc Ended With Netero Vs. Meruem

Netero vs Meruem from Hunter X is easily one of the best shonen battles ever seen. Hunter saw the Chimera Ant arc soar to new heights that it left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans.

Despite the significant power disparity between the two, the Netero vs Meruem fight was wonderfully staged, perfectly demonstrating Meruem’s degree of talent. Nonetheless, Netero possessed incredible abilities, and it was only through his sacrifice that Meruem was finally defeated.

The Battle Between Naruto and Sasuke in Shippuden Was Legendary

epic anime fights

In 2016, a fight that practically every Naruto fan had been waiting for took place over the course of two episodes at the Valley of End. Naruto’s showdown with Sasuke was unavoidable, and Studio Pierrot delivered in spectacular fashion.

Naruto vs. Sasuke is widely regarded as the best fight of the decade, thanks to the work of some of the top animators, including Hiroyuki Yamashita. Naruto and Sasuke finish the fight by blowing each other’s arms off. Sasuke eventually gave in to Naruto and accepted defeat — as well as Naruto’s peace proposal.

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In Dragon Ball Super, Goku vs. Jiren Was a Fan Favourite

It was only a matter of time after the revival of Dragon Ball in the 2010s before Goku collided with yet another immovable object. Jiren, a monstrously powerful being from Universe 11, was the culprit this time. Goku took it upon himself to vanquish Jiren and preserve his universe from oblivion in the Tournament of Power.

He not only carried the fate of the universe on his shoulders, but he also got even more power in Ultra Instinct as a result. Goku’s struggle against Jiren carried a lot of emotional weight this time, and the animation was fantastic. Some of Toei’s top performers, such as Naotoshi Shida, Yong-Ce Tu, and Naoki Tate, made sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers by burning this fight into their minds.

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