Killmonger I Like Anime: Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger Costume Definitely Honors His Anime Love And More Updates!

“What If…?” Episode 6 transports us to the very beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and completely alters the course of the world we know and love. The episode opens with a scene from the 2008 film “Iron Man,” in which Tony is going through the desert with soldiers when their military vehicle is bombed by the Ten Rings. Tony is saved by Erik “Killmonger” Stevens rather than being abducted by the terrorist organization, and as a result, he never becomes Iron Man.

Killmonger is one of the most interesting villains in the MCU, thanks to Michael B. Jordan’s outstanding portrayal. Jordan contributes his vocal talents to this episode of “What If…?” as well, giving the cruel character a sympathetic touch. Jordan’s return to the role also includes a brilliant inside joke for his adoring followers. What is the line from Killmonger that has a deeper meaning than we might think?

Both Michael B. Jordan and Killmonger Are Major Lovers of Anime

killmonger i like anime

Tony Stark learns of Killmonger’s plans for Project Liberator, an autonomous warfare drone. Tony makes a remark when he presents his work “What?” Killmonger asks, referring to the weapon’s “bold” design decision. Anime is something I enjoy watching.”

This may appear to be an afterthought, but it’s actually a reference to Michael B. Jordan’s real-life anime obsession. Jordan said he “grew up on it” in a 2019 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressing his love for the genre. He elaborated on how the action sequences and stories of anime pulled him in “These anime shows have some fantastic stories and character development. They’re underappreciated. I immersed myself in several of these characters’ emotional beats. A tear or two sprang to mind. I’ve shed a few tears for anime.”
Jordan worked as executive producer for “gen: LOCK” through his production business Outlier Society. According to Fast Company, he’s combined his passion for anime and fashion by designing a Naruto-inspired collection for luxury brand Coach. Jordan’s Killmonger suit has drawn comparisons to Vegeta from “Dragon Ball Z.” (via Forbes).

We love how Jordan was able to inject some of his own personality into Killmonger in “What If…?” and hope he has more chances to incorporate his love of anime into his work in the future.

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Marvel Superheroes Is a Marvel Comic Chevalier Chevalier Chevalier Chevalier Cheval

Fans of Marvel films have nothing on fans of Marvel comics. These live-action adaptations are only a screen-friendly ghost of their ink-and-paper origins, with cinematic outfits that don’t always do their originals credit. Our design team worked with cosplayers to highlight some of the biggest differences between the MCU’s Avengers and their comics counterparts, as well as some of the ways they’re spot on.


killmonger i like anime

Hawkeye is the only Avenger onscreen who looks nothing like his comic counterpart. Clint Barton opted for a more tactical style for the big screen, ditching his gaudy pointy mask and outfit. Hawkeye’s comic costume was changed in 2012 to seem more like the film version, rather than a scaly, purple Wolverine, bringing the two Marvel universes closer together. There’s a reason we never saw the old-school mask in an Avengers or X-Men movie: it’s absurd.

For whatever it’s worth, both Hawkeyes are former SHIELD agents and are quite proficient at firing arrows. Hawkeye from the film has a secret family, although Hawkeye from the comics only had romantic relationships with Black Widow and Mockingbird, a.k.a. Bobbi Morse. For a brief time, the latter appeared on Agents of SHIELD, although in a completely different connection, dividing the two realms once more.

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Falcon, who is unrecognizable in the MCU and in the comics, is also unrecognizable. It’s a garish superhero outfit in red and white, complete with massive red wings and a plunging neckline that exposes a lot of exposed chests. Add in a real-life Falcon as a pet, and you’ve got comics at their most absurd. MCU Falcon is a soldier with superior technological wings. In any case, goggles appear to be far more appealing than the white facemask.

Falcon’s comic history is strange in ways that the Marvel Cinematic Universe could never comprehend. Falcon is a former criminal who was mentally fused with a falcon by a cosmic-cube-wielding Red Skull…and, like Aquaman on land, Falcon has limited power over all birds and can psychically see through their eyes. Try bringing that to the big screen without looking absurd.

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killmonger i like anime

Thor was dressed in the best pseudo-Norse attire when he first appeared in 1962, with the largest wings you’ve ever seen on a helmet and kneepads that would make a goalie blush. Strangest of all are the six strange discs that run down the front of Thor’s tunic, which has become so iconic that they’ve survived multiple costume modifications and even made an appearance in his movie costume…despite the fact that no one knows what they do. Movie Thor only wears his winged helmet on rare occasions, and he prefers the armored arms of later Thors to his bare arms. That beard, too. Thor favors a clean shave in the comics.

The story of Donald Blake is one major element that the MCU ignores. Only comic book Thor was granted amnesia and imprisoned in the body of a crippled medical student for a decade before regaining control of his magical hammer by mistake. Blake had a second life as a doctor, working alongside Thor and falling in love with nurse Jane Foster, who is definitely not the same as the MCU’s storm-chasing Jane.

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