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Ufotable Studio Anime List: Check More Updates About This!

ufotable studio anime list

Ufotable is a well-known Japanese animation studio that has produced some of the most well-made and creative anime series in the previous decade, including Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, God Eater, and the Fate/stay franchise. The company has recently been under scrutiny after claims of tax fraud methods were made public, but that shouldn’t take away from the impact of the work created by such a unique animation studio.

Straight from Gakuen Utopia! In the Darkness, Looks For Light (6.1)

This drama, also known as Manabi Straight, is set in 2035 when the world’s birth rate dropped. Schools are devoid of the vitality that pervaded the halls when children were there. Manami Amamiya, the main character, joins the student government, and despite her exuberance, she remains committed to uplifting everyone around her by organizing the finest student festival the school has ever seen.

Alternative To Futakoi Is The Perfect Blend Of Mystery And Romance (6.2)

Because it refuses to be defined by a single anime genre, Futakoi Alternative is an intriguing Ufotable series. Rentaro Futaba, who operates a respectable detective firm, is the focus of the 13-episode series. When two precocious twins, Sara and Soju, show up at Futaba’s agency and introduce themselves as his new secretaries, Futaba’s simple life is turned upside down.

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Triplets from the Anime Coyote Ragtime Show

Coyote Ragtime Show is complicated science fiction with intense adventure and robbery themes, despite its name. Franca, the heir to the infamous Pirate King, has a narrow window of opportunity to retrieve her multi-billion-dollar inheritance from a heavily guarded vault before the planet it’s on is destroyed.

Franca assembles an unexpected crew to assist her in recovering her loot, but they are greeted with even more unusual android assassins and space pirates who are just as eager to steal Franca’s fortune. In 12 episodes, Coyote Ragtime Show covers a lot of material and benefits from a well-defined theme.

The Best Kind Of Trippy Time Travel Madness Is Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (6.5)

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, based on the Touken Ranbu internet game, solves an issue that many anime fans have wondered about, particularly after seeing the first few episodes of Soul Eater: What if swords had a life of their own? What do you think they’d say? Who would they like to assassinate? What would they look like?

Following the reanimation of legendary warriors’ weapons by sages, these swordsmen must travel back in time to prevent an army of villains from altering their timeline. Fans of the game will enjoy the ability to play as some of their favorite characters, but don’t anticipate anything groundbreaking in this series that hasn’t already been done in other games.

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Dokkoida?! Is It Possible To Deconstruct Superheroes In A Free-Form Manner? (7.0)

While most of the stories on this list are serious, with heroes risking their lives to defend their planets from apocalyptic forces, Dokkoida?! feels like a cross between Ninja Nonsense and Power Rangers, riffing on typical superhero clichés through an absurdist humorous lens. Suzu Sakurazaki, a farm boy who struggles to find work, is approached by Tanpopo, an adolescent space alien who works for the Galaxy Federation Police, who wants to test out its new prototype mechanical power suits.

God Eater Inspires A Spectacular Battle Between Man and Monster (7.0)

The fact that so many of Ufotable’s most well-received anime series is also based on video games has almost become a pattern, but that demonstrates how well the studio follows the source material. God Eater is another video game adaptation, set in a post-apocalyptic future where the planet is dominated by Aragami creatures of pure destruction, and the only people who can defeat them are soldiers known as “God Eaters.”

While not original, this anime is reminiscent of the popular program Attack on Titan, with a protagonist who lost his family to the Aragami and now seeks to grow stronger in order to avenge their murders. Overall, it’s a well-animated series, and the expanding audience is bigger than ever thanks to this decade’s continual stream of games.

The Addition of Ninja Nonsense to The Hokage’s Antics Adds an Undeniable Sense of Humour (7.2)

Naruto symbolized how much attention ninjas would receive once they had their own platform to fully demonstrate their abilities. Ninja Nonsense is a show that managed to turn all of those well-worn stereotypes on their heads. Ninja Nonsense follows Shinobu, a ninja-in-training who is as innocent as she is clueless, and her adventures with her newfound companion Kaede, her younger sister Miyabi, and her perverse ball of an instructor Onsokumaru, which is based on Ryoichi Koga’s manga.

Symphonia Tales Sylvarant Chapter Ties Two Worlds Together through Animation (7.3)

Although anime and video games have a symbiotic relationship, the distinctions between the two have been increasingly blurred as anime series or OVA initiatives bring particular chapters of popular video game series to life. The Tales of Symphonia: The Animation OVA parts were created by Ufotable, and the four-chapter Sylvarant Chapter is the most memorable.

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The Emiya Family Dinner Menu From Today’s Anime

Anime franchises can have branching narratives set in parallel realms that are almost fan fiction-like. Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family is a 13-episode ONA series from Ufotable that follows characters from the Fate/stay night series in a much happier setting.

The Emiya Family’s Today’s Menu transforms these warriors into humble allies who are more concerned with the mundane aspects of life and how to develop their cooking talents. It’s the ideal change of pace for individuals who enjoy serious fantasy anime yet want the characters’ stories to finish happily.

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