Platinum End Anime Release: Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know in 2022!

If you like the classic supernatural mystery anime “Death Note,” then “Platinum End” is a must-see. Both manga series arose from the mind-melding of author Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata, and share a gloomy aesthetic and certain otherworldly elements. “Platinum End” is now getting the same treatment as its predecessor, with Signal MD producing an anime adaptation.

The first “Platinum End” began in 2015 and ended in early 2021. The manga was published in Shueisha’s Jump SQ magazine in Japan, while English translations were done by VIZ Media. While the manga “Platinum End” seemed to treat both Japanese and Western fans equally, it does not appear that the anime will follow suit. Regardless, the anime “Platinum End” is expected to premiere soon. Thus, with that in mind, here’s what we know about the adaptation so far.

When Is Platinum End Going to Be Released?

platinum end anime release

If only someone had a “Release Note” on which they could scribble the titles of upcoming shows to help them keep track of their schedule. Then “Platinum End’s” release date wouldn’t be so mysterious. While the anime has been in development for quite some time. The forthcoming exhibition has been in the works since at least December 2020. (via Platinum End Website). Unfortunately, this hasn’t ensured a quick release.

So far, all we know is that the show will premiere on the Tokyo Broadcasting System in the fall of 2021. This has both positive and negative implications. It’s a good thing, because “Platinum End” will be released sooner rather than later. It’s awful (at least in the west) because no formal statement about an international distribution has been made. The English translation of the original manga never lagged behind its Japanese version, though this may not be the case with the anime. Because no streaming network has picked up the show yet, fans may have to wait a long time to watch it in a language other than Japanese.

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Who will be part of the Platinum End cast?

platinum end anime release

There has been a slew of cast announcements in the six months since the show’s announcement. In addition to the protagonist’s voice actor, the identities of other major and supporting voice actors have been revealed. It all starts with Miyu Irino, who will play protagonist Mirai Kakehashi. Yui Ogura will join him as Mirai’s first ally, an angel named Nasse.

Kaito Ishikawa, Kikuko Inoue, Tomoaki Maeno, Hikaru Midorikawa, Natsuki Hanae, M.A.O, Toshiyuki Morikawa, and Ai Kayano join the two in various supporting roles (via Anime News Network). We won’t divulge who plays who to prevent ruining the anime’s whole cast. The main message is that “Platinum End” features a large and talented cast. Fans of the original manga may be certain that their favorite characters are in safe hands.

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What Is Platinum End’s Plot?

platinum end anime release

“Platinum End,” like Obata and Ohba’s other works, is replete with death and places ordinary teens in extraordinary settings that are beyond their comprehension (at least at first). Fans should expect some twists and turns along the way, but “Platinum End” is shaping up to be something special and captivating.

After his birth parents die, Mirai Kakehashi, a junior high student, is forced to live with his violent relatives. On the day of his junior high graduation, the boy, unbelievably miserable and lonely, jumps off a building. Nasse, an angel, saves him from death. Nasse, sympathetic to Mirai’s predicament, bestows extraordinary powers on him and enters him (non-consensually, of course) in a competition to become the next God. With only 999 seconds before God retires, Mirai must do everything he can to beat the rest of the group. Since Netflix’s zeitgeist docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness: How much money can a cult-slash-zoo make by harboring huge cats?

Joe Exotic (actual name: Joe Maldonado-Passage; birth name: Joseph Schreibvogel) is the film’s main character. The real crime docudrama follows him at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, also known as the G.W. Zoo. While the untold story of Joe Exotic’s life is frequently weirder than fiction, some of the facts suggest a large fortune that the series never completely quantifies. Exotic, for example, was married to two men at the same time, John Finlay and Travis Maldonado, and while Exotic lived his life openly gay, Finlay and Maldonado were most likely straight. Exotic allegedly wooed the men with drugs and extravagant presents, according to John Reinke, a former zoo manager (via USA Today).

Exotic grew up on a farming farm in rural Kansas, far from the thrilling life he had while managing huge cats. In the 1990s, he left home and bought an old horse farm, which eventually became the weird G.W. Zoo. Given the extravagant gifts and illegal substances that Exotic allegedly purchased and delivered to Finlay and Maldonado, one might question how much money Exotic had on hand, and how a poor Kansas farm boy made his money.

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