Hinamatsuri: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot Everything We Know in 2022!

One of the most eagerly anticipated anime sequels in recent memory is Hinamatsuri Season 2. Fans have been waiting for over three years for it to reappear, but there has been no trace of it. The manga series had previously been shown to be popular, and the anime series followed suit. It drew in the audience from the beginning and kept them interested until the finish. As a result, people are clamoring for new episodes.

Hinamatsuri is a Japanese anime series that follows a slice-of-life family. For its plot, it is based on Masao Otake’s manga series of the same name. Masao’s narrative was adapted into a twelve-episode television animation by Feel Studio. It premiered on April 6, 2018, and concluded on June 22, 2018. Everyone has been anticipating the start of the second season since then. Will the popular show be renewed? Everything you need to know can be found right here.

Renewal Status for Hinamatsuri Season 2


In the comedy category, the anime series’ first season managed to distinguish out. Everyone who watched the show had largely favorable things to say about it. It debuted on Netflix as well, and it quickly gained a sizable international fan base. They have been clamoring for a sequel for a long time, but the producers have failed to respond. The animation studio has been tight-lipped about the anime’s second season and has not placed an order for it. Thankfully, Hinamatsuri Season 2 has not been canceled as well. In addition, unlike American television shows, anime is known for taking three to four years to be renewed. As a result, fans of the show remain optimistic that a second season will be released sooner or later.

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The Second Season of Hinamatsuri Follows the Same Plot as The First

The main characters of the story are Hina, a young woman with psychokinetic abilities, and Yoshifumi Nitta, a mid-level Yazuka from the Ashikaga-Gumi Gang. Nitta’s life takes an unexpected turn when this girl, Hina, appears out of nowhere and falls on his head. Nitta introduces herself as a future visitor. She reveals that she has been dispatched to prevent his death from occurring again. Hina is a deity who arrived on Earth while it was still inhabited by humans.

She is immortal and has the ability to control the weather, which she uses to great effect on the gods’ island nation, where all of her matches take place. Hina has little control over how her abilities work, and they have a history of wreaking havoc. When Nitta’s gangmates accuse him of assassinating their gang leader, he feels obligated to prove his allegiance to the Ashikaga-Gumi by doing it. When Hina uses her skills to assist Nitta in defeating the adversary, they realize they need each other.

The situation worsens as two more future girls arrive to pick up Hina. The second season will focus on Nitta and Hina’s romance. Since the end of the story, when the narrator was twenty-five years old, three years have passed. So seeing them again, with some new twists, would be fantastic. Hina may have a love interest in Hitoshi, the son of another Yazuka member.

Season 2 Cast of Hinamatsuri


At this point, there is no word on whether or if there will be a second season. We do, however, know who will play their characters again. Goro, Itsuki Nakao, Ryohei Kimoto, Shunya Narushima, Yuriko Fuchikami, Rinna, and Junichi Suwabe from the Egao no Daika team together to combat an enemy.

Between 2010 to 2020, the anime series aired six seasons with 59 episodes. Only the first nine volumes of Manga, as well as the last 10 volumes, including the most recent 18th and 19th, have been covered by creators in the previous decade. Because there is enough source material, we can keep our expectations up for a second season.

Hinamatsuri was made by Studio Deen, and a sequel is almost certain. No such claim is made, despite the fact that they do not make one. We may still anticipate them compiling the remaining Masao volumes and providing the people with what they desire.

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Release Date for Hinamatsuri Season 2


The anime’s creators have yet to confirm that a second season will be produced. As a result, predicting a release date will be difficult until the producers give their approval. If the studio decides to renew the show before the end of the year, production might begin immediately. Hinamatsuri Season 2 will be released in 2023, after a year or two of work.

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Is Anime Coming Back

The anime’s first season was a huge hit. It received positive feedback from audiences, as well as critical acclaim. It was also well-received on a global level. On MyAnimeLise, Hinamatsuri’s first season received an excellent 8.20. The show also has a sizable fan base. Feel Studio made a lot of money with this anime show. As a result, it’s unlikely that the studio will miss out on the second season by canceling it.

The sequel is likewise in high demand among enthusiasts. They’ve started a few petitions to bring the anime back, and each one has gotten a lot of support. As a result, there’s a good probability Hinamatsuri Season 2 will happen. The studio may not cancel it because there is ample source material, and the sequel also has a lot of promise.

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