Japanese Anime Films: Everything We Know so Far!

I believe I understand your current situation. You’ve undoubtedly seen a few anime films and absolutely enjoyed them. So, are you looking for any additional well-known Japanese anime movies? The finest animated films listed below frequently make you laugh, feel sad, and even cry. Of course, each film’s plot is distinctive. Since a very long time ago, manga and anime have played a significant role in current Japanese society.

Don’t forget to stop by the Ghibli Museum and Akihabara, the mecca for fans of anime and manga, if you ever find yourself in Tokyo. You will undoubtedly have amazing adventures there! The genre of anime films is broad and diverse. If you want to get into anime, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Fortunately, there are many excellent anime movies available to start with.

Many of them also have English dubs, which are voices that have been translated and recorded in English, frequently with quite outstanding casts. The top anime films that have been released in the West, frequently to critical acclaim, are included in this list of 10 films. These films are a wonderful place to start if you’re unfamiliar with the genre and provide a glimpse into many of the themes and aesthetics of anime.

Spirited Away

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The classic Spirited Away combines contemporary Japanese views with traditional Japanese tales and legends. As their daughter tries to save her parents, a family on their way to a new house discovers a theme park that appears to have been abandoned.

She encounters some extraordinary beings along the journey, who either aid or obstruct her mission. Spirited Away is a visual marvel, just like every other Studio Ghibli movie. You are drawn into this fascinating adventure by the superb voice acting and gorgeous animation.

Please take note that one of the must-see attractions in Tokyo’s Mitaka City is the Ghibli Museum. It takes less than 20 minutes to walk through Inokashira Park from Mitaka Station to the museum.

My Neighbor Totoro

Although it is undoubtedly a fantasy film, “My Neighbor Totoro” is all about family. This is a wonderfully sweet film and another classic from Studio Ghibli. A family settles into a new home and gets to know the welcoming local nature spirits.

From there, they discover more about the unusual world of the spirit and, with its assistance, resolve their own issues. The movie alternates from being amusing, frightful, tragic, and sweet. Both young and old will enjoy this lovely story.

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Grave of The Fireflies

One of the more somber and well-known anime flicks is Grave of the Fireflies. During the final months of World War II, two siblings fight for their lives. Young children shouldn’t watch this because it is difficult to watch. It shows loss after loss and a great deal of suffering in people.

The film has been given many different interpretations, the most common of which being that it is an anti-war film, however, the director disputes it. Anyone interested in seeing how the frequently comical anime genre can be used to convey more somber subjects should start with this film, which is quite distressing.

Princess Mononoke

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A wonderful and sweeping epic, Princess Mononoke portrays the story of a young cursed Prince’s exile into a forest during a brutal battle between ancient spirits and industrializing humanity. The English voice cast is outstanding, and the film exhibits a great deal of sympathy for both sides.

This movie, another fantastic creation from Studio Ghibli, has romance and adventure in spades. Even if you are not a particular anime or animated movie enthusiast, you should watch this film if you’re looking for an epic fantasy film.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki, a young witch, launches a broom-delivery service. The movie follows her through a number of mishaps. It’s a cute and enjoyable story about coming of age.

It’s fun to see Kiki develop and learn both as a person and as a witch (in the world of this movie, witches are quite endearing). This film was also produced by Studio Ghibli, and it shows an excellent storyline and animation.

Given that the primary protagonists are essentially young people finding their way in the world, it’s a terrific movie for kids. Visit this page to view the DVD of this fascinating animated movie.

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Castle in The Sky

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We are introduced to a bizarre world full of flying cities and air pirates, where we accompany a young couple in their fight to keep a magic crystal out of the hands of a cunning and ambitious man. The quest experiences numerous turns and turns before coming to a magnificent conclusion. This animated picture is a delightful adventure that is packed with excitement.

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Howl’s Moving Castle

Diana Wynne Jones’ Western novel of the same name is adapted by Studio Ghibli into the film “Howl’s Moving Castle.” If you are a fan of the novel, there is still a lot new to see here because it differs quite a bit from the book.

Howl, a flamboyant wizard, saves the timid little Sophie from a wicked witch, but Sophie later discovers that the witch has cursed her to become an elderly woman.

She lands a job cleaning houses for the exact same wizard Howl, whose problems are about to get the best of him. This movie is really lovely, very romantic, and also very, very humorous. In the English dub, Christian Bale gives the voice of the endearing Howl. Watch it!

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