Brittney Sharp Cause of Death: A Famous Model Dies at The Age of 31

Popular model Brittany Sharp. She was born in Georgia on November 18th, 1990. Brittany is also a successful model; in 2013, she was named Miss Georgia USA. Because of her friendship with actor Matthew Davis, she gained more attention. The American continent is the cradle of Brittany. She went up against Erin Brady for the Miss USA crown in 2013.

Brittany Sharp: A Brief Lifestory


Born in Georgia on November 18, 1990, Brittany Sharp is a well-known fashion model. Competed for and won the 2013 Miss Georgia USA title. Her fame increased as a result of her romance with Matthew Davis. Brittany Sharp’s star sign, according to astrologers, is Scorpio. They had gotten engaged in 2016, but they called it off shortly after. She began dating surgeon Paul King White in 2018.

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How Much Money Does Brittany Sharp Have?

brittney sharp cause of death

Brittany Sharp is a model with a $215 million net worth, and she earns a salary of an undisclosed amount per year. Brittany Sharp’s date of birth is noted as November 18th, 1990. Competed for and won the 2013 Miss Georgia USA title. Because of her friendship with actor Matthew Davis, she gained more attention. Sharp, Brittany, is a regular in the Model lineup.

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In What Way Did Brittney Sharp Meet Her Untimely End?

There was no information on what killed Sharp. But sadly, she died away on May 2nd, 2019. There was an online obituary at the Williams Funeral Home where fans of the program may express their condolences to her family. Supporters have been praying for the family of this “angel.”

A second person chimed in, “I saw her on Pimple Popper and she was so thrilled when they were removed.” I can’t fathom the pain of burying a young, vibrant family member. High River, Alberta, Canada, sends its warmest wishes to her and hers.

Both a special homage to Sharp and a statement were issued by TLC following her death. The statement read, “Our hearts go out to Brittney Denise Sharp’s friends and family during this terrible time.

TLC paid special respect to Brittany, a patient from Season 2 Episode 9 of Dr. Pimple Popper, on Tuesday night’s episode of the show. Sadly, the 31-year-old native of Tennessee passed suddenly on May 2.

Dr. Pimple Popper’s patient Brittany Sharp went to see Dr. Lee to get an opinion on some warts she’d noticed appearing on her body. The news of her passing came just a few months after her appearance on the show. While the circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, an outpouring of sympathy was expressed in the form of comments on her obituary. Her skincare on Dr. Pimple Popper led some to speculate that her untimely death was related to the show.

People felt bad for Brittney after hearing the news of her death because she was young and was about to get married. Many people have expressed their sympathy to Brittany’s loved ones.

One Twitter user shared his thoughts, saying he was relieved that Brittney’s soul was no longer bound by Earth and that she was now able to be with her mother again.

Before, a patient called Kevin Olaeta had died a few months after appearing on the show. The Californian drummer in his mid-20s looked like he’d taken a drumstick to the jaw. According to reports, he died of tachycardia and a cardiac enlargement in his sleep.

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