World Trigger Season 3 Finale: Release Date, Cast, Plot – Everything We Know so Far

The town of Mikado City adjusts to life four years after a gate to another world opened, allowing monsters and human-like individuals known as “Neighbors” to arrive and attack in the science fiction anime “World Trigger.” While they are initially impotent in the face of the menace, the National Defense Agency, or Border, arrives to protect everyone, employing Neighbor technology known as “Triggers.” Triggers rely on Trion, an internal energy source, to empower the user and serve as a weapon. As Mikado City adjusts to Border and Neighbors’ presence, a new culture emerges, and many young men and women compete for a seat at Border to train and battle.

Daisuke Ashihara, the author and illustrator of the original manga series, began publishing it in 2013. Toei Animation released the first season of an anime adaptation of “World Trigger” in 2014, which consisted of 73 episodes and covered about five different story arcs from the manga. The 2014 animation was panned by some manga fans, but a second season of “World Trigger,” consisting of 12 episodes, was released in early 2021, and it more than made up for it. A review on Anime News Network praised how “the entirely new staff has revamped the color and design work for the better, along with a quantum leap forward in direction and storyboarding,” complimenting how “the largely new staff has revamped the color and design work for the better.”

Fans of Season 2 of “World Trigger” will be relieved to learn that a third is on the way, and it will arrive sooner than you think. So far, here’s everything we know about Season 3 of “World Trigger.”

When Will World Trigger Season 3 Be Available to Buy

World Trigger Season 3 Finale

Fans of “World Trigger” will be relieved to learn that there will be no seven-year hiatus between seasons this time. Season 3 is set to release in October 2021 and will most likely feature the same number of episodes as Season 2. (AnimeJapan 2021 via DualShockers). The new episodes will air on TV Asahi in Japan, and while it hasn’t been announced, Crunchyroll will almost certainly provide a simulcast service for Season 3, as it did for Season 2. With successes like “No Game, No Life” and “Haikyuu!!,” Crunchyroll is already a popular location to find interesting anime in a variety of genres.

Only a few stills from new episodes have been shared so far on the anime’s official Twitter account, but fans should expect a complete Season 3 teaser and release date in the coming weeks. If you prefer dubbed anime to subbed, it’s presently unknown when or if “World Trigger” Season 2, let alone Season 3, will be dubbed in English. Season 1 has an English dub, however, it took a long time to arrive.

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In the Third Season of World Trigger, Which Characters Will Appear

World Trigger Season 3 Finale

Osamu Mikumo, Yma Kuga, Chika Amatori, and Yichi Jin are the four main protagonists in the film “World Trigger.” Osamu is a good and trustworthy high school student who joins the Border to protect his companion Chika and others from the Neighbors. Osamu is initially inept in combat and weapons training, but he perseveres, and he eventually rises to Captain of the Tamakoma Second Border unit. Chika is by his side, and despite Osamu’s best efforts, she doesn’t require assistance and is more than capable of fighting off the Neighbors. Chika is a talented sniper who aspires to ascend through the ranks at Border, despite her timidity.

At the start of “World Trigger” Season 1, Yma is a brand-new student at Osamu and Chika’s school. Yma is a Neighbor who enters Mikado City through the gate, a secret he tries to keep hidden for as long as he can. Yma quickly rises through the ranks of Border, owning one of the Black Triggers, a unique weapon that the organization can employ to combat more dangerous Neighbors. Yichi, a Tamakoma Branch member with a seemingly laid-back persona concealing a sharp mind, rounds out the main characters. Yichi is able to comprehend that not all Neighbors are like that, appreciating and aiding people like Yma while knowing and experiencing the threat of Neighbors personally.

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What Can We Expect from The Third Season of World Trigger

World Trigger Season 3 Finale

“World Trigger” follows Yma as he joins Border, forms a strong group of loyal friends, and learns to use his special abilities to help safeguard Mikado City. After Yma fell in combat and nearly died, his father sacrificed himself to create a Black Trigger for him. The Trion in the Black Trigger keeps him alive, and Yma is accompanied by Replica, a technological friend and protector.

Osamu, Yma, and the rest of the Tamakoma Second plan to practice and train in order to reach A-rank, with the objective of receiving Border’s permission to visit the Neighbor world and battle them, as well as finding a means to bring Yma’s father back if at all possible. Season 3 will continue where Season 2 ended, in the middle of the manga’s B-Rank Battles Arc, in which Yma and the rest of Tamakoma Second battle other Border agents for the chance to advance to A-rank. Yma has formed close bonds with the rest of Tamakoma Second throughout his time in Border, and he is fiercely loyal to his companions, determined to protect them from the Neighbors and bring an end to the bloodshed.

With Season 3 of “World Trigger,” there’s a chance the anime may catch up to the manga in terms of content, so many fans are wondering if there will be another anime-only story arc.

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