Yuri Is My Job Anime Release Date: Cast, Plot – All We Know so Far

As opposed to other Yuri manga, this one, titled Yuri is My Job, emphasizes the importance of female connections over more materialistic ones. The anime version of the manga was recently announced on the manga website.

A teaser, trailer, and information about the cast of Yuri Are My Job Anime were all made public on the website. Two female café workers’ deep friendship is the focus of this manga. Additionally, the comic focuses on the difficulties of working in a high-stress environment. In conclusion, this is all you need to know.

This comic was created by manga artist and writer Miman. The original manga was published by Ichijinsha and made available to the public. On November 18, 2016, the manga’s original run began, and it is still continuing strong today. As for the television adaptation, that honor goes to Passione Studio. Find all the latest news about the show by reading on.

What Is The Anime About

yuri is my job anime release date

Hime, a high school student, and self-described perfectionist is the focus of the anime. However, she injures a coworker named Mai as a result of a clumsy mistake. In the cafe where Hime works, Mai works as a waitress.

For the sake of maintaining the clarity of her appearance, she works two shifts. Mitsuki praises her for her efforts. Her knowledge of the cafe grows more and more interesting as time goes on.

In addition, the employees that work there appear suspicious. Hime’s sixth sense warns her as well. There is a mystery buried in the anime’s focus on the relationship between the two protagonists. As soon as the manga was released, fans were eager to see how the anime would differ from it.

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As a teenager, Hime cares intensely about her image as a sweet, helpful princess but on the inside, she only worries about her own needs.

In order to maintain her persona, she agrees to cover a few shifts for Mai, the manager of a local cafe. Her job as a waitress at Liebe Females Academy is inspired by her time spent as a student at a fictitious boarding school for girls called Liebe Girls Academy.

Hime finds herself pulled to another waitress at the cafe, who in front of the customers gives Hime affection and devotion like she’s never known before. Behind the scenes, it appears that the girl has a deep hatred for her.

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yuri is my job anime release date

Liebe Girls Academy’s mascot is the character’s real name. Both Shiraki and Shirasagi are known by their Japanese names. Affluence is something Hime longs for and has aspirations of attaining through marriage. It’s a constant battle for her to keep her actual self hidden from the world in order to attain her dream.

As of this writing, Mitsuki Ayanokaji and Mitsuki Yano are the only two people in the world who have the same name. The salon’s senpai is a lovely and graceful girl who is also a caring person. She instantly develops an aversion to Hime after learning that the two were formerly close friends but fell out of touch.

Kanoko Mamiya (, Mamiya Kanoko) or Kanoko Amamiya (, Amamiya Kanoko) are two characters in the Kanoko Mamiya series. Since middle school, she’s been Hime’s best friend and has gotten to know Hime’s genuine self. When Kanoko sees Hime in the café, she joins the staff.

Tachibana and Chibana are the names of Sumika’s two characters. In the café, Sumika portrays a calm and collected senpai; nevertheless, outside of work, she is viewed as a gyaru (girl). When Sumika suspects that Kanoko has feelings for Hime that have not been reciprocated, she becomes more invested in the relationship.

Mai Koshiba (, Koshiba Mai) / Mai Mikoshiba (, Mikoshiba Mai) are two characters in the anime series. a member of the café’s staff. After Hime injures her arm at the cafe, Mai forces her to work there out of guilt.

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Date of Publication for The Anime Yuri Is My Work

Yuri Is My Job Anime has yet to be scheduled for release. Aside from that, there was no mention of the film adaptation. In addition to it, there was some other information available on the website. Currently, work on the production is still being completed.

As a result, the release date seems far away. The Anime Daily is a great place to keep up to date on the latest news in the world of animated television.

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