My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date: Cast, Plot – All We Know so Far

One of the most successful manga series in Japan, My Happy Marriage, was written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Rito Kohsaka. She became the manga’s protagonist when she was born in a world where people are born with unique abilities based on their bloodline.

In spite of her family’s fame, Miyo lacks magical abilities and has been shunned by them for it. The people around Miyo, especially her half-sister, treat her as though she is a servant. A bridesmaid role is eventually offered to Miyo by her childhood friend and fellow Kudo family member, Kiyoka Kudo.

The Kudos family is often seen as a cruel and vicious family, but one that is also extremely wealthy and powerful. Although she is surprised to find a position in the family, Miyo is having a difficult time dealing with it.

Are There Any Surprises in Store for You in My Happy Marriage

my happy marriage anime release date

Miyo Saimori, the Child of An Unloved Marriage, Is the Central Character of Watashi No Shiawase Na Kekkon, Sometimes Referred to As a “Cinderella Tale.” Because She Was the Product of An Arranged Marriage, Miyo’s World Is Turned Upside Down when Her Mother Dies. Having Found and Married the Love of His Life, Miyo’s Father Relegates Her to The Sidelines.

She Is Forced To Live in Servitude to Her Own Family Because of Her Stepmother’s Cruelty, Step-Opulence, Sister’s and Father’s Indifference. when She Reaches the Age of Nineteen, She Begins to Hope that She Will Be Able to Leave Her Family Home and Find a Husband. However, Miyo Is in A Pickle Because She Has No One to Date.

Miyo’s only Friend and Supporter, Kouji Tatsuishi, Is Planning to Marry Her Step-Sister Kaya, Making Things Even Worse for Her. Rather, Her Father Forces Miyo to Wed a Member of The Kudou Clan Who Is Infamous for His Coldness.

Watashi No Shiawase Ni Kekkon Is, at Its Core, a Slow-Burn Narrative of A Growing Relationship Between Two People Who Were Raised Apart. in A Brutal World, Will Miyo Ever Be Able to Believe in The Goodness of Others? Is Kiyoka Kudou’s Renown a Result of His Adamant Refusal to Be Seen as Vulnerable? Find out By Reading My Happy Marriage.

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The Cast and Crew of The Anime “My Happy Marriage”

The Announcement on Twitter Was More than Just a Simple One. It Revealed the Names of The Actors, the Crew, and Everyone Else Involved in Making This Vision a Reality. in The First Place, It Is Director Takehiro Kubota Who Will Allow the Animation to Be Seen Through His Eyes. the Show’s Many Scriptwriters Are Working Long and Hard Hours to Make It Great.

Writers Momoka Toyoda, Ami Sato, and Takehiro Are Responsible for The Bulk of The Film’s Dialogue. Other than That, the Storyboards Are Handled by Takao Abo. Similar to Other Successful Series Produced by Studio Kinema Citrus, This One Will Be Released

Who Are the Anime’s Main Characters? in The Original Post, You Can Hear the Voices of Two of The Series’ Most Prominent Actors. What Do You Think the Answer Is? Miyo Saimori Will Be Played by Reina Uda, While Kiyoka Kuda Will Be Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa, According to The Latest Sources. Other Cast Members Have yet To Be Confirmed, but We Can Be Assured that Only the Finest Will Be Considered for The Role.

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My Happy Marriage’s Date of Publication

my happy marriage anime release date

In December, Square Enix’s Gangan Online Released the First Chapter of The Novel. on October 12th, Japan Received the Manga’s Third Volume of Collected Works. It Will Is Released on June 21 in Print and Digital Formats by the Japanese Publisher Square Enix as The Manga Adaptation of The Short Novel Series.

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Anime Teaser for My Happy Marriage

Fans Got More than Just a Tweet About the Release Date. in Fact, a One-Minute Long Video Clip Revealed Even More Information About the Show. a Brief Summary of The Future Series Was Offered, and The Feedback Received Was Positive. to Begin, the Teaser Opened with A Close-Up of The Main Character, Miyo.

Anxiously Awaiting More Scenes Featuring Cult Favourite Kiyoka Kudo. the Main Regret for The Fans Was that Not Enough of This Character Was Shown. This Anime’s Creators, Studio Kinema Citrus, Are to Be Commended. the Work and The Images Were Praised by All of The Enthusiasts. Surely, This Has Given the Fans a Heightened Sense of Anticipation.

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