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star crossed anime blog: Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far

star crossed anime blog

Meredith Averill created the science fiction romance teen drama television series Star-Crossed. The 13-episode series started on The CW on February 17, 2014,[4] and ended on May 12, 2014. Due to low ratings, The CW terminated Star-Crossed after one season on May 8, 2014.

Characters and Their Cast

Emery Whitehill, played by Aimee Teegarden:

Emery is the female protagonist of Star Crossed, a 16-year-old human girl who lives in Edendale, Louisiana. When the Atrians arrived, she was 6 years old, and on that day, she assisted a small Atrian boy (later discovered to be Roman) survive. Emery spent four years in the hospital owing to an immunological weakness, and at the start of the episode, he had just started high school. Emery’s first day of high school is also the start of the integration program. She is a firm believer in integration, and she meets Roman during that week. As the show’s main love story begins to take shape, there is an instant attraction between the two of them. Emery is best friends with Julia, although he also has close relationships with Lukas, Taylor, Sophia, and, later in the program, Eric. Grayson Montrose, a human kid who has cared for Emery since the beginning of the show, is her second love interest. Teri, Roman’s ex-girlfriend, is her main adversary. She has a strong disdain towards humans, particularly Emery.

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Roman (Matt Lanter):

Roman is a 16-year-old Atrian teenager who now lives with the rest of his people in a militarised zone of Earth. When Roman was a small child fleeing the pandemonium of Arrival Day, he sought refuge in Emery’s parents’ tool house, where he was discovered and cared for until he was located. Roman defends mankind and does not disdain them; he believes that, despite they are unwelcoming, there are decent people in the world, just as Emery believes. He is the son of Nox, the Atrians’ leader, and hence is a natural-born leader. Ray Whitehill, Emery’s father, shoots and kills his father in the Pilot. Roman’s father’s death had a profound impact on him, as he now feels it is his responsibility to preserve his race and protect his mother and sister, Sophia. On the first day of school, Roman notices Emery and immediately knows her. Because her father assassinated his people’s leader, Roman is forced to choose between his love for Emery and keeping her safe throughout the series. He is under pressure to choose between his people and Emery. Despite their romantic history, Roman is best friends with Drake, and he was formerly friends with Teri until she betrayed him and he decided they couldn’t be friends. Julia, Lukas, and Taylor are also good friends. Grayson, the human kid who is also in love with Emery and whose parents are Red Hawks leaders, is his main adversary on the show, while the Tags, a gang of renegade Atrians, are another concern throughout the show. His uncle, who would take over as head, was a Trag.

Posted by Lenlo on June 6, 2022, in Now Watching:, Dance Dance Danseur

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another week of Dance Dance Danseur! Please accept my apologies for the delay in getting this to you. I haven’t stopped; I’ve just been really busy since starting graduate school, which has left me feeling a little more weary than usual. But, excuses aside, let’s get right into this week’s episode!

This has been an exciting week, as both Jumpei’s and Lulu’s tales appear to be coming to a conclusion. Or at the very least, this particular arc of them. Jumpei’s situation is unfolding as I predicted; he’s been awarded a scholarship by Oikawa and must now pick between her and Chizuru. Isn’t that what I said I’d say? But there’s an unexpected layer from Danseur: Natsuki and Miyako. I remarked last week that I wasn’t expecting any sort of romance this season, but now we’ve got a full-fledged triangle. Furthermore, they both appear to signify something distinct in the plot. Personal expression, feelings, passionate love, and everything else we saw Jumpei do in the Swan Lake performance are all things Miyako embodies. Meanwhile, Natsuki appears to represent the institution of ballet itself, the ideal that Jumpei appears to be pursuing. It’s… fascinating.

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a story about a group of galactic heroes who New Theses – 34-36

Aidanak47 posted in the legend of the galactic heroes die Neue theses on June 4, 2022.

For once, my decision to split these blogs into three episode summaries paid out, as we neared the end of our LOGH season. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to find anything to talk about for a complete article because this is mostly action and strategy, which are weirdly enough LOGH’s worst episodes in the original series. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but the original LOGH isn’t known for its space combat. While there are some aspects of the original series that the remake surpasses, such as episodes that provide a greater perspective on specific conflicts and design choices, if there is one area where the remake outperforms the original, it is in visual presentation. The original had some wonderful animation moments, but battles mostly consisted of watching boxes fire lasers at one other. Even if the end result is still boxed firing lasers at each other, the makeover adds a much-needed visual punch to these clashes.

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