Tower of Fantasy Release Date: Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

Tower of Fantasy, an open-world action RPG being developed by Hotta Studios in China, will be released in 2019. This action game is supposed to look stunning even on older smartphones and tablets thanks to its development on Unreal Engine. From the Tower of Fantasy release date to the game’s intended gameplay, here’s what we know so far.

To begin, let it be known that when Tower of Fantasy carves out its niche, it will inevitably be compared to Genshin Impact. However, that monolith was shot down before it could reach its full height because it was clearly inspired by Breath of the Wild. Xenoblade, Phantasy Star, and Star Ocean all appear to have influenced this one at the very least.

If you can’t wait for the game to come out, there are a number of other popular titles to check out. We’ve got tier lists for both Genshin Impact and AFK Arena and tier lists for YuGiOh Master Duel for those who like traditional card games.

A plot of The Tower of Fantasy

Aida’s unique planet, rich in life and lovely foliage, is the setting for the Tower of Fantasy events. In Aida, civilization developed after the Earth’s natural resources were depleted. On Aida, the Omnium substance can be found in abundance. Humans have built these terrifying Towers (Tower of Fantasy) to aid them in their quest to remove it from the ground.

Everything goes horribly wrong when a devastating disease upsets nature’s balance, spawning monstrous creatures and a wide range of criminal organizations eager to get their hands on the precious metal, Omnium. Zeke and Shirli, who reside on Star Island Sanctuary, enlist your help as a Wanderer, a male or female character. At the same time, you’ve been tasked with conducting a further study on Aida’s history.

The Release Date of Tower of Fantasy’s

tower of fantasy release date

Timetables for Tower of Fantasy’s global rollout have been announced. In most places, Tower of Fantasy’s global release date is August 10, but the specific times vary. An overview of the launch window is shown below:

  • August 10, 5 p.m., Pacific Standard Time in the United States
  • Eastern Standard Time: August 10, 8 p.m.
  • August 11, 12 a.m., UTC (midnight launch)
  • 1 a.m., August 11 – British Standard Time

Pre-loading Tower of Fantasy on PC, iPhone, and Android has already begun. You may find the right download link at the official website (which opens in a new tab). Aside from Steam and Epic Games Stores, the PC preload may only be done using the standalone Windows client, which is not available on Steam or Epic Games Stores.

The in-depth avatar tools in Tower of Fantasy allow you to create your own character when you download and install the preload version of the game. By saving and loading a custom preset, you can rapidly switch to the character of your choice during the game’s tutorial.

The worldwide release of Tower of Fantasy will be commemorated with a slew of giveaway events. If you didn’t sign up for the game before it went live earlier this year, you can still get some of the bonuses. After February 6, 2023, if you register and check in to the game, you will be able to claim rewards such as cosmetics, currencies, and black and gold nuclei that may be used to purchase each banners.

The Starpath Navigation giveaway, which is available for 21 days following character creation, is one of the other launch perks. As with the pre-registration offer, you’ll need to accomplish additional missions in order to receive points once this event is unlocked.

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One Hundred and Fifty-Nine

tower of fantasy release date

Because of this, the identities of the characters had already been revealed to the rest of the gaming community. Their goal is to take over the MMO industry. Take a look at the following personas.

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China’s Bai Ling

Character Bai Ling’s bow-and-arrow skills are legendary. When it comes to taking down foes with projectiles, she’s the best.


It’s time for everyone to keep their eyes peeled! It won’t take long for you to be frozen solid when Hilda unleashes her terrifying Ice Cannon, “The Terminator,” on you. Take her for granted and she’ll slap you down!


Manaka is a key character from the beginning of the game. You won’t have a problem working with her. But don’t be fooled by this weakling. Her razor-sharp Electric Spear and impressive combat skills could be the deciding factor in the outcome of this duel.


Amazing heroes are thrilling, but not every hero can be described as “Peppa who heals teammates.” Healer and pillar of support: She is the group’s go-to person. As a result, she is the most valuable member of the team in terms of quests and combat.

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The Trailer for Tower of Fantasy

There is no new Tower of Fantasy trailer. Have another look at that last one, shall we?

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