Bucslifenewsmedia DMCA

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) of 1998 gives you legal recourse if you are the owner of copyright content and you feel that your rights under U.S. copyright law have been violated online. 

The official copyright infringement policy of Bucslifenewsmedia.com and Corte Lodato LLC (“Business”) in accordance with the DMCA is as follows:

Please get in touch with Corte Lodato LLC right once if you have any concerns about potential copyright violations.

You can send a written notification of alleged infringement to Bucslifenewsmedia’s designated agent at the address shown at the end of this policy if you have cause to believe that content posted on Bucslifenewsmedia violates your copyright.

The DMCA specifies the requirements for how a purported infringer must be contacted, specifically 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3). A written warning is not legitimate unless it contains each of the elements listed below:

The physical or digital signature of the owner of the copyright or their authorized agent who is alleging infringement.

Work protected by copyright that is allegedly being violated;

Information that is fairly necessary for the service provider to find the content allegedly the subject of the alleged infringement and information that is reasonably necessary for the service provider to get in touch with the complaining party (address, phone number, and, if available, email address).