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Charles Johnson Cause of Death: Former NFL Wide Receiver Dies at 50

charles johnson cause of death

As of 2019, Charles Carlisle Johnson (born October 22, 1988) is an American alt-right political activist who was a public figure between 2013 and 2019. As an “investigative journalist,” Johnson is frequently referred to as an internet troll for his role in the growth and propagation of several false news stories. A number of Johnson’s ventures, including,, and, saw little success. In 2013, Encounter Novels published his first and second books.


In the words of Peter Thiel

With Johnson and Silicon Valley financier and Trump supporter Peter Thiel, Johnson has had a long-standing relationship, which is described in full in the book The Contrarian, in which they collaborated on tactics against Gawker and Trump campaign activities.

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Congressman From New Jersey, Bob Menendez

An article by Daily Caller reporter David Johnson claimed that Democratic Senator from New Jersey, Robert Menendez, had recruited Dominican prostitutes to work for him. Menendez has denied any wrongdoing. Unfounded assertions were made by two ladies who later revealed they were paid by a local lawyer to spread misinformation.

Booker, Cory

On October 14, 2013, Johnson published an essay in The Daily Caller in which he claimed that Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark and later a senatorial contender, never lived in Newark. Neighbors of Booker’s supposed address were referenced as proof in the report.

In response to Johnson’s accusations, the Booker team furnished BuzzFeed with rental checks and other paperwork for the address dating back several years. After moving to New Jersey in the fall of 2006, Booker stayed there until just before he was elected a Senator in 2013. Johnson stood by his story, noting that while Booker may have paid rent in Newark, he did not actually reside there.

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John A. McKinney Jr.

The New York Times reporter David D. Kirkpatrick was jailed in January 2014 for exhibitionism and had appeared for Playgirl, according to a piece written by Johnson in January of that year. Johnson’s basis for the Playgirl allegation was January 22, 1990, item in The Daily Princetonian, which was later discovered to be a satirical piece.  Kirkpatrick received Johnson’s apology.

Flight 370 of the Malaysian Airlines

Johnson was able to attend Milton Academy because of a generous scholarship. An alumnus of the 2007-2011 graduating class of Claremont McKenna College, He was granted the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award and the Publius Fellowship at the Claremont Institute while he was attending college.

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Salary and Earnings Summary

Amount: $6.7 Trillion

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Charles Johnson, an American businessman, has a net worth of $6.7 billion. As Chairman of Franklin Recourses, a major holding company in the United States, Charles Bartlett Johnson, who was born in 1933, amassed most of his fortune. After Rupert Sr. launched Franklin Distributors in 1947, Charles’ father founded the mutual fund company Franklin Mutual Funds.

At the time of his appointment as CEO, Charles was a Yale University graduate. Dozens of years later, Charles expanded Franklin Resources alongside his half-brother Rupert Jr. Johnson’s son George took over as Chairman when his father Charles retired in June of last year. A part owner in the San Francisco Giants, he defers club tasks to owner group leader Larry Baer, who takes care of business.

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Cause of Death

Ex-NFL and Colorado Buffaloes wide receiver Charles Johnson has died at the age of fifty. The University of Colorado has confirmed Johnson’s demise. Unknown causes of Johnson’s death have yet to be found.

There were no signs of foul play in the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel room where police found a dead during a welfare check on Sunday, according to WNCN-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Wednesday.

Johnson was drafted in the first round of the NFL draught by the Pittsburgh Steelers after a stellar college career at Colorado. With the 17th overall pick in the 1994 draught, Johnson went on to play nine NFL seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the New England Patriots before wrapping up his career in 2002 with the Buffalo Bills, where he was a member of the team’s Super Bowl-winning team for one season before retiring. At one time, Johnson played for both the Steelers and Patriots, making two Super Bowl appearances in his career.

Kordell Stewart, Johnson’s former quarterback in Colorado and Pittsburgh, remarked, “Words simply can’t convey or recognize who C.J. was to many.” My heart is broken, but I know C.J. will be missed. I’m not sure how to process this.” It breaks my heart to think about how Tanisha, their children, and extended relatives are dealing with this. During these challenging times, may God bless and protect them.

With the Steelers in 1998 and the Eagles in 2000, Johnson had seven touchdown receptions in each of those seasons, setting career records for receptions and receiving yards. He ended his NFL career with 4,606 receiving yards and 24 touchdowns. In both his junior and senior years at the University of Colorado, Johnson compiled a total of 1,000 yards.

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