Girlfriend Girlfriend Anime Release Date: Trailer And Everything We Know in 2022!

Kanojo mo Kanojo, commonly known as Girlfriend, Girlfriend, is a slice-of-life anime based on the same-named manga. Hiroyuki, who is best known for his work The Comic Artist and His Assistants, wrote the series. Tezuka Productions is adapting the series; they have already adapted notable anime such as Black Jack, How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, and Dororo, to name a few.

Akio Toyoda is the character designer for Tezuka Productions, which also includes Satoshi Kuwabara as director and Keiichirchi as a scriptwriter. The soundtrack is composed by Miki Sakurai and Tatsuhiko Saiki. Last November, the anime was first unveiled in the 51st issue of the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend  Will Be Released

girlfriend girlfriend anime release date

A large number of anime series are currently being greenlit relatively early. Take, for example, Shueisha’s ‘Hot’ series. The manga hasn’t even started yet, and already an anime has been confirmed! However, no information on Kanojo to Kanojo Season 2 has been received. There has been no announcement, and obtaining the release date without it is nearly impossible. But think about the possibilities.

Despite their popularity, many popular series, such as Accel World, never get a sequel. There are some shows that were panned but received a sequel, such as Record of Ragnarok Season 2. If these types of anomalies are ignored, a criterion can be used to determine if Kanojo mo Kanojo S2 will be released.

We start by looking at the popularity. Kanojo mo Kanojo is a popular anime from the Summer Season of 2021. It is among the top 1000 most popular anime on Myanimelist, with over 200,000 users. That is absolutely remarkable. It’s even made Crunchyroll’s top 20 anime list a few times. Because of its popularity, the series has a lot of viewers, which equals more money. After that, the results. It has a 6.7/10 rating on the same website.

Given that this is a harem series, the rating isn’t terrible. It may appear low, yet it is acceptable since most people regard it as a guilty pleasure. Finally, there’s the source material. Season 1 spanned the first four volumes of the series. Season 2 should require four more volumes. Thankfully, Volume 8 will be released on October 16, 2021. If the anime debuts in 2022, there will be plenty of material to adapt. As a result, we may claim that a Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 has a good possibility of happening.

Season 2 of Girlfriend, Girlfriend

girlfriend girlfriend anime release date

Kanojo mo Kanojo Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2023. Studio Tezuka Productions is expected to remain for this reason. This season, they did an excellent job of adapting. Half HP Studio, NBC Universal, and Myrica Music are also expected to continue sponsoring this project. The series will most likely be licensed by Crunchyroll.

The Kanojo mo Kanojo anime is based on the same-named Shonen manga. Hiroyuki created it, and it appears in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. We know Kodansha has high aspirations for the series, which has already spawned seven volumes and an anime!

The story centers around Naoya, who has begun dating Saki Saki, his childhood crush. His classmate Nagisa, on the other hand, ends up declaring her feelings. Naoya resolves to date both of them at the same time in order to avoid hurting Nagisa’s feelings. Both females decide to live with Naoya. And so begins a hectic life filled with a wide range of bizarre events; every day is a funny riot featuring an odd timing idea! Season 2 of Girlfriend, Girlfriend will be a little more serious. The story will develop further. The rivalry between Nagisa and Saki intensifies, and Shino is forced to live with the three of them! What new adventures await our favorite characters? We’re excited to find out.

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When Is the Premiere of Girlfriend, Girlfriend

Naoya’s girlfriends Saki Saki and Nagisa Minaese. Kodansha
A stage event at AnimeJapan 2021 confirmed that “Girlfriend, Girlfriend” will make its anime premiere in July 2021, according to Anime News Network. Keiichiro Ochi of “Skip Beat” and Akiko Toyoda of “Inuyasha: The Final Act” will serve as the screenplay and character designer, respectively, for Tezuka Productions, which has previously created older anime such as “Astro Boy” and “Black Jack.”

In addition to the release date, AnimeJapan 2021 presented a teaser trailer that showcased Toyoda’s character designs, other production members, and the cast.

Despite the fact that enthusiastic viewers will have to wait another two months, the trailer’s release on Twitter has left many fans giddy. It has almost 10,000 likes and 4,000 retweets right now. The character designs and casting, both of which have been described as “perfect” and “beautiful,” have received a lot of good feedback.

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What Is the Storyline for Girlfriend, Girlfriend

girlfriend girlfriend anime release date

“Girlfriend, Girlfriend” by Kodansha is about a teenage guy named Naoya Mukai. After months of dating, he and his childhood buddy Saki Saki have married. When a classmate, Nagisa Minaese, expresses her love for Naoya, he finds her attractive and starts dating her. Of course, no harem anime would be complete without YouTuber Rika Hoshizaki and Saki’s best friend, Shino Kiryu, fighting for Naoya’s affections.

The anime will most likely stay true to the manga, focusing on Naoya’s interactions with his girlfriends — and, more than likely, Rika’s obsessive personality, as she chases and even camps outside his house — as they navigate school life and a polygamous relationship.

With 45 chapters of the manga already published, it’s safe to presume that the first five volumes will be animated. If the series is extended for a second season, anything that comes out after that will almost certainly be released.

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