Dalton Millican Cause of Death: A Real Time Update on Richer Life!

Dalton Millican, the son of Clay Millican, a six-time world champion and current NHRA Top Fuel driver, died in a motorbike accident on Wednesday night. The mishap took place in Tennessee. The elder Millican, his wife, and their son Cale issued a statement on Thursday morning. The message was sent to family, friends, and fans. “It is with great sadness that we inform you that our darling son, Dalton Millican, age 22, died yesterday night in a single-person motorcycle accident near our hometown of Drummonds, Tennessee,” the message added. “Our family has suffered a sad loss, and we are heartbroken. We appreciate all of your love and support as we travel down the difficult path ahead of us.” The National Hot Rod Association also issued a statement. “On behalf of everyone at the NHRA, we want to convey our deepest sympathies to Clay Millican and his entire family,” stated NHRA president Peter Clifford. “During this difficult time, they will be in our thoughts and prayers. Clay is well-liked and respected by all NHRA racers. “Everyone in our sport will be affected by this tragedy.”

(ap) — Drummond, Tenn. Clay Millican, a Nhra Top Fuel Racer, Has Confirmed that His 22-Year-Old Son Has Perished in A Motorbike Accident

dalton millican cause of death


Dalton Millican, a drag racer, was killed in a single-car accident near his hometown on Wednesday night, according to the drag racer.

“We are grieved by the tragic loss of our family,” Millican said in a statement released Thursday. Clay and Donna Millican had two kids, one of them was Dalton. He was the owner/driver of Blue Thunder in the Monster Jam series, and he raced ATVs. “On behalf of everyone at the NHRA, we want to send our most profound sympathies to Clay Millican and the whole Millican family,” said NHRA president Peter Clifford in a statement. During this sad time, we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Clay is well-liked and respected by all NHRA racers. Everyone in our sport will be affected by this defeat. Millican is currently ranked 11th in the Mello Yello Top Fuel standings.

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dalton millican cause of death


Dalton was born on April 20, 1867, at Nenthead, Alston, Cumberland, and spent his childhood in the northwest of England before moving to Essex with his family. He worked as an insurance clerk in London, owning a cottage in Loughton and sleeping under canvas in the garden, but at the age of 36, he abandoned his life and moved to Borrowdale, where he offered camping and adventure holidays from a cave (dubbed “The Cave Hotel”), as reported on the BBC’s Countryfile program on September 20, 2015. In recent years, he has spent his summers in the cave, and his winters in a wooden shed in Buckinghamshire. In 2021 [1], Loughton Town Council decided to build a blue plaque in his honor in the garden of Walnut Cottage, Stony Path, where he lived.
Dalton, a vegetarian, pacifist, and teetotaller long before the term was coined, lived off his wits, surviving on a meager wage as a climbing guide. Millican Dalton’s Cave, as it’s known locally, is a pair of interconnected split-level caves developed by the slate quarrying process on Castle Crag’s eastern face. Dalton lived in this cave for about fifty years. Evidence of Dalton’s existence may still be seen in the cave’s upper chamber, where a carving on the cavern’s wall advises visitors not to “Words (sic), Jump to Conclusions.” This sentence is usually considered to have been carved by Millican Dalton, but according to M. D. Entwistle in his book ‘Millican Dalton: A Search for Romance & Freedom’ (Mountainmere Research, 2022, second edition), it was actually hammered into the rock by a Scottish buddy during a blazing quarrel. The misspellings were meant to resemble a rolling ‘R’. Millican frequently admonished his friend, “Don’t waste words,” or “Don’t jump to conclusions,” and this statement applied to the debate.

Dalton’s hut burned down in the winter of 1946–47, so he moved into a tent. However, this was too much for his 79-year-old frame, and he developed pneumonia, from which he died on February 5, 1947, in Amersham Hospital. On Wednesday night, Dalton Millican, the 22-year-old son of NHRA Top Fuel driver Clay Millican, was killed in a single-person motorcycle accident.

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Dalton Millican, Son of Nhra Racer, Was Killed in A Bike Crash for Monster Jam.

dalton millican cause of death

The Following Statement Was Issued by The Family on Thursday Morning: Family, Friends, and Supporters – We Regret to Inform You that Late Last Night, Our Darling Son, Dalton Millican, Age 22, Died in A Single-Person Motorcycle Accident Near Our Hometown of Drummonds, Tennessee. Our Family Has Suffered a Horrible Loss, and We Are Grieving. We Appreciate All of Your Love and Support as We Travel Down the Arduous Path Ahead of Us. Funeral Arrangements Are Still Being Decided, and We Will Let You Know as Soon as They Are. During This Difficult Time, We Ask for Your Continued Love, Prayers, and Privacy. – Cale Millican, Clay Millican, and Donna Millican

The 49-Year-Old Clay Millican Is Presently Ranked 11th in The Nhra Mello Yello Top Fuel Standings. One of His and Donna’s Two Sons Was Dalton. Dalton Grew up In a Racing Family, Competing in At vs And Owning and Driving Blue Thunder in The Monster Jam Series:

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