Korean Dramas Starring Lee Jae-Wook that You Must See!

Do you adore Lee Jae-endearing works and adorably sulky portrayal of Jang Uk in the popular fantasy series Alchemy of Souls? Or are you interested in learning what happened to the baffling antagonist from the high school fantasy drama Extraordinary You?

Let’s look at some of Lee Jae-best work’s K-dramas to see how he progressed from memorable cameos to directing wildly popular shows and competing with his talented peers.

Alchemy of Souls (2022)

Alchemy of Souls

In the two-part K-drama Alchemy of Souls, soul shifters and magic are actual things. After swapping souls with a blind servant named Mu-deck, the assassin Naksu is apprehended by Jang Uk, an heir to one of the rival families. The male lead, Uk, who is portrayed by Lee Jae-Wook, has a terrible secret that could endanger his life. But his endearing portrayal of the otherwise dark mage makes the K-drama a fun watch for those who enjoy comedy and fantasy.

Extraordinary You (2019)

Lee Jae-Wook may have become well-known to K-drama fans through his appearances on the fictional high school programme Extraordinary You. It centres on Eun Dan-oh, who discovers that her entire life is a comic book and that everyone around her, including herself, is a character.

Although we initially dislike Jae-Baek-Kyung, works by the end we find ourselves rooting for him. Some even associate him with Haru and Dan-oh because of his cordial personality, which keeps the otherwise obnoxious Baek-Kyung from becoming the most despised K-drama character.

Search: WWW (2019)

This female-driven K-drama focuses on corporate drama and women’s empowerment as it follows three successful female directors named Ta-mi, Cha-Hyeon, and Ga-kyeong, who do whatever it takes to stay competitive. We also have romance, as in all office dramas, as the women must decide between their personal lives and their careers.

Jae-Wook portrays Seol Ji-hwan, a struggling actor who has been stereotypically portrayed as a villain, the exact opposite of who he is in real life (feels very meta if you ask us). He is attracted to Cha-Hyeon after an accident because she sees him for who he really is.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020)

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol


If Jae-wook did not receive a starring role after his versatility and talent shone in Extraordinary You and Search: WWW despite the ensemble casts, it would seem very unjust. Do Sol Sol La La Sol, who portrays the icy and pompous Sun-woo Joon who begins to open up after being attracted by Goo Ra-Ra, gratefully fixes it.

Sol Sol Do Do As Ra-ra experiences poor luck but never gives up in La La Sol, Joon feels compelled to defend her without realising that he has grown in love with her.

Move To Heaven (2021)

Move To Heaven

You will undoubtedly start crying as soon as you watch the melodrama Move to Heaven since it follows An Asperger’s-afflicted orphan named Geu-ru who must work with his criminal uncle Sang-gu. They don’t get along well because Sang-gu only offers to help the family out in exchange for money, but as they work as a team to clean up murder scenes, secrets are revealed.

Jae-Wook plays the crucial role of Sang-companion, the gu whom he rescues, and the first child he adopts. Sang-gu remembers it and has a sense of déjà vu when he begins to bond with his own nephew.

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True Beauty (2020)

If you came looking for the Unusual You weren’t alone if you came on for a cameo but remained for the story. True Beauty, directed by the same person, is about Ju-Kyung, who entirely transforms her appearance with makeup after being teased for having a naked face. Additionally, as it is a romantic comedy, the cliché of the boy falling in love with her because of her true face is there.

However, if you see Extraordinary You first, the cameo of Jae-Baek-Kyung works and Dan-oh when the male lead appears perplexed will fully make sense and have you laughing your ass off.

When The Weather is Fine (2020)

The mending is a slow-moving slice-of-life melodrama that centres on Hae-won going back to her hometown after failing to succeed in the big city. She reconnects with her old friend Eun-seat, and the two of them try to get past their shared trauma and past experiences.

Former classmate Jang-woo, played by Jae-Wook, is a vivacious character. He is extroverted, yet he is hesitant around his crush, Eun-Sil, which makes them a misunderstood second-lead relationship. If that still hasn’t convinced you, Kim Young-Dae, who portrays a high school student in love with Hae-won, will be joining us for another Extraordinary You reunion.

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Memories of Alhambra (2018)

The sci-fi K-drama is a particular yet thrilling subset of virtual reality programmes and films like The Matrix or Alice in Borderland, which will compel you to watch it regardless of the cast. After being asked to invest in a video game by its inventor, Jin-woo becomes trapped in it. When he discovers that dying in the video game also results in death in real life, the stakes of winning the game startle him.

Jae-Wook plays the thug-like hacker Marco Han in his debut acting role. Marco Han battles the game’s developer and will do anything to win, including attempting to kill a buddy.

The top Lee Jae-Wook K-dramas of all time are now on our list!

How do you feel about our list? Have your favourites been incorporated? Or did we overlook any K-dramas worth watching? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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