Cannabis Cannon: A Complete Guide in 2022!

Today, we’ll dig even deeper into the realm of cannabis flower smoking after talking about rolled smokeable-like joints and blunts.

Traditional cannabis smoking methods include blunts and joints, each of which has a number of names. There are various names for joints, including:

  • Doobs/doobies
  • Jays
  • The cannabis cigarette
  • Pinner
  • Cannon
  • Phatty

Blunts can also be referred to by any of the following names:

  • Dutch
  • Breezy
  • An L
  • Blizzunt
  • Phatty

The spliff, which closely resembles a joint but also includes rolled-up tobacco, is the last type of tobacco product.

Even if there is no such thing as a poor name for a blunt or a joint, people’s names or the titles that specific places use to classify rolled smokeable might be funny. You might even attempt coming up with your own names for the smoking methods you enjoy; have fun with it!

After having a little fun, let’s get to work. Learn more about the many blunts and rolling papers that may be used with cannabis flowers by reading on!

Paper Rolls

Cannabis Cannon: A Complete Guide in 2022!

Rolling papers are a must-have item for cannabis fans. They come in little packs with lots of sheets, making them a great option for people who love rolling cannabis flowers.

There are three main types of rolling papers: those manufactured from wood pulp, those made from rice or hemp, and novelty papers constructed from materials like gold leaf or translucent cellulose rolls (a naturally occurring material from plants).

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Rolling Papers of Various Types

The traditional rolling papers, which are also used for smoking, are made of wood pulp. Due to their composition, they have a unique, distinct flavour and burn more quickly than regular rolling papers.

the disadvantage Rolling papers made from wood pulp are commonly bleached, which suggests that chemicals were used during production, to achieve their distinctive white colour.

Many cannabis users like the brownish papers made of hemp or rice because they burn with subtle, undetectable flavours.

Additionally, they burn more slowly than rolling papers made of wood pulp, and chemical additives are generally not used in their production. Another benefit is that you can consume more marijuana while using less paper because these rolling sheets are thinner than those made of wood pulp.

Novelty papers are presented last. The materials from which these are made differently, as we previously mentioned; for instance, you can get papers made from cellulose and papers made from gold leaf.

Novelty papers’ visual attractiveness frequently receives more consideration than whether or not they are suitable for smoking. For a special event or simply to change up your smoking routine, they might be fun to try.

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Multiple styles

It’s also important to remember that, when it comes to rolling papers, you have a variety of options to select from based on your smoking preferences. You can get pre-rolled cones that you can just fill with your preferred cannabis flower if you don’t know how to roll a joint, for example.

Furthermore, certain rolling papers, like those produced by Randy’s, contain a metal wire inside that serves as a built-in roach holder. It’s not technically necessary, but for those who constantly burn their fingertips or don’t like the taste of burnt cannabis on their hands, this can be very useful.

If you enjoy smoking and discovering new flavours, there is a whole market of flavoured rolling papers that you can find and pair with different cannabis strains!

Like with any great product, you can typically get your chosen brand of rolling papers in a variety of sizes to fit your smoking style. You can purchase extremely large rolling papers when smoking with a group of friends as well as ridiculously little rolling papers if you’re smoking alone.

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Broad Wraps

Cannabis Cannon: A Complete Guide in 2022!


Now let’s talk blunts! Similar to joints, there are several materials that can be used to create blunt wraps, so you may pick the one that best meets your preferences. Although tobacco-based blunt wraps are the most common kind, hemp and herbal wraps are also becoming more and more popular.

There are a few options available for tobacco-based wraps. The traditional front leaf is the first choice; it is a whole raw tobacco leaf that is divided into sections and rolled like a joint.

The front leaf was supposedly the original wrap for a blunt, but when they became harder to come by, people started gutting or disassembling cigarillos to fill with cannabis before rolling them into blunts.

We now have the cigarillo as our final option for a blunt wrap. Every time you walk into a convenience store, you’ll probably see a display of cigarillos. There are numerous brands and flavours to choose from, including White Owls, Phillies, Swishers, and Dutch Masters.

To utilise a cigarillo as a blunt wrap, a seam must be cut and the tobacco from the interior must be removed. Roll it up once you’ve added marijuana to the empty case.

Additionally noteworthy are natural leaf cigars like Backwoods. These are natural tobacco leaf-wrapped pre-rolled cigars that resemble a cross between a front leaf and a cigarillo.

Instead of breaking down a natural leaf cigar, it must be unrolled, the marijuana wrapped, and then rerolled. Now that we’ve talked about tobacco blunt wraps, let’s talk about our other options. Due to the detrimental effects of smoking, there is currently a market for hemp and herbal blunt wraps. They perform similarly to cigarillos despite not containing tobacco.

You do this by selecting the cannabis’ substance and flavour, taking it out of its box, and rolling it up! These are really excellent alternatives for anyone who desire the slow-burning smoking experience that a blunt provides without consuming tobacco.

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