Sk8 the Infinity Season 2: Trailer, Cast, Plot And Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

In the S downhill skating race, the anime TV series SK8 The Infinity Season 2 could take the story of this skateboard-racing anime to the next level. But when will the sequel to SK8 The Infinity be released? A sequel to Sk8 the Infinity was announced to be in the works on July 4, 2021. “A new animation project is starting. Due to overwhelming support, the decision has been taken to begin SK8’s new anime project!! Follow-up announcements will be made on the official website and Twitter account. Please anticipate it.”

The next anime’s format hasn’t been revealed, so it may be Sk8 Season 2 or perhaps an Sk8 the Infinity film. The anime is a partnership between Japanese animation studios No Border and Studio Bones, which is most known for the anime television series My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Carole & Tuesday. A through E are the sub-studios of Bones. Producer Yoshihiro Oyabu leads Studio C, which worked on My Hero Academia Season 5 in 2021. The business also worked on Netflix’s Godzilla: Singularity Point anime with Studio Orange, the creators of the BEASTARS anime series.

Studio No Border, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of French company Ankama, is responsible for the skateboard designs. Carole & Tuesday’s backdrops, world concept art, and mechanical production design were previously handled by them. The SK8 The Infinity anime is directed by Hiroko Utsumi. She is well recognized for her work with Kyoto Animation, particularly as the original director of Free! (the film is Free! will be released in 2021). She directed Banana Fish for Studio MAPPA.

Season 2 of Sk the Infinity Has a Release Date

sk8 the infinity season 2

On September 13, 2020, the Mainichi Shinbun group’s popular cultural website Mantan Web reported that animation studio Bones and Hiroko Utsumi are collaborating on a new original anime. On September 20, the series was officially revealed to premiere on January 10, 2021, a week later.

Hiroko Utsumi directs it, with Ichiro Kouchi writing the screenplay and Michinori Chiba handling the character design. The show is broadcast on the amazing!!! ABC and TV Asahi4 networks in Japan. Rude- interprets the opener, “Paradise.” ASH DA HERO performs the first end credit, “Dimensions of the Wind,” and Yri performs the second end credit, “Infinity.”

In 2021, it was announced that SK the Infinity would be getting a new anime production, with more details to be announced on Twitter in the near future. We haven’t heard anything new about the potential anime project in about a year, so we don’t know anything more. SK the Infinity will return, but how and when? We’re still unsure.

As you can see, SK the Infinity has a bright future ahead of it, as we already know there will be a sequel to the anime series. While we don’t have any information to go on, the earliest we could see a potential second season is 2024, but it would require some certainty on the future during 2022 or 2023.

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What Happens in Season 2 of ‘sk8 the Infinity

sk8 the infinity season 2

Langa won the event in the first season after defeating Adams. He also taught him an important lesson regarding skating’s purpose. Langa had a party with his buddies. In the meantime, Shadow is heartbroken after learning that the florist he adores is dating someone else. Tadashi confessed to Adams in the post-credits sequence that he did not sell him out, but that he now needs to behave like his dog.

If Season 2 continues where Season 1 ended, we can anticipate Langa and his companions traveling to Tokyo to compete in the S Downhill Skating tournament. Langa will have to demonstrate his skating abilities against higher-level competition.

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Season 2 of Sk8 the Infinity Cast

We expect most of the cast from the first season to return, with Tasuku Hatanaka from My Hero Academia reprising his role as Reki, Chiaki Kobayashi reprising her role as Langa, Chiaki Kobayashi reprising her role as Miya, Yasunori Matsumoto reprising his role as Joe, and One Punch Man voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa reprising her role as Cherry Blossom. Although no official cast list has been released, we will update you as soon as we learn more.

Season 2 of Sk8 the Infinity Has Been Renewed

sk8 the infinity season 2

With its spectacular visuals, compelling storyline, and nail-biting skateboarding scenes, the debut season of the sports anime wowed audiences. As a result, it received an excellent score of 8.04 on MyAnimeList, and it currently ranks #504 overall. It also has over 348K members in its same-platform group and is ranked #474 in popularity. As a result, the anime’s return was almost unavoidable.

On July 4, it was revealed that No Border Animation Studio and Studio Bones are collaborating on a new SK8 project. It’s rumored to be SK8: The Infinity Season 2. According to some sources, this new project could be a film. They also released a teaser including all of the characters to further hype this new endeavor.

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Season 2 of Sk the Infinity Trailer

You’ve now learned all of the facts and our opinions about SK the Infinity Season 2, which means you’ve probably deduced that there won’t be a trailer for the second season of SK the Infinity. This is because we don’t know if the show will return for a second season, thus a trailer may not emerge at all. However, based on the information we currently have, we are unsure if the second anime will be a series or a film.

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