Erased Anime Season 2 Release Date: Characters and Trailer Latest Update 2022

There are a lot of hidden anime treasures on Netflix, but “Erased” is one of the most popular. Despite the fact that the fascinating time-traveling drama has only 12 short episodes, viewers are left wanting more. Is there a backstory to this story? This is what we know so far.

The sci-fi series follows Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old man who has the capacity to travel back in time to save people’s lives when their lives are in danger. However, after his mother is murdered, he is sent 18 years back in time, to when he was in elementary school. His mother’s destiny is now intertwined with the kidnapping and murder of his three classmates.

“Erased,” also known in Japan as “Boku dake ga Inai Machi” or “The Town Where Only I Am Missing,” began as an eight-volume manga series before being converted into a live-action film, an anime series, and a Netflix live-action series. Here’s all we know about Season 2 of “Erased,” the anime adaptation.

When Is Erased Season 2 Coming Out

erased anime season 2 release date

There is currently no word on whether “Erased” will be renewed for a second season, therefore a release date is unknown. It’s been five years since the anime ended, but its transition to Netflix streaming has attracted new viewers. It’s likely that if the series receives enough positive feedback from viewers, Netflix and animation studio A-1 Pictures will notice and develop the second season that fans demand. After all, Netflix has recently shown a strong interest in anime, producing a number of original series.

Even if “Erased” is renewed shortly, fans may have to wait a few years to see it. The original “Erased” manga, written and illustrated by Kei Sanbe, was published in June 2012 and ended in April 2016. Before the finale was printed, the anime and live-action feature were both released in March 2016. According to Crunchyroll, the 2017 Netflix live-action series is the only adaptation that stays loyal to the manga’s ending. Despite this, the anime continues to be popular.

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What Will Erased Season 2’s Plot Be

Despite the fact that the anime did not completely follow the manga’s plot, it did conclude the murder mystery and tie up any loose ends. So, what else does a Season 2 need to cover? Of course, the writers could create a fresh plot based on Satoru’s time-traveling abilities that aren’t based on the source material. The manga did, however, have a spin-off novel that went into greater detail about what transpired following the events of “Erased” and the killer’s motivations.

Season 2 of “Erased” could incorporate this material, albeit the format of the show would most likely be different than Season 1. In addition, the original author authored and illustrated “Boku Ga Inai Machi: Re,” a spin-off manga featuring Kayo Hinazuki, one of the original child victims, as the main character. While the main tale may be finished, there is enough source material to fill a second season – it would just be different.

Who Is in Erased Season 2’s Cast

Because Season 2 has yet to be announced, the prospective cast remains a mystery. It would entirely depend on the plot and, as a result, which characters would appear in it. The main character in the first season of “Erased” is played by two distinct voice actors because he appears in two separate eras, but this may not be the case in subsequent episodes.

Ben Diskin portrays Satoru as a 29-year-old in the English dub, while Michelle Ruff portrays him as a 10-year-old. Both have a lot of experience doing voice work in both Western animation and anime English dubs. Fans would most likely recognize Diskin from “Naruto: Shippûden” and “Boruto,” as well as “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” where he played Sai. Meanwhile, Ruff has voiced a variety of characters, including Kaori in the sci-fi anime classic “Akira” and Fujiko Mine in “Lupin the Third.” It’s possible that either of them will return, but it depends on the plot of the anime.

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Season 2: What to Expect — Erased

erased anime season 2 release date

We anticipate that the majority of the cast members will return for the next two seasons. Satoru Fujinuma will be played by Yuki Furukawa, and Sachiko Fujinuma will be played by Tomoka Kurotani. Mio Yuki (Airi Katagiri) and Shigeyuki Totsugi are also in the cast (Gaku Yashiro). In addition, it appears that a trailer for Season Two of ERASED has been released. However, for any further information, one should visit Netflix’s official website on YouTube. Season one of Erased is currently available on Netflix, and if you have the fortitude to wait, you may start watching both seasons on December 10, 2021. I want to see you all binge-watching this fantastic Netflix show.

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Is There An Official ‘Erased’ Season 2 Trailer

No, not yet. Season 2 has yet to be officially confirmed. Netflix and other anime streaming providers still have the anime available for viewing. While we wait for additional information, here is the first season trailer. Now that we’ve given you the essential facts, you’ve undoubtedly deduced that there isn’t a trailer for Erased Season 2 since the season has yet to be announced, and we have our doubts that it will ever be. We don’t see a new season on the horizon, considering that the original anime adapted the manga’s finale. The writers would have to come up with an original scenario, which we believe is quite unlikely.
At this time, Erased does not appear to be a probable choice for adaptation, but it may be the fans’ sole hope for additional content relating to the tale.

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