Oshi No Ko Anime Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything We Know in 2022!

Oshi no Ko (Japanese: “My Idol’s Child”) is a Japanese manga series authored by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari. Since April 2020, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump, and its chapters have been compiled in seven tanks on volumes as of February 2022. Shueisha’s Manga Plus platform hosts the English-language version of the series. Doga Kobo has announced an anime adaptation of the manga.


oshi no ko anime release date

Ai Hoshino’s children, Premise Aquamarine and Ruby Hoshino are well-known idols. They’re following in her footsteps to stardom while dealing with the realities of show business.

They are, however, reincarnations of a doctor and his patient, both of whom are reborn as the children of their beloved idol. This series follows the twins as they work together to become stars like their mother, while also revealing the dark side of the idol industry.

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oshi no ko anime release date

Aquamarine Hoshino (, Hoshino Akuamarin) / Aqua (, Akua) Hoshino (, Hoshino Akuamarin) Hoshino (, Hoshino Akuamarin) Aquamarine Hoshino (, Hoshin

After being slain by Ai’s stalker, Gorou Amemiya, an obstetrician in his mid-twenties who was a major fan of Ai Hoshino and was responsible for delivering Ai Hoshino’s kid, is reincarnated as Ai Hoshino’s son. Aquamarine is a Yoto High School student who goes by the nickname Aqua. He promises to find out the truth about his mother’s murder after she is killed. Believing that his unidentified biological father, who Aqua suspects is involved in the entertainment world, orchestrated the murder. To discover him and avenge his mother, he pursues acting as a career.

Ruby Hoshino (, Hoshino Rubio) is a character in the anime Ruby Hoshino (, Ruby Hoshino).

Sarina Tendouji, a terminally ill patient under Gorou’s care, is reincarnated as the daughter of Ai Hoshino, alongside her twin brother Aquamarine. Sarina was enamored with idols and wished to be one before she was reincarnated.

Ai Hoshino (, Hoshino Ai) is a character in the Japanese anime series Ai Hoshino.

Ai grew up in the country without her mother, who was arrested, and her father, who had been gone since birth. She was raised in an orphanage and was discovered by Strawberry Productions’ president, Ichigo Saitou when she was 12 years old. Because she had never known love, Ai didn’t think she could ever become an idol. Ichigo explains that she is capable of lying and feigning affection for her admirers. She goes on to become the face of B-Komachi, an idol group. Ai was expecting twins at the age of 16. She chose to keep them and hide their existence from the rest of the world in order to have a family experience and to put her idol activities on hold. She resumed her idol activities after the birth of twin daughters, Aquamarine and Ruby. A follower discovers her children when she is 20 years old and murders her for “betraying her fans.”

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Kana Arima (, Kana Arima) is a fictional character that appears in the anime Kana Arima.

Kana was dubbed “The Child Genius Who Would Flick a Crying Switch” when she was a child for her acting prowess. Aqua first encountered Kana when she needed an extra for a production she was working on, and she stepped in. Because she would often steal the limelight from her peers as a teenager, her number of acting roles dwindled. Kana resolved to keep her acting talent hidden in order to stay in the profession. In high school, Kana reconnected with Aqua and Ruby and began to have affection for them. Ruby persuades Kana to join her idol group, B-Komachi, as she continues to struggle in the acting field. Kana joins the group and is named the group’s lead idol.

Akane Kurokawa (, Kurokawa Akane) is a Japanese actress who has appeared in a number of films.

Akane is a model who auditions for My Love with a Star Begins Now (LoveNow), an adolescent reality dating show where she meets Aqua. Akane was an underappreciated figure in the production, but she needed to stand out in order to promote the theatre where she was working. She scratches another female character in the face on an episode of LoveNow by accident. The show’s audience retaliated by criticizing her and threatening her with death on social media. She was about to commit suicide after reading the death threats. After calming her down, Aqua intervenes. Her picture clears up as the show progresses, and in the last episode, Aqua kisses her. To maintain their public image, the pair decides to remain together after the performance.

MEM-Cho (MEM, MEM-Cho) is a Japanese word that means “mem” or “mem” in English.

MEM-Cho, a YouTube and TikTok sensation, joins LoveNow as a member. She aspired to be an idol but owing to her family’s circumstances, she was unable to achieve this goal. To obtain a large number of fans, she decided to Livestream and lie about her age. Aqua convinces her to join B-Komachi after LoveNow. She was hesitant at first because of her age, but she eventually decided to participate.

Ichigo Sait (, Ichigo Sait) is a fictional character that appears in the anime Ichigo Sait.

oshi no ko anime release date

Strawberry Productions is led by Ichigo, who is the president. Miyako Saitou’s husband, he. Ai Hoshino was brought into the B-Komachi by Ichigo. Following the death of Ai, he takes care of Aqua and Ruby.

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Miyako Sait (, Miyako Sait) is a Japanese actress who is most known for her role in the film Miyako Sait.

Miyako is Ichigo Saitou’s wife, and after Ai’s death, she takes on the role of primary caregiver for Aqua and Ruby. After the disbandment of the original B-Komachi, she leads Strawberry Productions and keeps the company running.

Gotanda Taishi (, Taishi Gotanda) is a Japanese actor.

Aqua was scouted by Gotanda, who persuaded him to pursue a career as an actor.

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