The Best K-Dramas with Kim Young-Dae to Watch!

We are binge-watching Kim Young-shows dae’s while we wait for more of his projects after he rose to fame with comic lead roles in Shooting Stars (Sh**ting Stars) and The Forbidden Marriage. Previously, Kim Young-Dae was the underappreciated side character in The Penthouse that everyone wished they had seen more of. Young-dae has also developed a reputation for choosing K-dramas with intriguing plots, such as the reincarnation drama The Moon That Rises in the Day. Let’s look at some of Kim Young’s top dae’s K-dramas, then.

The Forbidden Marriage (2022)

The Forbidden Marriage

Kim Young-dae finally receives a character in his second main role that allows him to display his range. He portrays the despotic King Lee Heon, who following the murder of his wife, forbids marriage across the country. So-rang, a con artist, is hired to claim that his deceased wife can possess her in order for him to receive closure and lift the embargo. The Forbidden Marriage is a funny movie to see because Young-dae plays off the frigid King with ease and subtle humor in an otherwise dark story.

Extraordinary You (2019)

Kim Young-dae

Extraordinary In the entertaining high school drama You, Eun Dan-oh discovers that she is trapped in a comic book and that everyone around her is a character from the same book. She just plays a supporting role whereas Kim Young-Dae is the main character, which makes it worse. The lead actor is Oh Nam-Joo. While he naturally courted Yeo Joo-da, she and the other characters had to play their parts.

Nam-Joo is the stereotypical K-drama male lead who is infuriated by his righteousness and determination to obtain the lady until he also realizes there is a problem when one of the supporting characters breaks his character to pursue Joo-da.

The Penthouse (2020-21)

Kim Young-Dae

The Penthouse is a melodrama about the inhabitants of the opulent Hera Palace, where the ladies resort to murder to elevate their offspring. The Penthouse allows Young-Seok-hoon day’s time to develop from simply being the adversary of Dan-son tae’s to becoming a character we root for as he has his own schemes and revenge to exact while falling in love with Bae-ro. It was one of the first prominent network K-dramas to have many seasons.

Shooting Stars aka Sh**ting Stars (2022)

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars (Sh**ting Stars) sets the tone by focusing on the struggles K-drama actors and their managers and publicists face in order to present them in the best possible light to the public. It appears that Kim Young-Dae has a thing for choosing K-dramas with meta subjects, as, like Extraordinary You, it seems that Kim Young-Dae favors such films.

Furthermore, Young-dae portrays the protagonist character Gong Tae-sung, who has a grudge against PR agency Oh Han-byul. This is not just Young-first day’s starring role. Chaos results as the two, in a familiar but nevertheless enjoyable enemies-to-lovers cliche, wrestle with their feelings for one another.

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About Youth (2019)

In the slice-of-life drama About Youth, a group of Koreans winds up in Vietnam for various reasons. They strive to achieve their own unique aims and goals. Young-dae portrays the capable and devoted Lee Jay who has no time for anyone save himself. Since everyone at the office depends on him, he often finds himself with a full plate. The female character, Kimchi, is a Vietnamese coworker who, despite her best efforts, is unable to win Lee Jay’s approval.

Cheat On Me If You Can (2020)

It is a comedy-thriller that centers on Yeo-Jung, a writer of murder mysteries who cheats by having her victims believe she is the murderer. She is married to a divorce attorney who believes they are still happy despite the fact that they are not. She has a strict no-cheating rule, so she begins to imagine her husband being killed and making it appear like an accident since she thinks he’s having an affair.

Young-dad is portrayed as Su-ho, a dubious part-timer who gains Yeo-trust Jung but has ulterior motives for wanting to get close to her. We have known he is up to something from the beginning, but people are pulling for him because of his flirtation with Yeo-Jung.

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It s Okay To Be Sensitive (2018-19)

It’s Okay To Be Sensitive is a college drama that tells the stories of first-year students and how they deal with challenges in their lives. The miniseries effectively communicates its message while tackling weighty issues like bullying and sexual harassment in a lighthearted way.

Do-hwan, played by Young-Dae, is the composed kid who stands up for Shin-Hye when she is bullied at school. He observes and makes his own judgments, defending Shin-Hye when no one else will, while the others manipulate her.

True Beauty (2020)

True Beauty

If you are a fan of Extraordinary You, you already know that this K-drama must be on the list due to the cast members’ numerous cameo appearances. True Beauty, directed by the same person, is about Ju-Kyung, who alters her appearance by using makeup after being expelled from her previous school where she had been ridiculed for being unattractive. She then gets into mischief and causes disruption by hilariously concealing her true face in absurd situations. Our darling Nam-Joo, who is mistaken for the male lead, is portrayed by Young-Dae.

Here is our ranking of the top Kim Young-Dae K-dramas ever made. How do you feel about our list? Have your favorites been incorporated? Or did we overlook any K-dramas worth watching? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


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