Wotakoi Anime Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer And Everything We Know in 2022!

Though interest in anime and manga has grown, the most popular series feature teenage protagonists, especially in slice-of-life episodes. “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku” flips this concept on its head, with mature characters who are nonetheless very approachable.

“Wotakoi,” written and illustrated by Fujita, debuted on Pixiv in 2014 as a webcomic. It was shortly included in Comic Pool, a joint venture with Ichijinsha before the latter firm began printing the manga a year later. It’s been turned into an anime and a live-action film. The anime’s intro also sparked a TikTok dancing craze.

The story revolves around a bunch of otakus who work at an office. Narumi likes to sketch and read yaoi doujinshi. Hirotaka, Narumi’s boyfriend, is a gamer, and their relationship allows her to be nerdy without fear of rejection. Hanako is a well-known cosplayer known for her masculine roles, while Kamakura, her high school sweetheart, spends his leisure time reading manga and watching anime. Nao, Hirotaka’s younger brother, understands nothing about pop culture and is terrible at gaming, but when he meets the reticent Kou, he gets increasingly interested in the hobby. Many fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the anime’s second season. Here’s what we may expect if it makes a comeback.

Release Date for Season 2 of Wotakoi

wotakoi anime season 2

The new OVA, titled “Tomodachi no Kyori” in Japanese, is part of the ninth manga band’s premium edition, which will be released on February 26, 2021, in Japan. “Love or Respect,” the film’s official theme song, is introduced in the music video below.
Season 1 of Sword Gai was not renewed for a second season on network television, but the anime series’ producers hope to produce further episodes for friends and family. Season 2 has yet to be announced or denied by A-1 Pictures.

Wotakoi Season 2 is expected to launch in 2022, based on our best estimation. We’re keeping an eye on the show’s future, but no official news on Season 2 has been released yet, so we’ll update this section when we learn more.

(86 Anime, Progressive Film) The characters were designed by Takahiro Yasuda, while the music was composed by Akimitsu Honma. Daredevil is available on Amazon Prime Video with subtitles for all episodes. Ichijinsha has been publishing the first volume of the original manga series since April of 2014. In Japan, the game has sold over ten million copies.

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Second-Season Plot

wotakoi anime season 2

It’s almost certain that a new season will begin directly at the current point of interest. In one of the OVAs, Nao realizes that Kou is a young lady, and while the revelation comes with embarrassment on both sides, the two can reconcile and, unexpectedly, go out on the town, leaving them thinking about their relationship.

The main season covers the first four volumes of the manga, and since the future season is expected to contain a similar number of scenes and OVAs, it’s possible that volumes five through eight will be altered. Fans will see an underground aquifers scene, Narumi’s first attempt at cosplay, Nao and Kou’s blossoming relationship, and, of course, the sweet second when Kabakura proposes to Hanako after she loses her most prized possession: the coordinating with an accessory he gave her back in secondary school. There will undoubtedly be a lot of geekiness, a lot of misunderstandings, and, most importantly, love.

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Characters from Wotakoi: Love is Hard For You Season 2

wotakoi anime season 2

In total, there are six main characters in the series. It’s quite doubtful that the series will introduce any new otaku characters. In addition, all of the show’s voice actors will return. Arisa Date, who plays Narumi in the show, is one of these actors.

Also representing Hirotaka is Kent It. Yuki Kaji, who is most known for his role as Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia, will also return. Those hoping for an English dub of Wotakoi will be disappointed, as the firm has not announced any plans in this respect. And, because Amazon has exclusive rights to the show in the United States, a lot of it depends on whether they want a dubbed version.

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Is the Wotakoi Season 2 Trailer Available

No, the Wotakoi season 2 trailer has yet to be released. Some shows have trailers that are released 4-8 weeks before the actual show, and since there has been no renewal confirmation, we can’t be sure when the trailer will be released. Because the second season’s renewal has yet to be confirmed, there’s no way the trailer for the second season has been released or will be released anytime soon. However, Fiferst has the Wotakoi season 1 trailer for you right here. This will help you see and get a sense of what season 2 could be like.

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