Carl Ruiz Cause of Death: A Closer Look Into Profession Life, Career, and Lifestyle in 2022!

Carl Ruiz, a Food Network celebrity, restaurateur, and chef, just had one of those looks. You never knew when or when it might appear, but whenever it did — and it did frequently — you knew it was a person you’d want to spend out with. Even the harshest cuisine critics adored him. Indeed, critic Tony Johnson had this to say about him when he died in 2019: “He was able to make people laugh who had forgotten how. He lit fires in rooms. He was both the kerosene and the match.”

There aren’t many people who can sum up their entire life philosophy in a single hashtag, but Ruiz’s supporters did so long ago. Raising is something that everyone can aim for, as it simply implies that you’re living your greatest life. That, at the end of the day, is all that matters. And that is exactly what he did.

So, who was Carl Ruiz, exactly? Let’s take a look at the life of this chef who exudes a contagious spirit of adventure, laughing, and joy.

Carl Ruiz’s Death Was Terrible

carl ruiz cause of death

Carl Ruiz’s restaurant, La Cubana, posted a tragic announcement on social media on September 22, 2019. In part, it said: “No words can adequately express our grief over the passing of our wonderful friend and brother. He was a tremendous force of down-home Cuban cuisine, and he lived life to the fullest, just as he prepared — with the most vital ingredient being “dancing always.”

Ruiz died at the surprisingly early age of 44, and while his restaurant and family did not immediately announce the cause of death, his friend Matt Farah revealed, according to pop culture. Ruiz “died quietly in his sleep of a suspected heart attack,” according to him.

Farah paid tribute to him on Instagram, writing that three things usually happened whenever they got together: Ruiz taught him something epically fascinating, introduced him to someone fascinating, and they both laughed a lot.

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Guy Fieri and Carl Ruiz Were Close Friends

carl ruiz cause of death

Guy Fieri was the Food Network celebrity with whom he was most closely linked. According to pop culture, Carl Ruiz has been on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen,” and 25 episodes of “Guy’s Grocery Games” (along with making appearances on “Dinner: Impossible”). It was also Fieri who connected him to Opie Radio, who in turn introduced him to a slew of other people through his podcast and eventually assisted Ruiz in promoting his own.

After learning of his passing, Fieri turned to Twitter to express his condolences to his friend: “Carl Ruiz, my friend, and colleague in the kitchen has passed away. I’m at a loss for words to express what a wonderful friend he was to me and my family. His capacity to make me laugh and grin in any situation was only surpassed by his culinary skills…. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people throughout the years, but a buddy like Carl is one in a million. Carl ‘The Cuban’ Ruiz will live on in my heart and in the hearts of all who loved him for the rest of their lives.”

Carl Ruiz Was a Well-Liked, Respected, and Adored Figure

Carl Ruiz’s friends and family weren’t the only ones to express their sorrow and memories of him on social media, as a number of celebrity chefs paid tribute to him.

Alex Guarnaschelli said on Twitter, “This man was simultaneously fatherly, reassuring, smart, reckless, intelligent, wickedly humorous, and unique. Without him, my existence will be much more lonely. Carl, we adore you. Without you here, I’ll do my best to make sure no one puts pineapple on pizza.” “There is a vacuum in the culinary world and in our hearts,” Amanda Freitag said on Instagram.

Carl Ruiz Remained Committed to His Cuban Heritage

Carl Ruiz Always Remembered Where He Came From. He Ascribed His Love of Food and Cooking to His Mother and Grandmother, According to The New York Times; After Ruiz’s Death Was Revealed, His Brother, George, Told Them that His Brother Had Started Experimenting with Food and Ingredients at Home Long Before He Even Considered Going Into Business.

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Carl Ruiz Was Also Well-Versed in Italian Cuisine

The New York Times Gave Marie’s Italian Specialties, a Deli-Style Restaurant Carl Ruiz Built with Then-Wife Marie, a Mainly Positive Review in 2014. the Plan, They Added, Was to Preserve Regular Restaurant Hours and Close at 6 P.M. that Changed on The First Day when A Customer Came in At Exactly 6 P.M. to Place His Purchase. Ruiz told the New York Times that He Remained a Regular, but That He Was Never Informed that He Was the Reason the Restaurant Stayed up Late.

The Food Was Described by Ruiz as “lay-On-Your-Couch-For-Three-Hours-Afterward Italian,” and Reviewers Concurred, Describing It as “very Much the Place to Go for The Substantial, Hearty, and Wonderfully Prepared Dishes You’re Accustomed to When You Think of Italian Food.”

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Carl Ruiz Was a Big Fan of Whatever He Ate

carl ruiz cause of death

It’s Easy to Imagine Prominent Chefs and Food Network Celebs Having a Hard Time Swinging by Your Favourite Fast Food Establishment for A Quick Bite to Eat, but That Wasn’t the Case with Carl Ruiz. Matt Farah Related a Story of Ruiz’s Appearance at Farah’s Wedding in April of The Same Year After His Death Was Announced (via the New York Times). He Characterised the Chef as “dancing with Everyone, 20 people, none of whom actually knew him,” before adding something just as clever.

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