brittany murphy cause of death

At the tender age of two, Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti divorced; Brittany Anne Bertolotti was born into their union. Originally from Edison, New Jersey, Murphy was brought up by her mother.

Earliest Years

Before Murphy started at Edison High School, her family had relocated to Los Angeles in 1991 to allow her to pursue her dream of being an actress.
Murphy credits her mother for her achievement, saying, “When I begged my mom to go to California, she sold everything and moved out here for me.” Murphy stated her mother never tried to suppress her creativity. “She always had faith in me,” I recall her saying. Murphy’s parents, an Italian father and an Irish mother, share their heritage. A Baptist, she later converted to Christianity and became a non-denominational follower. A younger half-sister and two elder half-brothers shared her biological family.

What Happened to Brittany Murphy?

On December 20, 2009, Brittany Murphy was found dead in her home. She was 32 at the time. A “medical request” from Murphy’s Hollywood Hills home, where she lived with her husband, Simon Monjack, and her mother, Sharon, was received by the Los Angeles Fire Department at 8 a.m. that day. Murphy had been found unconscious in a washroom by the responding firefighters. Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. after suffering cardiac arrest at the scene.

Deputy Chief Coroner Ed Winter informed the Associated Press not long after Murphy’s death that the cause of her death “appears to be natural.” When she died, the cause of death was indicated on her death certificate as “delayed.” In February 2010, a Los Angeles County coroner determined that pneumonia was the major cause of Murphy’s death, with iron deficiency anaemia and multiple drug intoxication as contributing factors. An autopsy was performed the day after Murphy died.

For reasons that remain unclear, a coroner’s report stated that Murphy was taking different prescription and over-the-counter drugs to treat a cold or respiratory infection at the time of his death. According to the study, her death, which was declared an accident, may have been caused by “elevated amounts” of hydrocodone, acetaminophen, L-methamphetamine, and chlorpheniramine from her prescriptions. As a result of her compromised status, “the prospective harmful physiological effects of elevated amounts of these drugs cannot be ignored.” Her mother and husband claimed in January 2010 that Murphy never took drugs or alcohol and that the actress’s death was caused by a heart ailment and mitral valve prolapse, not drugs.

brittany murphy cause of death

Simon Monjack, Murphy’s spouse of less than a year, was discovered dead in their Hollywood Hills home on May 23, 2010. Coroner’s officials in Los Angeles confirmed that acute pneumonia and anaemia were the cause of death.

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While living in Colonia, New Jersey, Murphy went to the Verne Fowler School of Dance and Theatre Arts. She began training in singing, dancing, and acting when she was just four years old. A View from the Bridge, starring Allison Janney and Anthony LaPaglia as Catherine in 1997, was Murphy’s Broadway debut.
At the tender age of 13, Murphy was cast as Brenda Drexell in Drexell’s Class, her first role in a major motion picture. It was then that she was cast as Molly Morgan in the short-lived Almost Home spinoff of The Torkelsons. On the small screen, his roles include Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (on Blossom), SeaQuest 2032 (on Parker Lewis Can’t Lose), and murder one (on Mork and Mindy). Party of Five, Boy Meets World, and Sister, Sister all featured her in guest roles.

brittany murphy cause of death

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Private Sphere

Late in 2002, Murphy began a relationship with Just Married co-star Ashton Kutcher. While working on Little Black Book, Murphy met Joe Macaluso, an assistant on the film’s set, and the two became engaged in December 2005. They broke up in August of that year. A private Jewish ceremony was held in Los Angeles in May 2007 for Murphy and British screenwriter Simon Monjack to wed.

An Englishman by birth, Simon Monjack worked as a writer, director, and producer in the motion picture industry. A divorce from his 2001 marriage to Simone Bienne occurred in 2006.
His second wife, Brittany Murphy, died on December 20, 2009, at the age of 32, after they wed in 2007.

According to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, he was found dead in his Hollywood home on May 23, 2010. The coroner’s report found that he died from acute pneumonia and severe anaemia, just like his wife, Brittany, who had died in the same residence from the same conditions.

He was alleged to have “conned” the actress in a new HBO documentary. Cynthia Hill, the director, alleged that Brittany was one of Simon’s “final victims.”
Brittany was one of his final victims, and “there was a pattern of behaviour that became extremely evident the more study that we did,” she explained.

According to rumours, Monjack was the father of two children who were never revealed to the public.
Marcia Newman reared his daughter, Jasmine, in Luton, United Kingdom.