10 Best Movies Superstar Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan, a pioneer in the blending of slapstick comedy and action, is a unique actor. Chan has acted in more than 120 films, making him one of the biggest stars in the world. Almost every genre of film is represented in his work.

We painstakingly searched through Chan’s huge filmography to compile our ranking of his top films. As always, feel free to let us know in the comments if you think we missed one of your favorites.

Rush Hour (1998)

One of the most well-liked buddy action comedies ever created, Rush Hour helped establish Chan in Western cinema. To apprehend a dangerous mafia boss, a conscientious Chinese detective pairs up with a brash L.A.P.D. detective. When the two don’t get along as well as they ought to, chaos results.

Rush Hour is immensely enjoyable, featuring a compelling plot and outstanding acting from the main players.

Police Story (1985)

10 Best Jackie Chan

A Hong Kong police officer goes out to right the wrongs and brings justice after being falsely accused of killing another officer. Of course, Jackie Chan is that cop. Police Story is a whole load of entertainment, with action scenes that surpass even modern action standards.

If you enjoy Police Story, you may want to look into the other films in the lineup. There are six Police Story films in total, and they are all well worth seeing. Pretty uncommon, no?

Dragons Forever (1988)

Dragons Forever

Dragon Forever is a classic savory Hong Kongese action comedy and another outstanding performance by Jackie. A man is faced with a difficult choice when he discovers the truth about his job.

Although the plot may seem a little dated by today’s standards, the film has everything you need to keep you amused until the credits start to roll.

The relationship Jackie’s character has with his employer in the movie could be compared to Bruce Lee’s The Big Boss in extreme ways.

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Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

10 Best Jackie Chan

The hardships of a straightforward man seeking to fit into a foreign society and an unintentional encounter with violent criminals are best summarised in Rumble in the Bronx.

A Hong Kong policeman visits New York to attend his uncle’s wedding. His life, however, takes a surprising turn when he joins neighborhood gangsters and decides to fight against evil in the city.

Given that it was one of Jackie Chan’s earliest American productions and helped establish him as a household celebrity in the west, Rumble in the Bronx has a unique importance.

The Foreigner (2017)

The Foreigner, one of Jackie Chan’s few serious films, is an action thriller that succeeds on many levels. When political terrorism results in the death of his daughter, a businessman from London seeks retribution.

The Foreigner’s gripping story is flavored with top-notch action scenes and banter that will make you cheer. Although you could definitely feel like you’ve seen something similar in some scenes, the superb cinematography keeps your enjoyment from being marred.

Snake in the Eagle s Shadow (1978)

Snake in the Eagle s Shadow

This kind of movie is not frequently produced. Despite the fact that Jackie Chan has produced numerous films of this kind, Snake in the Eagle Shadow has a unique reputation for a variety of valid reasons. In order to defeat an evil clan, a novice martial artist teams up with a professional alcoholic.

Eagle in the Snake Shadow has everything you’re looking for in a movie to see on a Friday or Saturday night with friends and family. Attention: The movie entices you to learn martial arts.

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Project A (1983)

The film Project A is jam-packed with features, fun, and enjoyment. A sergeant at the turn of the 20th century is on a mission to preserve the honor of his nation, but in order to do so, he must thwart pirates and smugglers.

The movie is entertaining to watch due to the fact that it has a compelling plot and amazing acting from the cast.

Miracles: The Canton Godfather (1989)

10 Best Jackie Chan

Miracles, a parody of Frank Capra’s Lady for a Day, is a funny story about a poor countryman whose life takes an unbelievable turn. The movie includes all the elements typical of an action comedy directed by Jackie Chan.

The way the plot develops is quite enjoyable to watch, especially Jackie’s transition between roles. Although the beginning may seem a little slow, after it picks up the pace, you will undoubtedly be entertained.

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Drunken Master (1978)

Whether you enjoy martial arts movies or not, everyone should watch Drunken Master. It is a beautifully told story of tenacity, sacrifice, and triumph.

No matter how many times you watch a film, even one that is more than 50 years old, it always feels new. One of the few films that have the ability to captivate viewers of all ages is Drunken Master.

Armor of God II: Operation Condor (1991)

Operation Condor deviates a little from Jackie’s other cinematic films. It’s one of those rare films that balances adventure and action in equal measure. Jackie demonstrates his versatility in the position of a treasure seeker.

Due to its emphasis on adventure, the second book in the Armour of God trilogy is commonly compared to Indiana Jones. Naturally, that’s a good enough excuse to look into this.

Here is our ranking of the top 10 Jackie Chan films. How do you feel about our choices? Did we mention a favorite of yours on our list? Please tell us in the comments section below.


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