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Marijuana is being grown by an ever-increasing number of people for medical purposes. Cannabis plants bred from medical cannabis seeds have the potential to lessen the symptoms and agony associated with certain illnesses. The THC content of medical seeds may vary according on the grower.

The inclusion of additional cannabinoids like CBD, THCV, CBG, etc. may also be of substantial use to many medical cultivators. In the end, it all relies on the individual’s demands as well as the sort of cannabis that best suits them.

The ability to test out different medical marijuana strains on yourself is a huge advantage of producing your own seeds. Purchasing your medicinal marijuana on the street is like playing the lottery in comparison to what you’re getting from a doctor.

Ahead, we’ve listed our top five medical marijuana strains. Keep in mind that the greatest method for discovering your ideal medical strain is to grow it yourself. The effectiveness of Indica and Sativa strains or certain cannabinoids may differ for you, depending on your personal preferences…

So, What Exactly Is Medical Marijuana?

medical cannabis seeds

The term “medical marijuana” refers to any strain of cannabis that provides a patient with a medical benefit. Benefits may include an increase in food intake, improved sleep/rest quality, pain alleviation, a lessening of symptoms, and so forth.

Endo cannabinoid systems vary slightly in each people. In other words, no two of us will react exactly the same to the same medicinal weed strain. As far as medicinal marijuana goes, some believe that Indica strains are more effective. In the eyes of others, the inverse is true.

Some medical growers favour THC-rich strains, while others prefer easy-to-grow, high-CBD medical strains for their purposes. Some seeds may be better suited to your needs than others.

Experimentation with a variety of medical cannabis seeds is common among medical producers. Before deciding on the finest medical cannabis seeds for their ailment, patients often compare India vs sativa seeds, THC vs CBD seeds, and novel cannabinoid-rich cannabis seeds.

Please keep in mind that you can pick between autoflowering and feminised medical marijuana seeds. When it comes to novice growers, it can be advantageous to use autoflowering seeds, which tend to be easier to cultivate.

Depending on where you live, medical marijuana seeds can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Even in most northern European climates, autoflowering cannabis seed could be used to grow medical marijuana for UK outdoor gardeners. When grown in the UK, they normally reach maturity in roughly 100 days.

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The Most Effective Cannabis Varieties for Medical Use

medical cannabis seeds

Sifting through the extensive Dutch Passion seed bank for the best medical cannabis seeds is a difficult task. Why? Because many people have their own personal favourites that deliver the best benefits for their particular health issue..

There are a few novel cannabinoids available in the following five strains, which may be of interest to medical marijuana growers looking for new strains to try.

Autoflowering India CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is a great choice for anyone looking for a high CBD medical strain with a strong genetic base. Within 13 weeks, this easy-to-grow indica strain can be ready for harvest from the time it is sown from autoflower seed.

When the weather is warm and bright for three to four months, she thrives in a greenhouse or outdoors. THC content is less than 1%, with CBD concentrations averaging 15% in the dried buds. This medical indica strain will not make you high.

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High CBD medical strains aren’t much easier to grow, and they don’t have such a pleasing aesthetic either. It’s a great time of year for the plants to show off their stunning blue and purple colours.

Cool temperatures in bloom can enhance these colours. It has an enticing Kush aroma with the aroma of luscious black fruits. There aren’t many THC-free buds that look and smell this good.

Indoor lighting produces excellent yields. Even in the UK’s northernmost regions, this auto-flowering medical indica variety performs well. ‘ When it comes to high-yielding autoflowering outdoor medical cultivars, CBD Auto Blackberry Kush is an excellent choice.

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