Sasaki and Miyano Anime Release Date: Cast, Plot – All We Know so Far

Sasaki and Miyano, one of Sh Harusono’s most well-known romantic novels, will soon be animated. In November 2020, the anime project was first announced. Since then, the eagerly awaited first glimpse at the show has been on everyone’s mind. Initially published in 2016, the boys’ love story Sasaki and Miyano have seven volumes.

Since five years ago, the manga series has been serialized on Pixiv Comic. Sh Harusono and Studio DEEN collaborated to create a television animation following the huge popularity of the spin-off manga Hirano to Kagura. Finally, the completion of the project is near. Additionally, Studio DEEN has a group of talented employees working on a timeless production. Here is everything there is to know about the anime Sasaki and Miyano.

In November 2020, word spread that “Sasaki and Miyano,” the well-known manga, was being adapted. The first episode of the show proved to be a worthy reward after a true test of patience in waiting for the series to premiere. The plot progresses gradually and with great care in the adaptation, according to readers, who noticed this as being very true to the original. In fact, life works just like that. What do we know about the sequel to the anime, despite the first season’s impressive ratings? yaoi is a subgenre (a Japanese term for a story about a relationship between two men).

Plot And  New Visuals for Sasaki and Miyano’s Anime

sasaki and miyano anime release date

A typical high school romance is how the manga’s plot is described in the synopsis. Miyano, Sakasi’s high school senior by a year, is the main character of the novel. Sakai is a relatively reserved individual, in contrast to Miyano, the popular boy in his school. They come together for a task because fate plays a role. Miyano develops a romantic interest in Sasaki over time. However, the main obstacles to this romance are their differences. The story’s plot is overshadowed by its emotional rollercoaster, but it is still a lovely one. See the fresh image right here.

A Sasaki and Miyano Anime

The protagonists Sakasi and Miyano are depicted in the most recent visual as characters. According to Sh Harusono’s original manga design, both characters resemble one another quite a bit. With how the animation product initially appeared, the original text’s readers were ecstatic. After the show airs, let’s hope the reviews are encouraging as well.

Crew And Cast

sasaki and miyano anime release date

The page of the anime details has been updated on Sasaki and Miyano’s official website. The team members whose names will be on the Studio DEEN roster are listed in the most recent update. Shinji Ishihara of Log Horizon fame will be directing the program. Ishihara will work on the project with Takahiro Ueno’s help. The soundtrack for the program will also be composed by Yoshiko Nakamura. They will have Maki Fuj managing the character designing division with them.

A Sasaki and Miyano Anime

Additionally, the website made the casting information available. The main character of Shimei Sasaki will likely be played by Yusuke Shirai to start. Yoshikazu Miyano is also being portrayed by Sma Sait. Yma Uchida will be providing the voice of Masato Hanzawa in addition to Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who has been hired in the part of Taiga Hirano. As Jim Okasawara and Tasuke Kurosawa, respectively, Ryhei Arai and Yki Ono are portraying their characters. The final actor chosen to play Gonzabur Tashiro is Mitsuhiro Ichiki.

When It Will Be Released: Sasaki and Miyano Anime

The television networks and Studio DEEN have not yet established firm release date. The creators have provided us with a possible date, though. The anime adaptation of Sasaki and Miyano is therefore scheduled to debut in 2022. By mid-2022, we can anticipate seeing SAM if we follow the normal release schedules of the series. In a few months, let’s keep an eye out for new information.

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