Highrise Anime: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer and Everything We Know in 2022!

Shiki Aoki, Haruka Shiraishi, and Akira Sekine are the cast members of High-Rise Invasion. The release date for High-Rise Invasion is February 25, 2021. (Netflix). 22 episodes of High-Rise Invasion appear to be filled with Animation, Action, Horror, Mystery, and Thriller. Now I’m going to teach you all about High-Rise Invasion (2021).

High-Rise Invasion is a Japanese action-thriller series (2021). High-Rise Invasion stars Shiki Aoki, Haruka Shiraishi, and Akira Sekine (2021). When the High-Rise Invasion launches on February 25th, you’ll be transported to a world of limitless structures, covered executioners, and a devastating war for survival. High-Rise Invasion is scheduled to air at the end of the month, so that could be included. The upcoming Netflix anime “Tenkuu Shinpan (High-Rise Invasion)” has received a new trailer, as well as a release date of February 25th! They have also reported other projects for the agreement.

Tina Miura’s manga collection “High Rise Invasion” inspired the picture, which depicts a weird array of villains, including masked assassins and butcher cooks out to pillage the blood of unsuspecting passers-by on rooftops.

Netflix premiered the first season of ‘High Rise Invasion’ in February 2021, and here’s everything we know about season 2. “High Rise Invasion,” which was in the top ten at one point, aimed to set the groundwork. Because stop bridges connect all of the city’s structures, high school student Yuri Honjo must choose whether to run or fight the masked assassins. With each episode of the first season, fans get increasingly eager for information about the second season.

The plot of Season 2 of High Rise Invasion

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As Mamoru Aikawa’s protection vanished, Yuri and the Allies had accomplished their season’s mission. Yuri breaks Swimmer Mask, and Mamoru discovers that Rika and Yuri are siblings when he approaches Yuri. It concludes with Yuri promising to find her brother and put an end to this dreadful age. The examination into Rika’s background will almost certainly continue in season two. When the experts and directors finally unveil themselves, we may expect Yuri to gain new abilities and discover more about who they are as people.

The first season concluded with Yuri and Allies succeeding outside of Mamoru Aikawa’s protection. Yuri manages to break Swimmer Mask, and Mamoru realizes that Rika and Yuri are siblings, ultimately answering when Mamoru confronts Yuri. It concludes with Yuri declaring that she will find her brother and bring a stop to the infernal age.

We may anticipate that Rika’s research will continue in the second season. We can also expect Yuri to find new powers and learn who the specialists and directors are when they ultimately reveal themselves.

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Who Will Be in High-Rise Invasion Season 2

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Who will appear in the second season of this show? Expect to see Yuchior Umehara as Sniper Mask, Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri Honjo, Akira Sekine as Lyon Shinzaki, Junya Enoki as Rika Honjo, and Shiki Aoki as Mayuko Nise. The writer or author may also decide to incorporate additional characters based on the necessities of the source material. Let’s see what the show’s creators have in store for us.

Yuichiro Umehara as Sniper Mask

Yichir Umehara (Umehara Y’ichir, born March 8, 1991) is a Japanese voice actor and vocalist connected with Arts Vision.

Haruka Shiraishi as Yuri Honj

Haruka Shiraishi, a Japanese actress, and voice actor were born in Tokyo on April 8, 1995. Toy’s Factory has taken over from Hirata Office, where she was previously associated.

Akira Sekine plays Kuon Shinzaki.

Akira Sekine is a Tokyo-based voice actress. She is a member of Aptepro.

Shiki Aoki plays Mayuko Nise.

Shiki Aoki, is a Japanese actor, voice actor, model, and fashion designer (born January 14, 1990)

Junya Enoki in the role of Rika Honj

Junya Enoki (, Enoki Junya, born October 19, 1988) is a Japanese voice actor.

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Season 2 of High Rise Invasion

There is no indication on whether the second season of High Rise Invasion will premiere. According to the most recent information, the anime was first shown to audiences in February 2021 for a single episode. Furthermore, Netflix has not made an official statement about the return.

If the program is renewed, we can expect a new season in early 2022, at the same time as the first. Animes are normally shot over the course of a year, putting the release date in the vicinity of February 2022. As of today, we expect the series to premiere in 2022.

Is High-Rise Invasion Renewed for A Second Season

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Unfortunately, there has been no word on whether High Rise Invasion Season 2 will be renewed. According to the most current update, the first and only time fans saw the anime on television was in February 2021. Netflix has likewise made no formal statement regarding the return.

If this series is renewed for a second season (which seems likely), we will most likely see it in early 2022, around the same time as the first. Animes typically take one year to film, which puts us around February 2022. But that hasn’t happened yet, so we’re looking for the series sometime in 2022.

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High Rise Invasion Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 has yet to have a trailer. This site will be updated as soon as we obtain information from the manufacturing side.

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