The Top 8 Korean Dramas Every Song Hye Kyo Fan Should Watch?

The Glory comprises 16 episodes, and after seeing them all, there is a widespread consensus that it is Song Hye-best kyo work to date. For the past few years, the actress has become well-known for playing tsundere characters. But, Song Hye-Kyo undoubtedly gained a lot of new supporters because of the enthusiasm she brought to this presentation.

It seems sensible that fans would want to watch other dramas with Song Hye-Kyo in the lead, given that the actress will shortly appear in more projects that will be produced in the future.

You can watch these 8 K-dramas with Song Hye-Kyo as she is expected to win every Best Actor in a Lead Role (Female) award at the year-end award ceremonies in 2023.

The Glory Part 1 and 2

The Glory, a 2022 K-drama that many consider to be one of Hye-best kyr’s to date, tells the tale of a high school student who once dreamed of becoming an architect but had her ambitions stolen from her. Dong-Eun dropped out of school owing to the horrific school violence she experienced, and now she’s determined to make her attacker pay for their actions.

K-dramas Starring Hye-kyo

Dong-Eun assumes the role of her perpetrator’s child’s homeroom teacher when the latter marries and has a child years later. She begins her well-thought-out retaliation strategy against the bully and any onlookers.

Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun, a 2016 drama with Hye-Kyo in the lead role that chronicles the story of two contemporary star-crossed lovers, is one of the most well-liked dramas. Due to their busy careers as surgeons and special forces officers, respectively, Mo-yeon and Shi-jin struggle to maintain their romantic relationship.


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But, the two are destined to fall in love as they carry out their professional responsibilities and defy the odds when work puts them together in the same location at the same time.

Now We Are Breaking Up

Now We Are Breaking Up, one of Song Hye-poorly kyo’s received dramas from 2021, is a program about the fashion industry. Young-eun has established a solid reputation for herself in the fashion sector and is the team leader of one of the top fashion companies in the country.

Now We Are Breaking Up

She is flawless everywhere except for her love relationships. Young-eun is so pragmatic to the point of being cold-hearted, but when she meets Jae-kook, a well-known independent fashion photographer, things take an unexpected turn.



The protagonist of 2018’s Encounter is Soo-Hyun, a politician’s daughter. Soo-Hyun leads a life in which she is restricted from making her own decisions. She marries the son of a wealthy company even after receiving her college degree since it will help her father.

Soo-Hyun is divorced, and meeting the straightforward and compassionate Jin-hyuk—a young man who appreciates life and finds satisfaction in the little things—changes her life even more.

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Full House

When it comes to cliché Korean dramas, the 2004 program starring Hye-Kyo in the title role as Han Ji-Eun, an aspiring screenwriter who resides in the Full House that her late father built, is a classic. Her closest friends sell her home to Lee Young-Jae, a young actress, after tricking her into thinking she has won a free vacation.

Best K-dramas Starring Song Hye-kyo

Ji-Eun, however, encountered Young Jae on her vacation flight. Despite having very different and conflicting personalities, they decide to live together now that he is the owner of the home that belonged to her family. Nonetheless, in order for Young-Jae to win back his ex, the two enter into a contract marriage. Nevertheless, things become problematic as the couple starts falling in love with one another.

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That Winter, the Wind Blows

A 16-episode K-drama from 2008 called That Winter, the Wind Blows tells the tale of Oh Soo, an infamous gambler who is fostered by the Park family when his parents desert him. He is left cold and sad after losing his first love, not caring about anyone else. With the untimely passing of his friend with the same name, he gets imprisoned.

Oh, Soo is forced by circumstances to pose as his deceased friend. The real Oh Soo is the brother of Oh Young who is blind and the heir to the PL Group. Soo begins falling in love with the blind Oh Young while claiming to be the deceased brother who was split from his sister during their parents’ divorce.

Rays of Sunshine

Yeon-woo, a young girl who grew up content in a loving home, is the subject of the episode. Yeon-woo loses her mother to illness as her young step-father flees with their money after her father’s mysterious death and her mother’s dubious remarriage to a guy 10 years younger.

In order to discover the person who murdered Yeon-father, woo’s Yeon-woo turns to an old buddy who grew up to become a police officer, Min-ho, for comfort. Yeon-woo, who rescued Eun-life, sup discovers herself falling in love with him in the meantime.

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Guardian Angel

In the drama from 2001, Hye-Kyo plays Jung Da-so, a friend of the character who adopts the child after the death of the pregnant mother in a vehicle accident. Da-so raises the child as an unwed mother and becomes a guardian angel for her daughter despite the shame associated with her family because she was an orphan herself.

This concludes our ranking of the top Song Hye-Kyo K-dramas of all time.

How do you feel about our list? Have your favorites been incorporated? Or did we overlook any must-see dramas or films? Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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