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In addition to being the Vice President of Class 1-A at U.A. High School, Momo Yaoyorozu (also known as the Everything Hero Create Banbutsu Hr Kurieiti?) is undergoing training to become a Pro Hero thereafter receiving official recommendations.


Despite her size, Momo is a lean, athletic teenager. Her Quirk necessitates that she maintains a larger physique than her peers. A huge portion of her long black hair hangs loosely on the right side of her face, creating a striking contrast to both her face and hair.

It’s hard to look away from her narrow, dark eyes and short, arched brows, which give her a determined face.

A grey blazer with vertical blue-green stripes, white shirt, red tie, pleated blue-green skirt, black knee-length socks, and brown loafers make up her school uniform.

A crimson leotard with silver trim around the waist and arms, which is open from her neck to just below her navel, serves as her superhero suit.

At the top of her chest, she wears a thin gold utility belt and two gold utility belts around her waist and lower section of the chest, just below her shoulders.

Because her Quirk can only be activated if her skin is exposed, the design option she made allows her to generate items from as many different places on her body as she can.

When it’s cold outside, she wears a long crimson cape with a high collar and a giant gemstone at her neck attached to a ring.


Momo Anime Character

He has a strong sense of self-discipline and serves as a natural leader, Momo. She has a tendency to panic when faced with risky situations, although she’s not averse to calm herself down.

Despite her kindness and politeness, Momo may be a little harsh in her criticism of others’ blunders and miscalculations, and she aims to assist her peers to become great heroes by tutoring them at home. A selfless hero who is inspired by others, Momo exhibits more progress.

When things go wrong, Momo is often unfazed by the loss of much of her clothing in combat because she knows how to make a new one and would have made her costume even more revealing if it weren’t for costume regulations that limit the amount of skin that may be exposed in costumes.

However, this often leads to the perception that she is an opportunist. Contrary to popular belief, she is extremely sensitive to vulgarity and bad manners and is frequently irritated by Minoru Mineta’s and Katsuki Bakugo‘s crass advances in the bedroom. An innocent demeanor reveals that she views nudity in a non-offensive way; this is why she doesn’t cover up in her costume.

Even though Momo used to be secure in her own abilities, her self-esteem began to deteriorate when she suffered a humiliating loss to Fumikage Tokoyami at the U.A.

Sports Festival and the comparisons she made between Todoroki and herself. In Uwabami’s shallow internship, assuming the heroine chose her because she was “an inferior student,” she strove to acquire deeper lessons in order to reassure herself.

During their final exams, Momo recovered her confidence in her quick thinking, realizing that people have varied strengths and can complement one another. At times, when she is outnumbered and outgunned, she demonstrates a boost in her Quirk output that enables her to overcome her opponents.

Momo gets excited and ready when she wants to have fun with her buddies or help them. She also has a tendency to show her wealth inadvertently, but most people know she doesn’t intend to harm anyone.

No matter how well-mannered she appears on the outside, she can’t help but get sucked into stupid situations like cheerleading, despite the fact that she rarely shows any excitement for it.

The Following Is a Breakdown of Overall Abilities:

Momo’s combat abilities are commensurate with his status as a highly regarded student. The Quirk Apprehension Test ranked her first out of all her students, despite the fact that nearly every one of her classmates had at least one superhuman score, and the final score was based on the results of all eight tests. Momo Anime Character

During the U.A. Sports Festival, Momo battled with Fumikage Tokoyami and Itsuka Kendo for a short time but ultimately fell to the latter in the second bout of the Joint Training Battle.

As the initial line of defense against Nine, Slice, and Chimera on Nabu Island, Momo and Yuga Aoyama used Yuga’s Navel Laser and Momo’s two massive cannons to pound the evil trio apart.

As soon as that happened, Momo and Yuga, both worn out from their previous battles, tried to surprise Nine from behind with a surprise assault of their own, but Nine’s Air Wall Quirk easily dispatched them.

While working as an intern for Magic Hero: Majestic, Momo was able to develop her ability to predict events and respond quickly, as well as learn from the deceased top-grade Pro Hero.

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The Intelligence of The Genius:

Momo Has an Iq of S-Class, Making It Safe to Say that She Is a Genius. Due to Her Quirk’s Adaptability, She Is Able to Quickly Devise and Implement Ideas and Plans in Battle and Emergency Circumstances.

Ability to Teach

Classmate Evaluations of Momo’s Tutoring Abilities Are Overwhelmingly Positive. She Has Held Numerous Study Sessions for Her Classmates in Class 1-A.

According to The U.A.’s First Term Final Exam, No Low-Grade Pupils Failed the Written Portion of The Examination.

Talent for The Performing Arts

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Momo Is Able to Play the Piano and Other Key-Based Instruments Since She Was Taught Etiquette as A Child.

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