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Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds in San Diego

cannabis seeds san diego

San Diego is the best city to grow cannabis indoors because it is adjacent to the marine layer and has (almost) daily sunshine. Of course, there are many locations to buy marijuana, and San Diego residents also have the option of getting it delivered, but why not advance in this world by picking up a new skill?

As you must take care of something other than yourself, growing your own bud can teach you valuable lessons in patience and sensitive loving care. Additionally, you may save a tonne of money by buying food in bulk instead than just when you’re hungry.

Of course, you can also give your friends homemade items as gifts, but only within the legal restrictions (1 ounce). San Diego’s marijuana rules also indicate that you are only allowed to grow up to six plants; any more than that, and you’ll have to deal with the law, should you be caught.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you want to learn how to produce marijuana from seed or if you’ve been aching to grow your own plants. In order to save you time on the internet, we have put together a list of stores where you can buy marijuana seeds in San Diego.

San Diego’s Top Stores for Marijuana Seeds

In San Diego, marijuana is legal excepting a few restrictions; people choose to purchase seeds to produce their own. While some grow marijuana as a hobby, others do it for financial reasons. In any case, using the do-it-yourself method can be fun for everyone if you can follow directions carefully and cope with the unexpected if your plan decides to be difficult.

Learning how to cultivate marijuana is as easy as watching a YouTube lesson or reading a few how-to blog entries now because of trial and error and internet accessibility. Purchasing top-notch seeds or clones is the first step.

San Diego Cannabis Seeds

So where can I find San Diego’s greatest marijuana seeds? Numerous randomly dispersed dispensaries in the area offer raving patron ratings, premium goods, and top-notch customer service from knowledgeable budtenders. But how can one limit the choices?

It is worthwhile to visit more than one of these outlets to compare prices and locations before deciding where to purchase your starting kit for growing grass because California laws and Prop 64 restrict the selling of marijuana, seeds, and clones.

San Diego marijuana clones are available in many of the same locations that sell seeds, but a plant developed from seed has the potential to produce more than a cloned progeny can since a tap root develops naturally when using seeds. It’s also less likely to pass on diseases or pests if you grow from seeds. Pick your poison because the decision is yours; either way, you’ll get a tasty and aromatic homegrown strain.

Below are listed the best shops in San Diego to buy marijuana seeds. A premium cannabis seed seller called Equilibrium Genetics, which makes hybrid, heirloom, and landrace seeds, is the source of the seeds for the majority of the locations named. Other dispensaries sell seeds under their own brands or Terp Hogz.

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Cannabist is a very welcoming business that is conveniently located off the 5 Freeway near the In-N-Out in Pacific Beach. If you have a chance to visit their store in person rather than choosing delivery, you’ll probably feel like you’re in a scene from Willy Wonky because of their enormous selection of edibles.

Additionally, Cannabist San Diego has an online menu that lists the seed companies and strains they now carry, including Terp Hogz and Equilibrium Genetics. Banana, Pineapple Passion Zmoothie, and Pellezino Terp Hogz are a some of the strains they provide. They also have a variety of Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD Equilibrium strains such High Tide (CBD), Alien Athene (THC), and Apple Triangle (Hybrid).

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Duck Seed

Beaver Seed is a store where you may buy marijuana seeds, as the name implies. They are based in San Diego, however, you can order seeds through their website and have them mailed to you instead of visiting a physical location. In addition to more unusual strains like Candy Jack, Great White Shark, or Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Beaver Seed also offers traditional kinds like Kali Kush or Strawberry Diesel.

The fun company takes pride in only offering seeds with a high percentage of germination and offers free shipping and prompt delivery. You can choose from a variety of seeds, including Feminized, Regular, Autoflowering, and Best Selling seeds.

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April and Ash

March and Ash may be found at the intersection of the 805 and 8 freeways, close to Dave and Busters. When you enter their chic dispensary, you’ll see a beautiful clone wall where you can observe real, budding plants that are also for sale. Although they sell seeds, you can only buy them in-store.

When they do have seeds on hand, Purple City Genetics (PCG), an Oakland-based company that sells Autoflowering, Standard, and Feminized Seeds, is their supplier. Some of their seeds include the Indica hybrid Saltwater Mints, the Sativa hybrid North Bay Kush, the Hybrid Dogtown, and the Jalapeno Gelato (Sativa Hybrid). Call them to see whether they are available; because of demand, supply changes at random.

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