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Corinne Day Cause of Death: Photographer of ‘Grunge’ Look, Dies at 48

corinne day cause of death

On February 19, 1965, in the United Kingdom, Corinne Day, a well-known celebrity, was born. British fashion photographer, documentary photographer, and model Corinne Day (19 February 1962 – 27 August 2010) were active in these fields. Corinne Day is an Aquarius, according to astrology.

In the 2000s, Day got back into fashion photography and did projects for clients like Vivienne Westwood, Arena, and the British, French, and Italian editions of Vogue. Film stars Nicolas Cage, Sienna Miller, and Scarlett Johansson were among those she photographed at the time.

Early in the 1990s, Day continued to work with The Face and several youth and counterculture magazines, such as i-D, Ray-Gun, and Penthouse. He used models including Moss, Rosemary Ferguson, and George Clements for these projects.

For the June issue of the British edition of Vogue in 1993, Alexandra Shulman hired Day to take pictures of Kate Moss. The editorial “Under Exposed,” which was meant to be a lingerie fashion spread, showed a 19-year-old Kate Moss living with her then-boyfriend, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, in their west London apartment.

Newspapers from the Daily Mail to The Independent claimed that the pictures were horrifying, predatory, and bordering on child pornography. The pictures generated a media scandal.

Day and her friends were candidly depicted in her autobiographical book, “Diary,” which was released by Krus Verlag in 2000. It has been said that Nan Goldin’s documentary realism would be comparable to the visuals in “Diary,” which showed young people partying, using drugs, and having sex.

Day held two significant exhibitions in London in 2000, concurrent with the release of “Diary.” Portraits of Tara St. Hill, a friend of Day’s, were displayed at Gimpel Fils Gallery, and a selection of “Diary” pieces was displayed at The Photographers’ Gallery.

In addition to these solo exhibits, Day also took part in the exhibitions “Imperfect Beauty” at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, curated by Charlotte Cotton in 2000; “Chic Clicks” at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, curated by Ulrich Lehmann in 2002; and “Not in Fashion,” at the Museum für Moderne Kunst MMK in Frankfurt, in 2010.

History of Corinne Joy

In 2022, Corinne Joy will be 14 years old. She was born on July 3, 2007. She grew up and was educated in a Georgian upper-middle-class household. By nationality, she is recognized as American, and she practices Christianity. In Georgia, the United States, she finished her elementary education there.

She continues to attend the high school where she received her high school diploma while pursuing her higher education. She had a burning passion to be a dancer since she was a little child, and she devoted the majority of her time to honing her craft.

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Net Worth of Corinne Day

One of the most wealthy and well-liked celebrities is Corinne Day. We calculated Corinne Day’s net worth based on information from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

The day was taught how to use a camera by Szaszy while they were on a lengthy journey to Thailand and Hong Kong, and they moved to Milan in 1987. Day’s fashion photography career had its start in Milan. The day started pursuing publications for work after creating photos of Szaszy and her friends for their modeling portfolios.


As a dancer and model, Corinne Joy began her professional career in the field. She joins SugarTribe, a well-known dance team, and becomes the brand ambassador of Sugarhaul, a well-known dance equipment firm. Throughout her brief dance career, she twice received the title of Sugarhaul’s Dancer of the Year.

Additionally, she has a YouTube account with the same name where she posts videos of herself dancing and has amassed a tonne of followers. She has taken part in a number of dance events and is well-known for having won the national championship three times.

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Defining Factors

According to her agency Susan Babchick and Day’s gallery, Gallery Fils, Corinne Day passed away on August 28. The day was a fashion and fine art photographer whose images of model Kate Moss are credited with establishing the “grunge” style in fashion photography in the 1990s.

Cancer was the death’s underlying cause. She was 45 years old. The day is a self-taught photographer who first tried her hand at modeling before deciding to start photographing her friends. The influential British fashion magazine The Face was shown the artwork by the author.

A model photography assignment was suggested by the editors there. Her images of Kate Moss, a young woman who was unknown at the time, were featured in the magazine in 1990.

According to Robin Muir, a former photo editor for British Vogue, the personal, black-and-white shots of Moss in Birkenstocks and without makeup made both Moss and Day instant sensations and opened the door for unadorned fashion photos by Glen Luchford, David Sims, and others.

It’s simpler to shoot if you know the model well because they relax and you get more out of them, according to Day in an interview with PDN from 2008 that was published. I genuinely took images of her, she claimed, in my photographs.

She obtained jobs with editorial clients as well as with companies that advertise, such as Barnes & Noble. The day was asked to photograph Moss once more in British Vogue in 1993. Anorexia and “heroin chic” were deemed to be promoted by the images.

Day left fashion photography as a result of the uproar. She requested that her partner, the filmmaker Mark Szaszy, make a film about her treatment after receiving a diagnosis with a brain tumor in 1996. She took the images for the Play album cover by Moby in 1999.

Day, who claimed in an interview with PDN that Nan Goldin’s 1986 book “Ballad of Sexual Dependency” had taught her that “photography may go wherever you want,” spent the majority of the late Nineties documenting the lives of family members and close acquaintances, including a friend’s drug usage. Corinne Day’s Diary, a book on the artist’s work, was released in 2000, and a London exhibition of it took place at the Photographers Gallery.

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