Top Anime All Time: Everything We Know so Far About Top Animes in 2022!

We believe that there is an anime out there for everyone at Paste. Diverse demographics are sometimes overlooked when making lists like this, thereby excluding female and LGBT viewers. Hobbyists and fandoms have long had distinct, individualized communities, vibrant groups that rarely cross paths except at anime conventions, where more than half of the attendees are female. So, why are anime made by women, for women, excluded from lists like this? Why can’t men enjoy these anime shows as well?

Working on this list helped me to reflect on my own personal taste and aesthetic preferences. I’ve always admired shoujo for its colorful style and high melodrama, but when I thought about anime that deserved to be on a best-of list, only male leads sprang to mind. Themes that exclude diverse audiences and create an echo chamber of impenetrable, inarguable taste for fans to argue are common in prestige anime.

Bebop the Cowboy Is a Cartoon About a Cowboy Who Lives In

Every Argument About Whether Shinichiro Watanabe’s Science-Fiction Masterwork Cowboy Bebop Is the Peak of Anime Is Just Semantic. It Isn’t a Question of Whether or Not It Is True. Its Unique Blend of Cyberpunk Mystery, Western Ambience, Martial Arts Action and Noir Cool Is Unrivalled and Universally Appealing. the Existential and Tragic Themes of The Film Are Widely Recognisable. Its Characters Are Complex and Imperfect, but They Nevertheless Manage to Exude Cool. It Depicts an Ethnically Diversified Future that Seems Hauntingly Predictive. Its English Dub, Which Features Some of America’s Top Full-Time Voiceover Talent, Manages to Match the Subtitled Japanese-Language Original in Certain Ways.

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Brotherhood in Fullmetal Alchemy

top anime all time

Brotherhood Is Considered by Many to Be the Most Important Anime Experience, and It’s Easy to See Why. Brotherhood Is a More Authentic Translation of Hiromu Arakawa’s Mega-Popular Manga Series than The First Adaption, Dealing Maturely and Uniquely with Loss, Grief, War, Racism, and Ethics, and Is, in Practically Every Sense, Ahead of Its Time. Furthermore, the Show Is Well-Paced, with Neatly Wrapped Arcs that Flow Into One Another and Support a Larger Global Storyline on Key Issues. Brotherhood Is the Perfect Length, Never Lingering Too Long and Demonstrating how Adaptable Shounen Anime Standards Can Be.

The Anime Series Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Based on The Manga Series Neon Genesis

top anime all time

Most People Are Familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion by Now, Whether It’s Because of The Plethora of Branded Items or The Frequent Mentions in Popular Media. However, for A Show as Well-Established in The Animation Canon as Evangelion, the Way We Talk About It Is Always Changing. Initially Billed as A Serious Dissection of The Mecha Popularised by Gundam and Macross, the Franchise Grew Bloated and Replete with Extraneous Content, Much Like the Melodramas-As-Merchandise, They Mocked Years Before.

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Utena, the Rebellious Girl

Revolutionary Girl Utena, by Kunihiko Ikuhara, Is a Blazing Beacon for The Shoujo Genre, with A Mental Incision on Puberty. Utena Is a Post-Structural Analysis of Lesbian Identity and Generational Trauma Viewed Through a Surrealist Lens and Beautiful, heart-swelling Settings. It Is Inspired by Riyoko Ikeda’s Landmark Works and Famed All-Female Theatre Ensemble Takarazuka Revue. the Story Follows Utena Tenjou, a Middle Schooler Who Is Obsessed with Becoming a Prince so That She Might Meet the Prince Who Saved Her as A Child. She Defies the School’s Gender Standards (which Could Pass for A Greco-Roman City-State, Complete with Its Own All-Powerful Student Council and Intertwining Political Institutions) and Charms the Female Student Body with Her Steadfast Commitment to The Safety of Other Women.


Flcl Was Designed to Be Unlike Any Other Anime or Film You’ve Ever Seen. the Pillows, a Japanese Alt-Rock Band, Composed an Outstanding Soundtrack for The Film. It’s a Fast-Paced Cut. Its Characters Are Manic, Moody, or Despondent in Their Interactions. Its Premise, in Which Robots Emerge from A Little Boy’s Bloated, Damaged Skull, Heralding the Return of A Powerful Extraterrestrial Creature, Is Sort of Irrelevant. According to The Series’ Director, Kazuya Tsurumaki, None of That Matters. in A Comment Thread for Production Ig, He Once Remarked, “comprehension Difficulty Should Not Be a Significant Issue in Flcl.” “I Believe the Show’s ‘rock Guitar’ Vibe Is a Shortcut to Comprehending It.” Keep It Up, Bud. Vilas-Boas, Eric

Tatami Galaxy Is a Japanese Word that Translates as “

top anime all time

Almost Any Film by Masaaki Yuasa Could Make This List, but Tatami Galaxy from 2010 Is the Director’s Most Iconic Work: The Characters Speak at A Pace that Would Make Aaron Sorkin Blush; the Style Is Lovingly Surreal, with The Material Delightfully Mundane; and The Content Is Both Cerebral and Immediately Relatable. the Primary Premise of Tatami Galaxy Is Around Our Protagonist (who Remains Anonymous) as He Starts College, Progressively Grows Disillusioned, Then Meets a Girl and Guy with Whom His Fate Is Inextricably Linked, and Something Dreadful Happens, Causing His College Life to Be Reset. Tatami Galaxy Is for Everyone Who Appreciates Gorgeous Animation and Haruki Murakami’s Special Brand of Melancholy Magical Realism.

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Aku No Hana Is a Japanese Manga Series Written by Aku No Han

Aku No Hana Is a Film that You Will Almost Certainly Dislike. Not on The First Viewing, at Least. the Play Is Proudly Wicked, with Many References to Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs Du Mal (from Which It Gets Its Name) and Rimbaud’s Contemporaneity. Baudelaire Was the Most Tormented of His Romantic Contemporaries, Suffering from Drinking, Debt Accumulation, and Syphilitic Lunacy. Kasuga, a Modern-Day Japanese Middle Schooler, Felt Him Relevant in Some Strange Way. a Fellow Outcast Called Nakamura, Sensing Kasuga’s Stranger-To-Society Inclinations, Discovers Him Giving in To His Hedonistic Wants and Blackmails Him Into a Twisted Bond.

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