Darryl Hunt Cause of Death: The Pogues’ Bass Player Dead at 72

Darryl Hunt, an African American man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was falsely convicted in 1984 of the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes, a young white newspaper copy editor. However, DNA and other types of evidence led to Hunt’s exoneration. Before being released following a review and exoneration, he was imprisoned for 19 and a half years.

His case was hailed as a contemporary cause célèbre that “helped define race relations in Winston-Salem for 20 years.” Darryl Hunt, who is now a Muslim, is active in both his own organisation, The Darryl Hunt Project for Freedom and Justice, and the Innocence Project.

“Educating the public about defects in the criminal justice system, campaigning for people unfairly imprisoned as a result of those flaws, and giving resources and assistance to those trying to rebuild their lives” are the three main goals of this initiative.

Bio of Darryl Hunt

darryl hunt cause of death

Celebrity Darryl Hunt was born on February 24, 1965, in the United States. 1965 saw the birth of Hunt in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The children were primarily nurtured by their maternal grandparents, William Stroud and his wife, who also had an elder brother named Willie and a younger sister. Stroud worked as the city’s street department’s foreman.

The kids were told for years that their visiting mother Jean was their aunt. Hunt claimed that he was troubled by her death as a youngster because she was killed when he was just nine years old. For a while, the kids attended neighbourhood schools; Hunt left high school. With a cousin, he travelled to Monterey, California, but at the age of 18, he went back to his hometown. Darryl Hunt has the astrological sign of Pisces.

A young, white, married copy editor named Deborah Sykes was raped and fatally stabbed in the early morning hours of August 1984 as she travelled to work at Winston-The Salem’s Sentinel. After returning to her home state in July from the Chattanooga News-Free Press in Tennessee, she had just begun working there. It was “an extremely violent rape and murder,” according to experts, in which she was also sodomised and stabbed 16 times.

A juke joint in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was the scene of the beating and death of 57-year-old African-American Arthur Wilson in 1983 at around two in the morning. Poor, black, and white areas sometimes featured juke joints or apartments that provided easy access to alcohol at any time of day or night. Police investigated a few leads, but no individuals were apprehended. In 1986, they revived the Wilson case after learning fresh details.

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Darryl Hunt Salary

One of the wealthiest and most well-known celebrities is Darryl Hunt. Our examination of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that Darryl Hunt’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million.

Darryl Hunt, an African-American from Winston-Salem, North Carolina (February 24, 1965 – March 13, 2016), was falsely convicted and given a life sentence in 1984 for the rape and murder of Deborah Sykes, a young white newspaper copy editor.

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Reason for Death

darryl hunt cause of death

Darryl Hunt, the bassist for The Pogues, has passed away. He was 72. The heartbreaking news was shared by the punk rock trio on Twitter on Tuesday along with a black-and-white image of their late bandmate. “We are utterly devastated. The tweet read, “Our Darryl went away yesterday afternoon in London.
There has been no mention of a cause of death. The notification read, “Darryl Gatwick Hunt 04/05/1950 – 08/08/2022,” and included these lines from their song “Love You ‘Til The End”: I adore you to the very end, I know you want to hear me catch my breath.

Hunt, who joined the Pogues in 1986, was born in Hampshire, England, in 1950. He played in the rock bands Plummet Airlines and the Favourites before joining the group.

Shane MacGowan served as the band’s frontman for many years, along with Jem Finer, James Fearnley, Andrew Ranken, Terry Woods, Spider Stacy, and Hunt.

In a tweet in response to the Hunt news, Stacy, 63, wrote: “This is horrible. Daz, I’ll see you down the road. #TrickyTrees: “It’s in the refrigerator.” The Pogue’s 1988 album “If I Should Fall From Grace With God” featured Hunt for the first time. Hunt also wrote the song “Love You ‘Til The End.”

The performer’s most recent appearance was on “Pogue Mahone,” a 1996 album by the group. The Pogues shared the same tribute on Instagram, and fans expressed their sorrow in the comments section.

“I’m horrified to learn this bad news. Darryl was a wonderful musician and a nice guy in general. RIP, a supporter wrote. “Oh no. Such tragic news” said another. “I’m glad I saw the Pogues twice in 2008,” How talented a musician Daryl was

The Pogues sent a message on social media on Monday, August 8, announcing the passing of veteran bassist Darryl Hunt. The Pogues stated, “We are devastated beyond words. No specific cause of death was given. Hunt had a 73-year-old age.

Shane MacGowan, the front man for the Pogues, referred to Hunt as “a genuinely lovely person, a friend, and a fantastic bass player” in his own statement. Blessings to all of the Pogues, as well as to his family and friends, he continued, “May he spend forever doing whatever he wants to do in eternal pleasure.”

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