The Top 10 Shows on TV Like Taxi Driver!

Following a successful first season release in 2021, the well-liked K-drama about retribution called Taxi Driver released its second season in 2023. The program tells the tale of a group of individuals who assist the relatives of heinous crime victims.

The squad led by Kim Do-gi, together with Sung-Cheol, Go-Eun, Kyung-goo, and Jin-eon helps these desperate victims reconcile with their families when they contact Rainbow Taxi’s secret agents in an attempt to exact revenge on their loved ones.

Here are 10 other comparable series you might like viewing if you’ve enjoyed the most recent season of Taxi Driver!

The Player (2018)

Similarities: Crime, Action

10 TV Shows Like Taxi Driver

A squad for recovering crime proceeds is created when a cunning conman, a fighter, a hacker, and a driver band together. This group makes an effort to recover goods that thieves have hidden. The team’s excellent driver, Cha A-long, was left by her parents when she was a little child.

Together, these four accomplished experts in their specialties form a top-tier team that works with a just prosecutor to solve crimes. They seize illicit funds and ensure that those who obtain wealth through criminal activity are detained.

                                          My Name

Similarities: Revenge, Action

10 TV Shows Like Taxi Driver

My Name is a 6-episode Netflix Original that tells the story of a young girl named Yoon Ji-woo whose father is murdered right in front of her eyes. This is strikingly similar to the manner in that desperate family members seek revenge on their loved ones in Taxi Driver.

Ji-woo is employed by her father’s buddy Choi Mu-jin’s criminal organization Dongcheonpa and has vowed to exact revenge on her father’s killer. In order to track down the police officer who killed her father, Ji-woo enlists Mu-jin’s assistance in becoming a police department mole.

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The Glory

Similarities: Revenge, Drama

The Glory

The Glory, the newest Netflix phenomenon, recounts the quest for retribution for a victim of bullying. Moon Dong-Eun sets out on a mission to kill Park Yoon-jin’s life after her school bullies and her friends crush her dreams.

Dong-Eun spends her teenage years putting in a lot of effort to become a teacher. Eventually, she enters the private school as Yeon-jin’s daughter Ye-sol’s homeroom teacher.

Mai: A Mother s Rage

Similarities: Crime, Revenge

Mai: A Mother s Rage

The 2022 Netflix Original is a 6-episode revenge drama that centers on Sheel Chaudhary, a middle-class mother who works as a nurse at Geeta Bhawan, an elderly care facility. Sheel observes her daughter Supriya being killed by a speeding truck.

But when she finds out that the disaster was planned, she is horrified. When the grieving mother learns that Supriya’s death was the result of a pre-planned murder, she swears to find the truth and get revenge on her daughter.

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Similarities: Revenge, Drama

10 TV Shows

The 2022 K-drama centers on a woman named Lee La-el who lost her father when she was a young child and tells the tale of her quest for vengeance. La-el plans her retaliation throughout the course of the following 13 years with the aid of Seo Eun-Pyeong, knowing that many influential people were accountable for his death.

Seo Eun-Pyeong, an orphan who saw La-el’s father die, swears allegiance to her by rising to become a powerful individual and joining the National Assembly. Together, Eun-pyeong and La-el go after LY Group CEO Kang Yoon-kyum, who is also the main suspect in La-el’s father’s murder.

The Devil Judge

Similarities: Crime, Action

The Devil Judge

The Devil Judge, a dystopian Korean drama, takes place in a chaotic period for the nation. A judge brutally punishes evildoers in his courtroom, which he turns into a sort of reality show. Judge Kang Yo-han uses his authority to punish men who are dishonest and avaricious.

The Social Responsibility Foundation’s executive director is Jung Sun-a. She is Kang Yo-han’s adversary and is intelligent and attractive. Through her connections, she has the ability to manipulate the nation.

The loss of his parents when he was a young child caused Kim Ga-on, a rookie judge, to go through challenging circumstances. An investigator, Yoon Soo-Hyun. She is a close friend of Kim Ga-on’s and is searching for Kang Yo-han’s secret.

Girl From Nowhere

Similarities: Mystery, Revenge

10 TV Shows Like

The 2018 horror novel centers on Nanno, a young girl who enrolls in various private schools in Thailand and reveals the secrets, lies, and hypocrisy of the staff and pupils there.

Nanno tells lies and then turns out to be an immortal being who punishes wrongdoers for their crimes and wrongdoings in order to provoke and expose the evil people in the school.

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Who Killed Sara?

Similarities: Mystery, Crime

Who Killed Sara

The three-season television program Who Killed Sara? explores the life of Lex Guzman. Lex is determined to find out who killed his sister Sara and exact retribution on the Lazcano family who wronged him after spending 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Avengers Social Club (2017)

Similarities: Comedy, Revenge

Avengers Social Club

The Korean drama explores the lives of three ladies from various backgrounds who come together for the purpose of retaliation. A middle-aged fish store employee, a housewife, and an heiress bump into each other and team up to carry out their own personal schemes for retaliation against the various wrongdoers. Despite being co-conspirators at first, this trio develops a close bond.

The Blacklist

Similarities: Crime, Action

The Blacklist

Following Raymond Red Reddington, a former government agent turned high-profile criminal who voluntarily turns himself in to the FBI, is The Blacklist. He offers to cooperate with inexperienced profiler Elizabeth Keen in order to assist them in finding and apprehending other dangerous people on his blacklist.

In every episode, a global criminal is featured, and Raymond Reddington helps the task force track them down and apprehend them by collaborating with law enforcement and outside sources.

Following the conclusion of Taxi Driver Season 2, here are our top 10 TV program recommendations.

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