How Long Are Marijuana Seeds Good For?

Purchases of bigger volumes of seeds generally result in substantial savings.d: Aside from the complimentary seeds, many seed banks will include a substantial number of seeds in your order. Now you’re faced with an issue:

You can’t plant all of those seeds at once since you don’t have the room. So you’d like to store some of them and use them at some point in the future. Are there enough seeds to last for a lengthy period of time?

We have some wonderful news for you. Cannabis seeds may be stored for a very long time. So, let’s see how much longer they can live and what you can do to help them do so.

Marijuana Seeds: How Long Do They Keep?

how long are cannabis seeds good for

Cannabis seeds have a shelf life of up to five years. If you have good seeds and store them properly, you can do this, but it’s a big if. A reduced life expectancy is the only alternative.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the likelihood of successful germination reduces as the seed ages. Seeds purchased from the best seed banks online should be used as soon as possible, even if they’re from a high-quality strain.

Good seeds can be kept for up to two years in an envelope on a windowsill. Following these guidelines, you can stretch that quite a bit further.

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What Determines How Long Weed Seeds Stay Viable

An important factor is undoubtedly genetics. In the long run, the better the seed, the longer it can be stored. Poor seeds might deteriorate rapidly.

The manner in which the seeds were handled also matters. If the seed bank you acquired them from properly preserves their seeds and mails them in a way that protects them from damage, then they should last for a long time.

Other than picking a reputable seed bank, you have no say in those aspects. What you can influence, though, is how you take care of your seeds after they come.

Aim for near-ideal conditions when setting up your environment. We’ll talk about the best way to store them in a second. Here are the most important aspects that influence cannabis seed lifetime.


For germination, seeds are activated by light exposure. The chemical processes for germination can be started even if the seeds do not germinate because the other components necessary for germination are not present, rendering the seeds incapable of germination at a later time. Maintaining your seeds in the dark will allow them to maintain their viability for the longest possible period of time.

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A rise in temperature is a marker of germination, as is any rise in temperature. To avoid freezing, the ideal storage temperature for seeds is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. In order to maximize their lifespan, you should keep them at a temperature between 42° and 46° F, which is around 6° to 8° C, in order to keep them fresh.


Wetness is also an indication for germination to start. Additionally, rot can develop in a wet setting. To keep your seeds viable, you should store them in a dry location with a relative humidity of 8% to 10%.

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How to Preserve Cannabis Seeds

how long are cannabis seeds good for

Weed seeds’ longevity can be extended by storing them in a cold, dry, dark environment, which is what we’ve learned from the preceding variables.

Vacuum sealing your marijuana seeds is an easy way to extend their shelf life. They come well-protected from the seed bank, and if you haven’t already opened the packet, we suggest keeping it intact for future use.

Use an airtight, nonporous container and get rid of all the air you can if you can. While a vacuum sealer is preferable, it is not required; if you do not have one, a dark paper envelope will serve just fine.

Seal this bundle up in a mason jar. The box itself should be dark, but adding wrapping to the mason jar is a smart idea in case there is any doubt about the level of darkness within. Increase the use of desiccants like silica gel packs to keep moisture levels down.

Keep this Mason jar in the fridge. Use a refrigerator that is rarely opened to minimize temperature and humidity changes.

Following those few simple steps will ensure that your seeds will continue to grow for years to come. Read this article for plenty of information on how to safely store marijuana seeds.

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