Tonikaku Kawaii Anime Season 2 Release Date: Cast, Plot – All We Know so Far

‘Tonikaku Kawaii,’ or ‘Fly Me to the Moon,’ is a television anime about Nasa Yuzaki and Tsukasa Tsukuyomi, who married first and then fall in love. Nasa, a shy and bright adolescent, is studying for an entrance exam to a prominent university. His life takes an unforeseen turn as a result of the vehicle collision. Tsukasa intervenes and saves him. When he meets her for the first time, he loses all sense of time and place. He professes his undying love for her. She agrees, but with one stipulation: they must first marry. Nasa decides to drop out of school in order to focus on his connection with Tsukasa as a result. Despite the passage of time, Nasa hasn’t forgotten the commitment he made to the woman of his dreams. When he reaches the age of 18, the two continue their journey together.

Season 2 of Tonikaku Kawaii Anime’s Release Date and Time

tonikaku kawaii anime season 2 release date

Tonikaku Kawaii is a popular Japanese anime series that debuted on October 3, 2020. This sitcom gained a lot of attention after only a few episodes, and now it has a second season, Season 2. Tonikaku Kawaii Anime Season 2 has a lot of fans thrilled, and they want to know when it will be released. Tonikaku Kawaii Anime Season 2 is planned to premiere in 2022. These are, however, simply conjectures. As a result, we’ll have to wait for an official announcement on the Tonikaku Kawaii Anime Season 2 release date.

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What Could the Tonikaku Kawaii Season 2 Plot Be About

tonikaku kawaii anime season 2 release date

The season 1 finale, titled ‘Husband and Wife,’ concludes the series on a high note, showcasing how far Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship has evolved since she first appeared on his doorstep. NASA has caught a cold as a result of the high pressure he faces at work. Despite his attempts to persuade her that he is fine, she does not believe him. She declares that it is her duty as a wife to look after him. After that, they put on their yukatas and head to the summer festival as a group. They spend the whole day at the festival, eating Takoyaki from one of the many food sellers. They run across Aya and Chitose while playing the goldfish scooping game and decide to pay a visit to the shrine to offer a prayer. Nasa finds himself reflecting on how pleased he is with his life and the woman he shares it with as the sun sets and fireworks light up the night sky.

Season 1 covered the first 80 chapters of the manga series, while Season 2 covered the rest. Season 2 will most likely be based on Chapters 81 and onwards. It may reveal how Nasa and Tsukasa’s relationship develops in the future. It’s probable that Kaname Arisugawa may continue to offer suggestive advice to the couple. After all these years, Chitose Kaginoji may be beginning to think about the possibility of her and Nasa being friends.

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Season 2 of Tonikaku Kawaii Characters

tonikaku kawaii anime season 2 release date

Akari Kito, a Japanese voice actress from Aichi Prefecture, plays Tsukasa in the anime series “Sailor Moon: Awakening.” She’s also played a range of characters, including Nezuko from the critically acclaimed Demon Slayer series, Kotoko from Kyokou Suiri, and a number of others. On Gogoanime, you can watch the previous season of this amazing anime.

Character Cast

Yuzaki Tsukasa Akari Kitou Tsukasa Yuzaki Akari Kitou Tsukasa Yu (Demon Slayer, Battle Game in 5 Seconds)

Junya Enoki (Komi Can’t Communicate, Star Wars: Visions) Nasa Yuzaki (Komi Can’t Communicate, Star Wars: Visions) Nasa Yuzaki (Komi Can’t Communicate, Star Wars: Vision

Yuu Serizawa, Kaname Arisugawa (How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Kakegurui, Twin Star Exorcists, Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

Arisugawa Aya

Uesaka Sumire (Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, So I’m a Spider, So What?, So I’m a Spider, So What?, So I’m a Spider, So What?, So I’m a Spider, So Overlord Season 4, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, Plastic Memories)


TONKAWA is an anime adaptation of the manga Fly Me To The Moon by Kenjiro Hata. In October 2020, it will be available in Japan and on Crunchyroll.

On the day of her admission exam, Nasa meets Tsukasa, a lovely young lady. Nasa falls in love with her and expresses his feelings to her, but Tsukasa refuses to date him until she is married On her 18th birthday, she appears in Nasa’s life to get married, and thus her sweet married life begins.

Tonikaku Kawaii not only married the world’s fastest, but he also became the world’s fastest at gaining hearts. We’ve already gotten close to season 2 with the addition of the Tonikawa OVA. We expect season 2 to be accessible on Crunchyroll, as it was for season 1. You may start reading the manga right immediately at Viz. Let’s hope that, along with the other anime volumes, gets out soon.

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Official Trailer for Season 2 of Tonikaku Kawaii

The trailer for TONIKAWA Season 2 was published on November 6, 2021.

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